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  1. Hi, I am posting this as I am hoping to get some help and advice on our debts. I have already posted in the Council tax and bailiffs section as they are on our backs also. I thought I had found the solution on Monday, I applied for a loan and realised how stupid I was at lunchtime today, when they said NO! and I had given them my last fifty pound! I shall try and explain briefly but really we got ourselves into this mess and need to get out of it..... I have no money for Christmas, I have not bought one present for my children yet and can't see a way of being able to do so. My debts
  2. Further to the above I have just looked at the piece of paper the bailiff from Rossendales left, the amount is written in pencil classy! But I have just noticed that this call is for the first account that the last bailliff said he was passing back to the court. Is the WPO still in force? It was dated 7 September 2009. He has added 30.00 for knocking at my door, which I am not convinced he did as my dogs normally bark for ever when someone is at the door and there was none of that this morning. It is now in the hands of a Mr Chapman? no first name so cant check whether he is registered. So i
  3. Had a visit from Rossendales today, their bailiff in charge is MR Chapman! No first name apparently so I cannot check whether he is registered.... There are two Mr Chapmans listed with Rossendales, so chance are he is registered. Has anyone had any letters from this one. Would like to know for sure. This is the second bailiff to call for this account, the first one B Deplacido, signed his name as a couple of squiggly line on the WPO, and nothing in there bears any resemblance to what a B or D might look like in a signature. Now this second has come round and I cant even check if he is certi
  4. I have posted all details in November, but briefly, we have two outstanding bills, one for approx. £1000 and the other for £1500. The first one has now gone back to Court aparently and the bailiff threatened that would put my husband in jail, however I have been reassured that it wont happen, as its not that we wont pay, we cant pay. For the second one I sent all the paperwork backto Rossendales and asked if we could make repayments at £20.00 per week, they refused and said we had to pay £500.00 per month for three months. Our incomings at the moment are £520.00 Tax credits, £120.00 Child bene
  5. Is it my local councillor or MP that I need to write to, to try and get the council to take the account back on? Many Thanks
  6. Yes i am sure thats what the discount is, had it for the last two years and for some reason they have not included it even though i sent the proof of from my uni,......to be honest i never checked until now as I am on placements 40 hours a week plus various assignments and family drams, it never occurred to me to check. I have asked the Council when i offered the £220.00 to take the account back and am still waiting... thanks for your advice though, i wish i had known this forum existed before i let the bailiff in, in the first place!
  7. The first wpo was signed by my husband, the account his in his name and I signed the second one.... I wish i had found you guys earlier, there is no way they would have got through my door!
  8. On the first account it is listed as £960 (When he first came round he said he wanted a payment of £250.00 within two weeks, which we managed to get together, then when he came to collect he did a wpo with that amount taken off. Therefore original amount was £1210, his charges were only written down on the levy after the £250 was paid so I have no idea if that £250.00 has gone to the council or not? His cost on the wpo are £24.50, First visit, £54.00 Levy fee and £12.00 walking possession. Listed on this wpo are Main tv in lounge black coffee table, surround sound system, silver tv stand, dvd
  9. Hi I have posted before and your advice has been much appreciated. Any way my position now is that we have two walking possession orders on the same property as we did not realise at the time they were calling about two different accounts with the same Council. (2 different bailiffs from Rossendales). The first one which was causing me panic, as he told me he was coming to get my stuff has now apparently been sent back to the court and the bailiff said my husband will probably face time in jail. We have made offers to pay on the first account of 220.00 per month for five months to clear bef
  10. Thanks for your replies to my posts I got back in the country in Saturday and he had not been round. However i had told him to call yesterday as we could not afford to pay, no visit. Then today a telephone call saying we had 24 hours and then he was passing it back to the Courts for prosecution who could then put my husband in prison! Is this true? I emailed the council as suggested last monday and they are currently looking into, i offered to pay £220 per month to get it cleared before next years bill. However now we have had a visit from a different Rossendales bailiff with a different year
  11. Sorry lots of questions but can he take ornaments and things like that?
  12. We also told him to call round with the van as we cant pay but to come a week on Monday so that we are here, he also put a letter through our door earlier. It was a final notice.... asking us to contact him to arrange a suitable time for them to be allowed access to your premises. Even if I could find the money, i am thinking i am going to have to bite the bullet and ask my parents who will go mad at me!, we dont exactly how much to pay now as he isnt answering phone and it is scribbled on letter £1018 plus costs??? what costs and how much??
  13. If he does come round can he take anything that he didnt write down on the walking possession?
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