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  1. Hi SOW Just a quick question, I sent off the first email of 2 with ref to my complaint on many issues I have found since receiving the SAR and the handling of my accounts with welcome and after a while finally got an email back to say that they have received email and today I have received a questionnaire to complete about my complaint. Did you receive a questionnaire to fill in after you sent your email, or did you just get an offer? Dont know what they want me to put on a questionnaire that I did not hghlight in my email Thanx
  2. Hi I have been on there website and the email on there is the one I have sent the complaint to. Looks like they are just ignoring it I will give them another 24hrs then just revert back to writing to them
  3. Hi I meant is it underwritten by a seperate company to Welcome as the agents get commission for selling it. I know it is Welcome who I pay the PPI payments too Thanx
  4. Just a quick question Who is the PPI with that Welcome make us have on our loan? I have had thousands of pounds added on to many of my loans and was just wondering what company it is set up with as there is no record of them anywhere in the docs I have received from my SAR If anyone knows and could let me know that would be great Thanx
  5. Hi I am currently going through a complaint with Welcome and have tried to email them but have had no response from them. I emailed them 3 days ago asking for them to acknowledge receipt of the email within 48hrs. They have not done this. I have emailed the address one of the other members of this forum used and also the email that the lady at HO said to contact them on. Does anyone else have any other email addresses I can use to get in touch with them? Thanx
  6. Hi I just wanted to ask a quick question as was not aware I could claim back late charges andI am now finished my agreements with BH. What letter should I send and what should it say, will i need to ask for agreements or something first to see how many late charges I had before i can claim? Thanks for your help in advance
  7. Another question please: If I am supposed to have received a rebate from welcome from ppi when i close one loan and take a new one, where would I expect to find proof of this? Just want to get all my facts together before i finish my letter back to them Thanks
  8. i certainly will be getting in touch with them and asking for an explanation just needed to know first if this is normal and wondered if anyone could help me word a letter to them about it, but might just send them copies of what they have sent me with the call notes on and the statement and get them to explain the thieving buggers!
  9. Hiya Still going through my SAR docs and getting everything in order but wanted to ask the experts on here a quick question about something I have found on the docs that is concerning me. I sold my house in Aug 2005 and my solicitors sent them check paying off the account as per their settlement fig which welcome received 19th Aug 2005. This has been recorded on my accounts notes. However i have just noticed also on the collection notes the following: Contact date Diary date 04/09/06 04/09/09 Comments Settled account Contact Date Diary Date 05/09/
  10. Tam they were taking money to pay off arrears wish t was enough to pay off the loan Think i will be paying that back long beyond the grave!! ha
  11. Hi Tam I have been on the phone earlier today regarding my letter i received from welcome and similar to you have realised that the offer does not match the figs of compo they stated i am due. I do have arrears to come off but the figs are still way out. I spoke to a lady on the brideshead team number and she was really helpful, she said that she got a manager to check and can also see the figs don't match she said that she was going to pass it on to be escalated to get someone else to look into it and see whats its all about. I have to ring them back on Weds. Perhaps yo
  12. I have received docs back from SAR request which I am going through One of issues I had was that during making a PPI claim i was told that I had a rebate when my loan was re-written and PPI taken off I disputed this as i had no evidence of this on any statements or agreement but got no where anyway since then i have been told by HO that rewrite was incorrect as PPI interest from previous loan was added on to the rewrite and they have advised they will amend and lower payments to be correct This was fine but also also provided evidence that i did not get the rebate of £2199.
  13. Just checking through statements now to do spreadsheet for claiming back fees etc and was wondering, can we claim back mortgage indemnity fees?
  14. i have never of that but thinking on they must do as they add the fee onto the overall balance which accumulates interest. if they do that is totally wrong but i bet they do anything to line their pockets further. Hopefully one of the experts will advise
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