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  1. Hi, Thank you, I was going to include a letter in my own words with the laptop, or i could write a little note via email when replying to arrange the collection?
  2. Hi thank you for your response. I have been researching on the Internet and I can't seem to find anyone experiencing a similar problem with the same laptop model as the one I have. I have however found posts for other people who experienced the problem with other laptop models, there is one user who bought a brand new laptop and within two weeks of use the laptop turned of unexpectedly a few times. I will be responding back to very to collect the laptop, but I am unsure on how to proceed, they will most likely check the laptop which is fine by me, but if they don't experience any shut downs they will return the laptop to me. Should I include a letter when I return the laptop to highlight the problem other people have faced with other hp laptops or should I email this? QUOTE=rebel11;4543675]Hi junior I would do a Google search on the exact problem you are having, if you can find that it's an inherent problem that many users have encountered, then you can write to the company, whilst they have the laptop in their possession. Update the thread with your findings.
  3. Hi all, Thank you for your responses. I have finally recieved a response from very, it has been an awful experience with them, I used the SOGA template and they have agreed to collect then laptop but as per verys returns procedure the laptop will be checked and if no fault is found they will return the laptop to me and charge me for it. During the 4 hours of using the laptop it turned of twice, I have not used the laptop since it turned of the second time. What if very test the laptop and they find no fault or just send it back to me without testing it and stating there is no fault (I am assuming they will do this to avoid any costs to them), what can I do? This is the first time I have ever had to complain about an brand new item within a few hours of use, I'm not sure how to respond or deal with this.
  4. Hi, Thank you for your response, is there anything I can do apart from ringing the number?
  5. Hi, I purchased a laptop from very catalogue using the credit facility given to me by the company. I received the laptop on Tuesday, I connected it all and setup the laptop, within 4 hours of using the laptop it turned of twice, I'm not sure what is wrong with the laptop but it seems there is an issue with the power, the laptop doesn't turn of the usual way it completely cuts out I have to manually restart the laptop. The same day I contacted very via email letting them know about the problem and that I was not happy and requested a full refund, I'm not sure if I am entitled to this but I am completely put of the laptop. For the last few days I have been emailing very who on several occasions have stated because the laptop has been connected it is non returnable and I have to contact the supplier directly to resolve the fault (HP). They have given me an 0845 number to ring which will cost me money. Can someone give me some advice on what my rights are please and what I can do?
  6. Hi thank you for your response I appreciate your help. I will be taking monthly payment option, all that I need now is to come up with a figure I can afford and Lowell will accept. If I get some money together in the future I would like to offer this to Lowell to as a full settlement, should I write a letter to the solicitors stating this? Or should I amend the existing consent order? As far as the default is concerned, it was fall of my credit report in December (6th year from original creditor), If I am still in a payment arrangement with them and I maintain my payments would they be able to allocate another default?
  7. Hi, I just need some advice on how to proceed. If I take up the offer of monthly repayments what is the process? Is there anything in the letters I need to be wary of? The original default date is due to end in December this year (6 years in total), what would happen with this if I accept the monthly repayments? At any point during the monthly payments would I be able to offer an amount as full and final settlement? Finally if I do nothing and let this go to court is there a chance of Lowell backing out? Apologies for all the questions I thought I would ask all that I am confused about.
  8. Hi, I apologize, i have attached the files in PDF format, please let me know if you are still having trouble reading the documents.
  9. Hi All, I have received further response from Bryan Carter solicitors, i have attached the letters for advice on how to respond. Although an offer for monthly payments has been given, if i choose to accept this could bryan carter reject on the basis the monthly payments are too low for them and take the case further without offering anything else in the future?
  10. Hi, Can you explain what will happen next and what i can do prepare for the next steps? I am assuming the letter sent by Bryan Carter was a template response and that is what you meant in your last post.
  11. Hi all, I have received an update to my claim from Bryan Carter solicitors via post today, details below: Dear xxxx Please see attached copy letter sent to the court confirming that the claimant wishes to proceed with the claim at this time. The claimant agrees In principle to mediation. We should also be grateful to hear from you in relation to without prejudice negotiations and you may contact us on 0845 3133128. The court letter reads.... Dear Sir/Madam Thank you for providing us with the defendants defence. Our instructions are that the claimant wishes to proceed with the claim. We look forward to hearing from the court with directions.
  12. Hi, I understand, I do admit I owe the money, because I didn't receive the court papers I wasn't allowed the chance to defend or pay the money owed within 1 month to avoid the CCJ, could a set aside submitted on this basis giving me a month to clear the balance? Marlin claim to have bought the debt, could I not send a CPR request to them to see if the have all the required documents? Surely if they do not have the docs they cannot legally pursue the debt?
  13. Hi, Andy.... I have sent you a PM. I will submitting my defense tomorrow, I am aware that you have one month in which to pay the balance to remove the CCJ from a credit file. However in cases such as mine where a defense is submitted and the case is ongoing after the one month period, what is the process? What if the claimant provides the documents requested in the CPR 31-14 would the one month rule start again? Also during this process, at any point could an offer be made to claimant or the claimant makes an offer to defendant in the form of an reduced amount, would this suspend court action and remove the CCJ?
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