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  1. It all worked out in the end CRH71 .. its just that the end came 21 months after first applying! I think the delay came from the tribunal office - they seem to have so many to work through these days that a delay is inevitable. Also, its of my opinion that the DLA office automatically reject out of hand a % of applications as soon as they recieve them hoping that people just give up chasing it. So don't.
  2. Have had 3 so far .. dunno why your not getting .. You sure you're eligible?
  3. Hey Deb .. yeah, its not far off either way .. I don't help her administor her Oramorph so i myself don't keep tally - but according to her, its in that region. She knows she has to cut back and I think she has lately, but it will still be in the 120 to 160 range .. And I agree that its NOT just like taking paracetemol. These DLA cronies will say anything, I suppose. As Deb says, you need to sign for it when you collect from the chemists due to its controlled nature. Its potent stuff.
  4. Hey Oldestroker - She's on Oramorph .. and takes 2 10mg spoonfuls whenever needed .. I'm not 100% sure how much she takes daily, but 160mg + is certainly not out of the question. When she's told doctors this is how much she takes - they always tell her to cut it down .. but .. when she does, she suffers withdrawl symptoms and her pain becomes too much .. She also takes a whole pile of other drugs to go with it ..
  5. Thanks DPick .. bah, there goes a nice pre-xmas bonus .. will probably be early January then!
  6. My wife has been on IB for 4 years and HRM DLA during last years cold spell but we didn't recieve the cold weather payment because we weren't on Income Support ... in truth, we didn't know we were eligible This year, again, she's on IB, HRM and Income Support .. and just last week won her tribunal for Middle Care DLA .. Does she now qualify for the cold weather payment?
  7. Hi there Well, its almost 14 months since I first posted here with the post right up top .. 14 months .. jeez .. and my wife finally went to her tribunal on Friday .. ha .. 14 months since that post .. 21 months since first applying for DLA. Victory! She got awarded Middle Care DLA .. We were in the tribunal room for 10 minutes .. that was it .. The doctor asked no questions at all .. The lady responsible for care asked a few .. most of it was the lawyer explaining the situation .. I think the moment they saw her struggling to even get into the room it was rubber stamped but the
  8. She has a Sacrailic Joint Dysfunction after a work accident some 10 years back .. Had numerous treatments that haven't worked and her condition is getting worse and worse. Well she struggles to walk up one flight of stairs - let alone run!! Part of the problem (I think, anyway) - is that the pain comes and goes .. I tend to think it goes in a 4 week cycle .. She'll have a week where things are "ok" .. OK for her, not maybe for a able-bodied person .. she can wander about and cook meals, bathe, dress, get into and out of bed etc etc .. However, she is still in pain - but not
  9. Hey Deb - thanks for your reply Ultimately, we're not overly bothered if she doesn't get the Care side of things - if she's not eligible, then fine - no problems with that .. Its just really understanding why she get turned down in the first place .. Looking at the list you put above - I know myself that she would fail 2 or 3 straight off and without me thinking about it - its obviously down to her whether she could or couldn't do the others .. We live in a small flat - this is both good and bad. Good that everyplace she would need to be (living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroo
  10. I don't work no - I could probably only accept the "perfect job" .. just round the corner from where we live, flexi time, a couple of hours day, 30K a year .. .. I effectively need to be present 24/7 for her .. or as good as and can only really go out for a couple of hours max .. even if that means me just being there in case she needs something I did apply for carers allowance at the same time - but they sent it back saying that whilst her DLA claim was being processed, then I'd have to wait .. I had been signing on for the last 6 months or so since she first put her claim in but of co
  11. Hi there Bookworm, thanks for your reply. Obviously, I've not gone into details there - but there are other aspects to it. Firstly, she suffers severe pain in her back and legs and regularly gets shooting pains down her legs which can cause them to buckle - certainly not wise if she's holding a pan of hot whatever .. She can't really do anything that involves below the waist (due to having to bend) - therefore, she needs help with dressing and bathing .. she struggles to get into and out of bed as she isn't able to lift her legs without help .. etc etc .. She's on a shedl
  12. Hi there - first time poster here so go easy on me! I'm writing actually on behalf of my wife. She suffered a serious back injury some 10 years ago at work, took some time off, but then went back to work and struggled on for 7 years or so before finally conceding as the pain in her back got worse and worse. She went onto Incapacity benefit and eventually applied for DLA. She got knocked back the first time (long story!!) - but was awarded the Higher Rate Mobility in August time this year after a 2nd time of applying .. however, she got knocked back again for the care element. Th
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