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  1. JonCris only posted what others were thinking. Please accept what the site mod. stated about this site as being true. Sometimes it is better not to post if your advice on matters is unqualified as it could have serious repercussions for the vulnerable person if they follow your unqualified advice. However, I do agree that everyone is entitled to their opinion but that is different than advising people on the correct course of action to take. We can all see that your posts are well intentioned but advising people to take the wrong course of action is in nobodys interests. Please read around the other threads on this site and you will quickly come to appreciate what a [problem] Civil Recovery as practised by RLP is. I am sure that you have provided valuable advice to other people in the past and I hope that you continue to do so. Please do not allow this misunderstanding to spoil your enjoyment of this site. However, please expect to be corrected by other users if the advice you give is wrong. However, no one will stop you from making and arguing your point but please do not take it personally. Good Luck
  2. Kiptower is right, as a concerned parent you should contact JonCris for help. Good Luck.
  3. Pajeroone Writing to RLP is a complete waste of time. Read the report written by CAB and you will see that what I am saying is true. Just as a matter of interest why are you refusing to accept the help that has been offered you it just does not make any sense?
  4. Lotti81 Help is available if you want it. CAG will be able to answer all you questions. THe best thing to do is post here Good Luck
  5. Lotti81 Please do not be scared. I know it must be a very difficult time for you but you must not let THEM get away with treating you like this. If you are serious about becoming a teacher you need to ensure that you hold these scumbags responsible for their actions. I know it can be a difficult time especially in your condition so here is what I recommend you do. Take a step back for a couple of days. Read around the threads to see what you are up against. You will quickly realise that you have been the subject of a particular nasty [problem]. Citizens Advice Bureau have just published a report highlighting this [problem] as practised by RLP and others. Personally, I would be tempted to go to the Police and press charges against them. There is a template on one of the threads that will you need to complete shortly but I would just wait a couple of days. The site moderators will be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck.
  6. Please be careful how you descibe shoppers. I am sure Tesco's would like to introduce the term "Civil Criminal" but it has no meaning. Either a shopper has allegedly committed a criminal offence or they have not. If they have its a matter for the Police who can decide whether to charge the shopper with a Criminal Offence. Any other dispute between a shopper and Store is a matter for the Civil Courts. As you can see we already have the legal framework work in place to resolve both criminal and civil disputes. Civil Recovery is a [problem] in this instance carried out by a bunch of wheel clampers with the 100% knowledge and backing of Tescos.
  7. Helen Duke Tesco's Customer Service Executive is completely out of order. She stated, "The way Civil Recovery works is that in this example, when someone is apprehended for shoplifting, they will be served with a notice telling them they have committed a civil offence as well as a criminal offence, and they must compensate the retailer for damages, losses and expenses." In this country a person is innocent until proven guilty. Your wife has not committed a criminal criminal offence until she has been investigated by the police and charged with a criminal offence. If and when she has been charged with a criminal offence she remains INNOCENT. Your wife will have the opportunity to put her version of events before the court and from how you described events she will more likely than not still be innnocent of commiting a criminal offence. However, the point is that justice has to be seen to be done and anyone accused of committing a crime has a right in law to a fair hearing. A Tesco's executive deciding that your wife has committed a criminal offence is totally unacceptable. I would write to Sir Terence Leahy and ask him to explain why Tescos have allowed wheel clampers into their stores. Wheel clampers in Scotland are strictly regulated and it is about time that wheel clampers that are moving into the business of extorting monies from innocent shoppers are also regulated in this country. Tescos are trying to introduce a seperate legal system into this country. If the word Tesco was replaced by Muslims there would be an uproar. I am not racists, I am just trying to get people to wake up and notice what is happening. Is this type of society that we want for our children. I applaud everything that you are doing and wish you good luck with all your research. Take a look at Cireco a company associated with Retail Loss Prevention RLP. Civil Recovery is a [problem] operated by wheel clampers with the blessing of Tescos.
  8. Triton PLEASE NOTE THAT SOLICITORS HAVE BEEN ADVISED NOT TO PARTICIPATE IN CIVIL RECOBVERY BY THEIR PROFESSIONAL BODY. http://www.lawgazette.co.uk/news/sra-warns-lawyers-acting-civil-recovery-claims-against-shoplifters
  9. Shanty The post by Joncris yesterday contained a link to Total Security Solutions website. On the bottom of the homepage it shows Mr Gardezi to be the Managing Director of Total Security Solutions Limited.
  10. Triton the best advice I can give you is to read the previous threads especially those related to RLP and it will become clear what your options are. The posts that I have removed related to information that will be helpful to the group as a whole but on reflection I need to check with others before posting this information. The address of Civil Recovery Ltd is the same address used by Total Security Solutions. This company perform car clamping services. PM the site MOD Martin3030 and he will be able to help you further. Good luck.
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