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  1. not the advisers where i think just out to get the money ... they left it right up to the last 2 days to let m know they could not do anything if i did not pay ... and i believe they quoted quite a sum
  2. ah ok sorry was not sure what format was needed
  3. Ok so the CCJ story goes like this ... I received notification of pending court appearance back in Nov 2011 and was given somebody's name and email to contact who would assist and fight the Not enforceable route . after a lot of time wasted they came back i think 2 or 3 days before court hearing and said they could only represent if i paid them xxx amount of which i did not have. on 3rd Jan 2012 i received Judgment saying to pay £4775.70 plus £85.00 court costs .. on the 12th Jan i applied for a variation order and received my Variation order dated 26th Jan 2012 ordering me to pay £10.00 per month. i also received the charging order doc on 20th Jan 2012 informing me the hearing would be on 23rd March 2012. This is when i contacted the Community advise & law service here in Leicester who after a meeting advised me they thought my application for the variation order meant that the charging order would not be valid. It went to court and i lost ... i have attached a copy of the letter i received explaining why from the them. it all seemed very complicate to me and really stressful .
  4. no im not good at this sort of thing lol ... . hence the pickle i got into ... I even tried with the help of the local community advice law service to defend a charging order .. . but we lost ... so i have religiously sent by post knowing they have to bank the PO ... sort of a protest lol And i can keep a tab on it and wont forget ... . so you think i should send a letter to them at the original address and send them the payments there. I just dont want this to go down a bad route being as i am just getting sorted
  5. Thanks for that .... Just out of interest can you advise on a problem i have. The debt above has been sold to Link and they obtained a ccj . .. so to cut a very long story short i was ordered to pay £10 per week. I started paying this regular to the caerphilly office but they complained i was sending it to the wrong office. I told them i was sending as per request of CCJ and if they wanted me to send another office to send a letter requesting and they did. So for some time i have been sending to the embankment office by sign for £10 PO every month . .. but have noticed November December & January payments have not arrived .. .. all the post office say is send a form to chase it. Should i start paying again to the caerphilly office ......
  6. so the statint sheet is that another spread sheet i have to fill out or is it the same spread sheet ... im confused
  7. ok so i have changed the date to the date of the last charge of the account .... that being 25/03/2009 and that changes the value to £3761.08. "take the total of that spready and put it in statint sheet for that date"( im assuming that's what this means ) I then takes that value and then x it by 8% Do i then just post the spread sheet off or is there a standard letter i need to send or do i just fill out the questionnaire mentioned
  8. If someone would just take a peek for me and see if it looks right. I noticed on the description given on the sheets of my transactions it says Posted Credit insurance fees but on the statements i have it says Payment Protection Cover So i put the description as it says on the sheets provided in the SAR.[ATTACH]53578[/ATTACH]
  9. Just a quick one .... in the spread sheet CISheet v101 do i just list the monthly PPI charges ??
  10. ok i will do that and fill it in ... If i get it done could someone just take a quick look at it and check i have done it right.
  11. Yes i already seen this ... but i was asking what if i have 3 different APR over the 6 years
  12. Ok i dont know where i am and what i should do so i am going to start a new thread in the hope someone will guide me in the right direction. Outline MBNA credit card from 03 to 09 (default sold to Link) I have what looks like i would say at least 95% of original statements and i also have information sent to me via SAR. I wish to go down the compound interest route so first off i would appreciate which spread sheet is needed ... i have seen so man different versions i dont know which to use. I know there is some sort of ongoing thing regarding MBNA calculations but i want to at least get the ball rolling and get started. Please simple terms and if you could tell me the compound interest spreadsheet ....
  13. oh sorry i thought this was where all the experts where ...
  14. Just out of interest as no reply ... if i should hold tight in claiming back ppi or if i should carry on regardless. I know there is some confusion regarding MBNA and the way the calculate but i am wanting to go for compound interest route. Should i wait a little longer ??? Anybody
  15. OK thanks for the link. I took a brief look but will look more deep later tonight. But i guessing not much point trying to work out claim till something is sorted.
