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  1. not the advisers where i think just out to get the money ... they left it right up to the last 2 days to let m know they could not do anything if i did not pay ... and i believe they quoted quite a sum
  2. ah ok sorry was not sure what format was needed
  3. Ok so the CCJ story goes like this ... I received notification of pending court appearance back in Nov 2011 and was given somebody's name and email to contact who would assist and fight the Not enforceable route . after a lot of time wasted they came back i think 2 or 3 days before court hearing and said they could only represent if i paid them xxx amount of which i did not have. on 3rd Jan 2012 i received Judgment saying to pay £4775.70 plus £85.00 court costs .. on the 12th Jan i applied for a variation order and received my Variation order dated 26th Jan 2012 ordering me to pay £10.00 per month. i also received the charging order doc on 20th Jan 2012 informing me the hearing would be on 23rd March 2012. This is when i contacted the Community advise & law service here in Leicester who after a meeting advised me they thought my application for the variation order meant that the charging order would not be valid. It went to court and i lost ... i have attached a copy of the letter i received explaining why from the them. it all seemed very complicate to me and really stressful .
  4. no im not good at this sort of thing lol ... . hence the pickle i got into ... I even tried with the help of the local community advice law service to defend a charging order .. . but we lost ... so i have religiously sent by post knowing they have to bank the PO ... sort of a protest lol And i can keep a tab on it and wont forget ... . so you think i should send a letter to them at the original address and send them the payments there. I just dont want this to go down a bad route being as i am just getting sorted
  5. Thanks for that .... Just out of interest can you advise on a problem i have. The debt above has been sold to Link and they obtained a ccj . .. so to cut a very long story short i was ordered to pay £10 per week. I started paying this regular to the caerphilly office but they complained i was sending it to the wrong office. I told them i was sending as per request of CCJ and if they wanted me to send another office to send a letter requesting and they did. So for some time i have been sending to the embankment office by sign for £10 PO every month . .. but have noticed November December & January payments have not arrived .. .. all the post office say is send a form to chase it. Should i start paying again to the caerphilly office ......
  6. so the statint sheet is that another spread sheet i have to fill out or is it the same spread sheet ... im confused
  7. ok so i have changed the date to the date of the last charge of the account .... that being 25/03/2009 and that changes the value to £3761.08. "take the total of that spready and put it in statint sheet for that date"( im assuming that's what this means ) I then takes that value and then x it by 8% Do i then just post the spread sheet off or is there a standard letter i need to send or do i just fill out the questionnaire mentioned
  8. If someone would just take a peek for me and see if it looks right. I noticed on the description given on the sheets of my transactions it says Posted Credit insurance fees but on the statements i have it says Payment Protection Cover So i put the description as it says on the sheets provided in the SAR.[ATTACH]53578[/ATTACH]
  9. Just a quick one .... in the spread sheet CISheet v101 do i just list the monthly PPI charges ??
  10. ok i will do that and fill it in ... If i get it done could someone just take a quick look at it and check i have done it right.
  11. Yes i already seen this ... but i was asking what if i have 3 different APR over the 6 years
  12. Ok i dont know where i am and what i should do so i am going to start a new thread in the hope someone will guide me in the right direction. Outline MBNA credit card from 03 to 09 (default sold to Link) I have what looks like i would say at least 95% of original statements and i also have information sent to me via SAR. I wish to go down the compound interest route so first off i would appreciate which spread sheet is needed ... i have seen so man different versions i dont know which to use. I know there is some sort of ongoing thing regarding MBNA calculations but i want to at least get the ball rolling and get started. Please simple terms and if you could tell me the compound interest spreadsheet ....
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