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  1. I can't believe this is still happening. I had dealings with LBL back in 2009 (there's a thread on here somewhere), I bought a TT that one of the previous owners had secured a LBL on. Luckily they were unable to recover it as it was not where they thought it would be, but they demanded £12000 from me. To cut a long story short I told them I was in the process of stripping the car and selling it for parts on ebay. I took pictures with the wheels, interior and bumpers off (2 hour job) and sent it to them. I offered to pay £500 for them to release their interest in the car, after a couple of days they agreed to this. Still makes me feel sick that this company got £500 out of me when the initial loan would have only been a couple of hundred quid!!!
  2. Overview House Bought: September 2010 Price: £116,500 Deposit: 15% Mortgage: 2 Year Santander Variable 4.74% 35 years. Further Details: For the last 12 months I have over paid £250 a month which has taken the term down to 15 years and 3 months. The mortgage is in my name and I have no other debt. So my mortgage is now due for renewal and being brutally honest I don't really know where to start. Santander have put me on to a standard variable rate which is 4.24%, they have told me that this would be a rolling contract. I had a mortgage advisor when I originally took the mortgage out but I'm not going to be using him again as he shafted me with some fees. Should I try another? Ideally I'd like a similar deal to what I have with Santander, fairly low repayments with the option of over paying. Would people agree that is the best option? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Edd
  3. Sorry about the dates, I have edited the last post. Thanks again Apple, very informative. There's no way I can request a copy of any/all documents held under the reference by phone/email? Has to be done by post? Ed
  4. Thanks for that Apple, never expected to recieve this kind of in depth help. I have only got a scanned in copy of the BoS, there are two dates on this. On the first page it states the agreement was made on the 19/04/2006, this must have also been the date the BoS was signed. Then on the third and final page there is a single stamp Spreme Court of England and Wales, dated 02/05/2006. Now do I need to send off for an actually copy of the Bill of Sale, am I right in thinking you need to pay £5 and send off by post to find out when it was registered. Do you think it is worth taking this further or would it be best to try and come to some sort of agreement with LBL for them to transfer ownership into my name? I know it would be costly, but the longer it drags on I suppose the greater their chance of finding the car. Thanks again. Ed
  5. Could anyone tell me if a Bill of Sale would be stamped by the court on the same day as it is filed, or could this be days apart? Ed
  6. Cheers for that Trooper, if you could look up how many owners it would need to have had since the loan was taken out for it to fail that would be great! Ed
  7. Hi Trooper, it had had 9. I think 5/6 of which have been in the last 3 years since the loan was taken out. Thanks, Ed
  8. Thanks for the time you have spent on that Apple, it is much appreciated. Yes the way in which you have explained it does make sense. But it the same way can Log Book Loans not prove they own the car? On the full HPI report I did it says they will own the car until outstanding finance has been settled. In fact I will post a copy of that up aswell. What would be an alternative way of dealing with the situation, just so I know my options. Again, thanks for your time! Ed
  9. Blitz I think some details may be needed regarding the signature of the witness to the BOS, it states he was an area rep and I am sure I have read somewhere that the witness cannot be related to LBL. Also I think the date stamp on page 3 may also be required, could be wrong though. Thanks again.
  10. Bill Of Sale. Edit: My attachment removed, new version to follow.
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