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  1. MD of my local Toyota dealer has spoken to Toyota and they have agreed to allow me to have the withdrawn deal. Went down this afternoon and signed up. Should go through tomorrow. Odd thing is the Auris in the showroom is still emblazoned with the no longer available "offer" Thanks for everyone's help and advice.
  2. I asked the question above on the Toyota UK Facebook page and I received a reply asking me to contact their customer relations department but strangely, the question was removed from Facebook within 24 hours.
  3. At the time of the test drive, the offer was in force and I was quoted on that basis. The quotation set out the details of the offer and states that the quotation including the Toyota contribution of £2000 towards finance was valid for 14 days. After 7 days, we decided to go ahead with the purchase but was informed that Toyota had withdrawn the £2000 offer the day before, i.e. 6 days into the 14 day valid period. So the dealer, understandably, cannot offer that deal due to the fact that Toyota will not subsidise with the £2000 towards the finance. I have spoken to the MD of the dealer, wh
  4. Will do. My post has now been allowed over on the Toyota Owners Club. The reply over there has been that, Quote:- "Terms and conditions apply. Other finance offers are available but cannot be used in conjunction with this offer. Indemnities may be required. Finance subject to status to over 18s only. Subject to availability. Prices correct at time of going to press & include VAT, delivery charge, number plates, 1 years road fund licence and £55 registration fee. Toyota Centres are independent of Toyota Financial Services." Although the above is not on my written quotation.
  5. Thanks rebel11. I have been dealing with the sales manager of my local Toyota dealer and as I said his hands could well be tied, but it is a family run dealer and when I have purchased Toyota`s in the past, the MD of the dealer has always written to me to make sure I have been satisfied with the service. I will contact him on Tuesday (due to bank hols) and see if he is able to override the system. Failing that, I will take your advice and complain direct to MD Toyota.
  6. I posted the above question on the Toyota Owners Club website where I have been a member since 2008 and it seems to have disappeared....reposted and again it looks like it has been removed
  7. Hi rebel11, thanks for that advice. I have just posed the question on my daughters facebook as I do not have a FB account, being an old bloke:lol:
  8. Thank you for that. Just to add that I have not signed anything at this stage, the quote says it is valid for 14 days. I was under the impression that the deal was available for 14 days for me to decide whether or not to buy the car. I can see that Toyota can change deals but surely they still have to honour quotes in the pipeline and any changes to their offers should not apply to those that have been given a quotation.
  9. Last week I went to my local Toyota dealer for a test drive of a new car. I was given a written quote that included a Toyota (not dealer) contribution of £2000 towards the finance, on which it states the quote is valid for 14 days. I have decided to go ahead with the deal but now the dealer has informed me that the Toyota contribution has been withdrawn nationwide, even though I am only 7 days into the 14 day "valid" period. I appreciate that the dealers hands are tied if Toyota has withdrawn the offer, but surely Toyota have some sort of obligation to honour the offer whilst still within
  10. No thanks Conniff, but I will remember for the next time. Thank you for your help.
  11. Thanks Conniff, do you mean that I should have named them in the subject line when I first posted? If so, am I able to edit the subject line at this late stage?
  12. I did not know that was what they are called. In this day and age when we are being ripped off left right and centre by people who want our personal details for hacking into our bank accounts or any other illegal activity, by using identity theft, these charities authorise agencies to employ what appear to be kids knocking on doors with the sole aim of gaining access those that may be more vulnerable than most with the intention of extracting a signature that will authorise money to be taken from their accounts, which was exactly what was being attempted as stated in my original post, in
  13. I don't know that the suspension part was truthful because when I had to call this Brendan Delaney chap back due to him not taking my number down correctly, his suggestion was that the two teenagers did not tell the same story as me and he certainly gave me the impression after talking to the agency who in turn had talked to the two boys, that they believed them and disbelieved me in which case why would they suspend them.
  14. I donate to my local church by monthly standing order but there is no way I will be donating to any charity by direct debit whilst the top executives are creaming off excessive emoluments right down to the teenage agency workers who receive a large chunk of the first years direct debit payment, using whatever false claims to gain entry to people especially the more vulnerable members of the public. From now on I will only give to those that can prove that the majority of the funds get to the point where they are best used to directly help, which wont include the CEO`s in their ivory towe
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