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  1. Hi all, Not sure if this is right place to ask this but here goes. My friends mother is a violent alcoholic (who refuses to admit this or get help) Does anybody know of any decent forums for adult children of alcoholics in uk that my friend could join for support and advice. He is aware of Al-Non etc, but is too embarrassed to go to meetings. He would like advice on how to handle her aggressive/violent behaviour more than anything, but can't seem to find anything appropriate in relation to parents with a drink problem. Any help appreciated Claire x
  2. If you told the council 2 adults were living there then they will want the other persons name as ss02d6252 has said. In regard to being her partner and living there you will be jointly responsible if you lived there since she moved in (unless you have some exemption i.e full time student status) If you say you lived somewhere else as well, the council are going to start digging, you can't live in two places at once, unfortunately it won't be enough to say you weren't fully committed. Claire x
  3. That may be the case your local council amianne, but not everywhere. The current form is far more detailed and doctors treating the applicant are the best person be approached in regard to the applicant condition. As I previously said you don't have to just have a problem with walking to get a badge. If the applicant does have a problem with walking a OT may be the best person to assess this, but wouldn't have a clue in regard to other disorders that fit the criteria. Claire x
  4. I think there is still words to that effect dpick, from my understanding, anxiety and panic attacks can literally stop someone in their tracks (I don't suffer myself) and cause severe pain, panic attack pain has been compared to that of a heart attack, even by doctors. I think it is the way the questions on the form are answered and the medical evidence presented that determines the outcome of the application. Claire x
  5. Some mental health conditions can affect mobility quite severely. Since January 2012 very few new applicants are seen by an OT, the forms are more comprehensive and it's the evidence from the applicants doctor that they use. I imagine this is to cut costs, the form says applicants may be called for a medical if the council deems it necessary. A blue badge is for people with all sorts physical disablities, not just those who have difficulty walking, that just happens to be the most common reason. An application for a blue badge does have to fit a criteria, but is ultimately based on it's individual merits. Claire x
  6. Hi Austin. Did council confirm in writing that you weren't liable for that week, either by letter or an entry on your bill ? Also is, the year in question's council tax bill paid apart from the week you are disputing ? I havn't heard of councils giving discount for holidays (I may be wrong) It may be something to do with your moving dates, i.e were you officially living there etc, any other properties owned at the time, there purpose and what council tax you were paying on them. Someone who knows the in's & out's of C/Tax and property will advise better, but at least your post has been bumped so anyone logging on this morning may be able to help more. Claire x
  7. My grandmother has just been awarded a blue badge,on appeal (she doesn't drive). Granted she can't walk the limits that are stated by DWP but she is not on higher rate DLA even though her mental health is chronic. (gets middle rate) Due to her age when her physical disabilties came to light, her G.P seems to think no-one should get anything. When we appealed the application, It was letters from her psych consultant and CPN that did the trick. I know getting out and about was part of her treatment. and her consultant is aware of her physical problems, the letter was strictly regarding her mental health (copy sent to her). If the application is denied it may be worth appealing. Good Luck Claire x
  8. Have any of these DCA's said they own the account ? Is the debt showing on your credit file ? As far as the phone calls go, keep a record, but in meantime send telephone harrassment letters (in templates) recorded delivery, to anyone that phones in regard to this. If you answer the phone by mistake just don't answer the security questions, they cannot proceed if you don't. I believe they are supposed to tell you if a debt is passed on, but in my experience they very rarely do. If the debt isn't on any credit files, then I don't think it exists, don't quote me on that, I sure someone with more knowledge will correct me if Im wrong, there are posts about credit files etc If it is, on your file, you need to find out who owns it. I'd be contacting the halifax rather than the DCA's Have a look around the letter templates and at other posts in regard to similar issues, it will put your mind at rest. Hope this helps a little. Claire x
  9. Does anyone know. 1. How long a driving conviction from a magistrate court takes to show on an enhanced CRB check. 2. If the same conviction is appealed, does that show before or after appeal, and if before does it get removed if appeal finds not guilty. 3. Also, if conviction is appealed against, is the status of the conviction recorded, i.e. would it show that the conviction was in process of being reviewed. Thanks. Claire x
  10. Let us know how you get on, I really do wish you all the best. As you know, I mean no disrespect to Mr. janb. What worries me is the fact that some women could do exactly what you did, but to escape a violent and potentially life threatening situation, and the courts react like this. Infact the people you came across waiting to go to court are probably the one's that do that sort of thing. I had a quick look at the guidelines mentioned in Aretnap's post and it's pretty grim reading. I was under the impression magistrates were lay people. These guidelines will sway them. Im not saying that a court is the place to feel sorry for people, but surely common sense should prevail. I would appeal in your postion, it sounds to me like you've been seen as another case for the magistates to sort out. Like I said, maybe a heart felt letter in regard to the circumstances, the impact on your life and how this is affecting your mental and physical health might help. Someone on here will advise better than me, as I don't know if it's allowed. But anything is worth a try. Claire x
  11. Hi, I don't need to know the in's and out's of your marriage, and Aretnap has advised on legal stuff. I know you left house sober, so didn't actually drink and drive. It seems to me you needed to get out of that situation had nowhere to go, and finding yourself having to sleep in car had a lot to drink in response to your home life situation. Granted it might have been stupid, but looks to me like mitigating circumstances. Im not suggesting anything in regard to your hubby and everyone argues, but at the time (not saying that is case now) you had genuine reasons for your mistake, but how can the court predict how that arguement would have turned out (again no disrespect to Mr janb) Punishment you got was to harsh IMO. Someone might know if letter to appeal court may help, you need to fight this, you have lost so much over this. Really annoys me that people like you get this treatment and serious criminals get off scot free. Claire x
