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  1. Hullo Caggers I'm ex BR and have been for a couple of years now. I'm very careful with my credit score and how its affected. However, I do need some advice. Every so often I check my credit score - Experian loves me - Equifax seems to hate me (Any reason for that?? ) The last time I checked my credit score on Equifax - it was 337. 3 Months later and It's dropped to 279 and there are a few strange things... I shall post a few screen shots in hope that one of you amazing folks can shed some light!! I have no extra credit taken out Same bank account No searches No
  2. Hello, Just looking for a few opinions really. Contract A was coming to an end - It had quite an easy number attached to it, so rather than lose the number, I asked that they port the number to a different account. Basically just swapping numbers about. I was told that I would receive a final bill - it would be roughly £30 - No big deal. I have 4 contracts with O2. I also have Home Phone and Broadband. So my payments are anywhere between £80 - £120per month. The number change and cancellation happened in October... Few months later, in January I received a call from W
  3. Hello Folks, I have just ordered my credit report from experian and equifax, and I'm a bit confused on how some information is recorded on my file. Experian is more of a concern. I was discharged from bankruptcy in November 2010, I bought my credit reports, everything seemed ok except for entry's from Welcome Finance... They seriously make me ill, and caused me so much bother, to the extent I had to change mobiles numbers and change jobs... Anyway, some files are showing as defaulted, but file updated for the period to ././.. Welcome finance are showing as 6payments or more
  4. Hello, I was hoping someone could give me a little insight into something going on with my credit score, and how welcome finance are keeping records of my finances. I was made bankrupt just over a year ago. In fact my bankruptcy discharge was the 11.11.10. I've been keeping a close eye on my credit score and report and watched it steadily rise. The issue is, on my credit file, some accounts are showing settled, some show default (with a date) my welcome finance record is showing late by 6 payments (closer to 36) and updated every month!! Is this right? I'm trying to clear my
  5. Ray, Ida Thanks for the replies. It's really put my mind at rest. Ida, the examples from AIB were EXTREMELY useful. Thanks again for your quick and helpful posts.
  6. Hello, I was wondering if someone could answer my question. I was made bankrupt 11 months ago. Found it all easy and havent had any real issues ( aside glasgow city council ) 2 weeks ago, I had to take out a loan from Wonga, didnt even realise I would manage it! I paid it back, but I'm worried that I may be in breach of my bankruptcy terms?! I'm too scared to call AIB and ask. I'm sure that in my terms from the AIB I'm not allowed to have ANY credit, OR it wasn't allowed to be more than £500?
  7. Hello, Thanks so much for your help. I'm waiting for our family lawyers to get back to me - I would like a legal opinion - if nothing more than, to have some ammunition for when the letting agency contact me again. I will post my update later. Thank you so much. c
  8. Hi and thanks for getting back to me. I've paid rent, but the situation remains the same. My agency have been telling me that they were waiting for an "update" regarding the repair. I called the plumbers, to establish why it was taking so long and what "update" The letting agency hadn't contacted the plumbers since last week!!! They were waiting for instruction from the landlord!! Called the agency and they bluffed, with excuses. Apparently my water should be back on today (THANK GOD) So fingers crossed.
  9. I currently have no running water in my apartment. I haven't had any since the 1st. Some of my neighbours haven't had any since Christmas eve, but the situation is becoming unbearable. I've had to vacate my house and move to my parents house, which is miles away from work. I have no place else to stay. I don't have a flush, I cant wash clothes, I cant shower, but my letting agency are being unhelpful to the point of obstructive. My letting agency are also the factors for the building. I called them in the morning and by early evening the water came back on, but had frozen a few hours late
  10. Hello, I'm in the process of declaring myself bankrupt. I had help from the Glasgow CAB team. I received a letter from the AIB today asking for a copy of my charge of payment from Welcome (grrrrrrr) Finance. I have since moved home and it seems the charge of payment has been lost. I have called Welcome ( call centre, not the office where I got the loan) and they told me that the only piece of info about my account, that they can send was a notice of default! I really need to get a copy asap, but Welcome, don't really want to help. Any suggestions ?? Thanks
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