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  1. I always watch things that relate to High Court Enforcement. After all his bravado on here, it is not suprising that ohitsonlyme has gone very quiet..... He clearly lost.
  2. If you believe the fees are incorrect, you can have the fees taxed by way of a detailed assessment. Issuing a claim like Bartok suggests may end up costing you dearly as above is the correct way to deal with this.
  3. Even if that is true the OP should not have tried to attack her after. Especially in front of the Police and her children.
  4. There is an element of truth here. If you do have a warrant issued against you then you could be stopped at a Police ANPR check. Usually, the bailiffs, DVLA and immigration are there too.
  5. If the bailiff genuinely did all that the OP says then she should be prosecuted. From the OP posts and comments I would bet there is more to this than she claims. It's clear that the OP has anger issues as she admits to trying to attack the bailiff and had to be restrained by Police. Very impressive in front of her children....
  6. If you're refering to recent eviction then it's hardly Sheforce's fault that the trespassers kicked off....
  7. Again, you might be potentially vulnerable. You do not automatically qualify as vulnerable. "Those who might be potentially vulnerable include: the elderly; people with a disability; the seriously ill; the recently bereaved; single parent families; pregnant women; unemployed people; and, those who have obvious difficulty in understanding, speaking or reading English."
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