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  1. Thanks for the reply. The address this company have given me in London belongs to a hotel. On putting the post code into google a long list of companies were listed. Seems like building or unit with several different offices. The phone number is different than the one I was given by the person dealing with the load. So I will be ringing this new number in the morning. Should be interesting. What raised my suspicion was the fact all transactions were via western union. And the people I have been speaking to were of an asian origin. English extremely poor. I have had a few loans in the pas
  2. Hi, can anyone please help. My mother recently died, April this year and me and my brother were made the executors of her will. My mother and father were separated at the time of death, but not divorced. Me and my brother went with a well known legal services company to help us sort out the probate and the estate. We were told that everything was finalised, and the grant had been issued and we are in possession of a copy of the grant. Her assets are being cashed, and 80% of the estate would be distributed. This was to happen in a few weeks. Then all of a sudden they said that ther
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