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  1. thanks for all the advice--i tried again on the phone but they couldnt have cared less when i tried the buying another one and having them take the old one back when a new one was delivered--as for sending it back myself instead of them collecting it without the packaging i dont think a courier would have taken it--i gave up and had to swallow the £99.99 loss as my partner wanted a new fridge freezer as soon as possible and i had no where to store this one till i could try any other way of getting them to be at least a bit reasonable--so the new one arrives tomorrow from a different retailer--i will be here this time and will not be signing anything untill i am 100% happy--thanks once again for all your help

  2. If they can deliver a fridge for £20, I want to know the carrier! Based on weight and size, the last quote I had was £68/40 plus VAT AND I had to have it strapped onto a pallet before they'd collect it!



    i would imagine a company their size can negotiate a large discount based on the amount of items they send with them--excel logistics being who delivered it--and if they are making a loss on the delivery you can bet they just add that to the price of the item to begin with

  3. thanks for all the advice--i have read the small print on their website and unfortunately its does say they will charge £99.99 for returns--i assumed if it costs £20 to deliver it then it would cost £20 to return it--i guess that way they are really putting a restock charge in the return fee but are allowed to get away with it if the small print say £99.99--wont be buying from them again--on the phone they said we cant resell it and will have to scrap it--thats got to be a total lie--they are going to resell it as a returned item minus my £99.99--guess i am stuck with paying it but when i order another one its not coming from boots electrical--thanks for all the help

  4. i purchased a fridge freezer from a well known retailer online--it turned out i had ordered the wrong item by mistake--i ordered a fridge freezer that was meant to be installed in a cupboard instead of free standing--i contacted the company i purchased it from and they are charging me £99.99 to take it back--i thought buying at distance meant i had up to 7 days from receiving the item to change my mind--they said its because the original packaging isnt with the item--but their delivery people removed the packing before even bringing the fridge freezer into my property--do i really have to pay such a large amount to return it--they also told me on the phone that if i kept the item and used it not installed in a cupboard i would invalidate the warranty which sounds peculiar--its due to go back tomorrow and i dont know whether to let them take it back or hold onto it untill i get some advice as once they have it i will have far less chance of getting the £99.99 sorted out as they will have the item and refund my credit card the purchase price minus the £99.99


    any help is greatly appreciated

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