  12. Hiya latics, Follow advice Gaz gave, your disputing it, you have no knowledge of their claims, but try not to worry, and you are believed on this site. We all know too well lowlife's tactics. Remember it's up to them to prove you owe the debt, not the other way round. Dont let them intimidate you (I know easier said than done). Claire x
  13. Much appreciated Lee, but my debt was sold on to DCA before I paid in full, sadly I did not have knowledge I have now, nor did Vodaphone reps, at time, have the customer services skills you have, lets hope you can sort this out for pioden. Then apply for promotion to staff training manager Claire x
  14. Same for me, got phone for my son in 2009. Was 'sold' spendchecker in store. Total nightmare, I ended up paying them, wish I knew half of what I know now. Hazard a guess we may not be the only ones Pioden. Good luck, following with interest ! Claire x
  15. Excellent thread, wonder if site team could put this somewhere it won't get lost in mists of time
  16. If Jam_buttie was to by-pass the DCA, how would he/she do this ? Obviously contact the OC, but how could you get the DCA to stop contact, OC's are lazy at telling them and DCA's dont take notice of anyone. What would happen in a case where the DCA claims to have bought the debt ? Claire x
  17. Students only get council tax relief if they issue the council with a council tax exemption certificate from university. It wasn't automatic in my case and from the comments online it's the same for other councils. If a student has adult dependents this is taken into account. Your right what your saying about the student not being liable but sometimes councils make the mistake of sending bills in joint names to couples. Sadly as a student when dealing with councils you have to be on the ball, they really need better training when it comes to students with partners and families. Claire x
  18. Hi, I don't know anything about the JSA side of your problem but from my own experience I know housing and council tax benefit is available depending on your income/cicumstances etc. You wont be able to use the online benefit checker as it wont accept student details. If you apply for HB/CT benefit, and get refused or not as much as you think you should, Always always always ask 'how they came to their decision' and appeal as 99% of the time they get it wrong for students. Also bear in mind that CAB use an online benefit checker too, which isn't designed for students. I spent 18 months battling with the local council for HB/CTB and did a lot of online research, this seems to be a massive problem for so many students. My persistance paid off I hope it does for you. Claire x
  19. Let us know how you get on, a lot of us on here have stressed over Lowell (until we get used to their empty threats) I totally agre with what Dx said earlier in regard to ignoring these idiots. They shouldn't have any part in this, but sadly, DCA's can get very annoying, stressful and depressing, also, embarassing if they decide to unlawfully turn up on your doorstep. (Iread something about Lowell not having a licence to do this, but this does noy stop the threats) Your post really does help people when seaching for a situation similar to what they are going through. Claire x
  20. From what I can gather you paid for what you bought plus a bit extra, But lowlife are asking for 850 quid ? Is that right ? I think the whole reclaiming thing is to get lowell off your back. You've paid for what you bought, the charges that Very have added, from what I gather are classed as unlawful. (They charge £12 for coming across your file when looking for someone elses). By reclaiming these charges, it means you dont owe anything ( in fact they owe you £40 maybe plus interest. £360 paid against £320 owed) You might not get £££ back but at least you might get rid of lowell. Dx or Coniff will advise you better than me. If you only owe charges, there is no way Lowell will go anywhere near a court. If you want to hold things up for a bit, send them a "prove it" and a "doorstep letter" that are in the templates. (sorry dont know how to link it, and Im brunette). Dont lose sleep over Lowell, there is a reason why they get called Lowlife on here. Claire x
  21. Agreed when you finally see DCA's for what they are, they have no real powers. But I bet they are responsible for a lot of depression and stress in the UK. What I find most irritating is how sneaky they are, especially when they start autographing your CRA file the minute they get there hands on a debt, without any proof it's yours. Claire x
  22. Sorry my above post didnt make a lot of sense. What I meant was, would the OC have to create the initial entry on CR file for the DCA to be able to update the information ? or if not, Does that mean a DCA can create an entry if they collect or buy the debt ? Claire
  23. hi heather, whole thing totally disgusting, i cant advise you, as i have no knowledge on this sort of thing, I can however advise you to take notice of those who have replied. Your lucky to have some of the best viewing your post. i can offer a sounding board, if you want to scream shout swear, message me. Im never ever offended. It sounds like the last thing you need. Claire x
  24. Hiya, I know you asked what others thought about your OH's plan with the glue, and i have to say i have tried all sorts in the past, between all us, ive tried the super glue thing myself ,(dont tell him) it's dangerous and a rubbish idea, (I had major soft tissue probs, you can tell him that) others caggers have warned you , it wont work. Being genuinely caught in the too poor to pay but not rich enough to manage is awful when your in pain. Have you tried your local university that train dentists. It's a highly specialisted course and they'd be supervised while treating someone. Lets face it, your not asking for root canal treatment. Someone may be more knowledgable than me in this field may give you better advice, but at end of day, all advice is re:- temp measures, eventually something is going to have to be done. A lot of dentists see it as cosmetic ( which it is, until theres a prob, and your left with a ground down tooth and a nerve bearing root) I hope you get him sorted, OH's in pain can really affected your mental wellbeing after a while, it may possibly be good murder defence, but obviously the crimnal experts would have to advise you futher:lol: Claire x
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