  16. I am now at the stage where i am ready to start my claim for ppi with MBNA. I am a little confused having read here several conflicting accounts of how to go about working out the amounts. So firstly its a credit card from 2003 I am self employed It has PPI on it having already gone down the road of obtaining my account information from MBNA. I am not sure which to use but from what i read if i want to claim for compound interest and willing to peruse it is should use CISheet v101.xls. Now i have looked all over the old credit card statements and i can not see any reference to the interest rate charged. But i do see a reference to a Mthly Int Rates .... 1.8735 % Can anybody work out what the APR would be to add to the spread sheet. If anybody can assist it would be great as im a complete no brainer when it comes to this sort of thing lol
  17. you are not the only one .. I just recently found a box with old statements in and it looks like my MBNA account number has changed 4 times. My original account number was also a 10 digit number .. and it looks like it changed to a 16 digit number. My interest is that i have sent a SAR to MBNA quoting my latest account number as i was sure i had been charged PPI. But when i looked at the mosr recent statements i had nothing showed ... but one afternoon i found a box in the lft containing some eirlier statements from 03 onward ... and wham Payment Protection Cover lol so now i waiting to see just what i receive back.
  18. Quote Thank you all for your comments so far - it is on forums like this where we gain the best insight into consumer opinion, and it is through feedback like this that we are able to modify practises moving forward. Sounds like Camping Worlds really listening to its customers .... or should i say Ex customers ... My advise would be don’t mess about with these clowns ..... serve them with notice ..... if they don’t comply small claims .... then go get a decent product at a decent supplier.
  19. Yes i know what you mean ..... its nothing really ..... all i did was enter the 61 x 276.77 and the 1 x 308.28 and it gave me the Refund Repayments value which is different to their value ........ also should they have payed the interest up to the date they put on the cheque or the date they received the claim ??? because if its up to the date you are talking more like £110 i just hate all banks really lol.... I say we all demand to go back to the days of cash ..... make them earn their money and keep the fat cats busy counting lol
  20. Just an update as to claim for PPI against TSB 15/12/2011 out of the blue received a cheque in the post from TSB totalling what i had sent in my calculations (used ims calculator) minus £61.00 for some reason. So i guess it has took 2 months for them to decide to repay all but £61.00 of it ... now from what i can see they are saying the Refund repayments are different to what was calculated on the calculator .... Now this loan was over 60 months but i paid 61x£276.77 and 1 x 308.28 so how come they get a different calculation ?? Also i owe an ammount on my account but have been telling all that this account is in dispute due to misssold PPI .... but now getting morecroft sending me letters threaterning leagal action. I have not agreed anything with TSB at all and still have the cheque here un - cashed. Should i just roll over and accept the ammount they are offering ...... they said it is a final offer ..... like there where previous ones lol.. Any simple advise
  21. Well just to let you know finally i got my refund. My advise to anybody reading this thread would be to avoid like the plague .... I eventually went to a reputable camping company and had excellent service and the quality of the goods on sale are far superior and service is excellent. And what these people do not seem to be able to take in is the damage in reputation they cause by the actions they take. Not only did they loose my custom .. which to date is around £1000.00 but also people who i have recommended to the now reputable company we use and the camping fraternity all share experiences. The upshot of it is the lack of good customer service and obviously management skills has cost camping world money and its reputation. So good work Camping world .... Keep it up.
  22. OK i have now used the spread sheet to come up with a figure and i am about the fill in the questionnaire ..... Just wondering if i should attach a letter with the figures and questionnaire and if so is there a template around suitable. Also i was wondering if at the time i had the loan i was charged for any direct debit returns interest ect i should make some sort of calculation of theses charges considering the money i had to pay up front for the ppi ....( this could have meant i did not incur these charges). Just a thought really ..... not wanting to sound greedy but in my eye these people don’t give a **** about any of us so why should i feel guilty about screwing them for every penny i can get. I’m not someone sitting with a fat bank balance and enjoying retirement on a obscene pension lol... Oh and again thanks so much for all your help
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