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  1. I have looked at the threads involving these, but not sure what my first step is. We bought a car with these a couple of years ago and it was inferred that we would not get the finance if we didnt take the insurances (which premiums just about doubled the amount borrowed) . I have approached the office to cancel these now, and have been told to request it in writing, which I have. I am wondering if there is any way of recovering any of the monies already paid. I have been informed that instead of reducing the monthly payments, removing insurances will shorten the span of the loan. I have requested a statement but not received one other than my yearly one. I am also concerned as although we have kept up to date with the payments, twice the cheque has been paid in one day late, and the woman from the branch I spoke to said that they consider that to mean I am 2 months in arrears. She admits I have paid each month, but that I am automatically in arrears if the payment is one day into the following calender month.(the payment counts towards the month it is received in) I enquired whether that also meant therefore that I am now two months 'ahead' and she said No. Very strange. Also when we signed for the car- we were okayed for the loan, then the salesman disappeared into another room and when he returned he said 'they' need you to pay another £500 extra in your deposit today because this is a 'different' sort of car. When we were insistant that we just did not have the money on us there and then, he said 'okay ' just bring it when you have it' -we have heard nothing since then and the extra money is not detailed anywhere on the contract so I wonder what that was all about?
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