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  1. OK...so both of them have happened...!!..where do I get this letter????
  2. How do I know if its SB? ive not got a letter from anyone saying it is...!? SB being the state it falls into (or off credit file) after 6 years?
  3. Mornin all, Im after some guidance\assistance on the best course of action for the following I have recently received a letter from Newman debt collection, chasing me for £297 for a bank. Firstly, I was slightly shocked to receive it, so I paid to have a copy of my credit repport, 2 things. its shows as being settled in December 2009 its over 6 years old Ive called Equifax and they say that they should not be contacting me, so to call them. the letter states "if you do not pay this, you will incure a CCJ.........lalalalala..." im not sure that I did settle it
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