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  1. hi dx from what i was to understand it was money i had overpaid mbna due to mbna asking me to "keep up the repayments on the debt to stop my credit rating being blacklisted" and that was from september 2009 when the money was stolen untill they sold the debt on to arrow in december 2010 my solicitor said he will be asking the judge to award me costs in relation to his fee and money i had paid out dealing with arrow
  2. hi guys just like to update everyone, i was in court yesterday and the judgement was found in my favour i no longer owe arrow global a penny and the charging order was to be removed immediately, he remarked that it should never have came to court and that the paperwork arrow relied upon was a total mess and was meant to confuse and intimidate me but he had no problem understanding it, he has set another date in court in september as he said he was sure mbna actually owe me money he thinks its somewhere around about £1200 but needs the ombudsman to give him an exact figure, to be totaly honest i dont give a hoot about the £1200 this has just been like a millstone around our necks and i am just overjoyed that afyer 6 years it has finally came to an end, i would just like to say a MASSIVE thanks to everyone on the forum for the help, advice and support i received over the years from everyone on here without the support and encouragement i think i would have gave up a long time ago, if i can help anyone in anyway or even just give them a bit of moral support i am more than happy to do so, once again guys thanks to you all... ....geordie.....
  3. thanks citizenB, just out of curiosty i have paid over £500 now to the solicitor handling my case, if the case is found in my favour can i get that money back. thanks geord1e
  4. hi guys sorry there was no update in april the reason was that arrow global appliede for a charging order against the house just before the april court date i managed to get the charging order and the debt put together at my local cour t and the date is tuesday the 4th of august so i will let you guys know the outcome on tuesday once again guys thanks for all the help geord1e
  5. hi guys just a quick update , i have eventualy got a court date set for 24th april it has been a long hard struggle and just like to say a big thank you to all those on the forum who have helped me through this i will keep everyone updated on the outcome onence again thanks ..geordie..
  6. hi dx yeah this has been going on now since 2009 and its taking its toll on the wife shes terrified bailifs are going to turn up. and its about time it was stopped and im more than willing to attend court to state my case. when you say they will try again if the set aside is successful, is there the possability that they will stop the claim.? thanks dx geord1e
  7. wont i have to go to court ? asked i asked for a hearing. can the court make a descision without me having to attend ? geord1e
  8. hi dx yes i filled out the N244 form and asked for the judgement to be set aside as i wasnt responsible for the debt a nd sent evidence that someone had been convicted of the theft i aked for my application to be dealt with a a hearing and filled in a form to waive the hearing fee as im on a low income geord1e
  9. hi dx im sorry im not quite sure what you mean by claim form. i completed a form asking me what i was asking for in regards to the judgement and a form to waive the cost of the court fees along with 3 month bank statement and payslips. thanks for the quick reply much appreciated
  10. hi guys Just an apdate i received a notice from the county court buisness centre saying they had ruled in favour of arrow global as i failed to attend court. I had no letters or summons i thought all this had gone away the debt is now £7000+ with costs, contacted the county court buisness centre they said they will put a 40 day hold on things and asked me to send copies of all previous letters i have sent to arrow global and their solicitors. I have sent copies to all three by registered letter 4 weeks ago i havent heard back from them yet but will keep you guys updated. once again thanks geord1e
  11. "they made" you whatever happened to wanting to work and better yourself ..?
  12. hi emmzzi thats exactly my plan but the supervisor refuses to talk to me which tends to make the job a tad harder but luckily enough i know what the job entails so can really just get on and do it
  13. hi emmzzi the apology really doesnt matter if im honest id rather get our working relationship back on track and have made this clear in both the grievance meeting the thing that does worry me slighly is this new investigation that aims to suggest i am responsible for the supervisors behaviour
  14. hi tezza before it got to the grievance stage i kept a record of the supervisors behaviour and handed copies of this to her manager stating that it was not a complaint and that i was keeping an account so they are aware and would step in but nothing was done i have copies of all letters sent to them
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