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  1. Thank you for replies so far. I hope you're all well. It is, just as you say, a threatogram. Normally I wouldn't phone them at all but as I know it is SB I thought if I phone them and point this out, that would be it. Seems I may have made a mistake. I did get threatened with the usual 'if you don't pay' etc, at which point I told him to do what he wants and prove I have made a payment. The funny thing was, he said someone else must have made the payment on my behalf!!! If I do hear from them again I will obviously let you know. Regards Signaller
  2. Hi to anyone reading. It's been a long time since I had to post anything here. My life isn't perfect but I've had no issues to deal with that might require your help, until now. As the title says, I received a letter from BW. It's to do with a PayDay loan taken out in July 2009. I had issues to deal with round about that time. Long story short, I forgot all about it. BW claim there was a £10 payment made in March 2012. I am 100% sure I did not make any payment. BW claim I did, and that the CC process would start if I did not agree a payment plan. I told them (BW) that this is now SB. They are addamant that it's not. Why would someone take a loan and then wait nearly three years to make a payment and then make no further payments at all? The OC was PayDay UK, and it was allegedly assigned to PRAC (!!!) I know how the claim process works but they (BW) says they have proof I made a payment, or that someone made a payment on my behalf. I didn't, and why would someone make a payment for me. As always, any help would be very much appreciated. Thank You. Regards Signaller.
  3. He didn't say he had a warrant. Just that Mr Signaller owes X amount to a certain council for unpaid council tax, and that a ccj had been issued in 2008!!! Signaller
  4. Thank you @ Bailiff Advice for replying again. The only address that Council will have for me is the address the bill applies to, and they must know I'm not there, unless the house has stood empty since I moved in 2007. I will do as you suggest, and contact the relevant Council, and let you know what happens. Regards Signaller
  5. Thank you both for your replies. My neighbours car is parked outside his house. Neither or us has a drive, we live in a street. My car is parked further down the street as I couldn't get parked outside my house last night. It is for unpaid Council Tax, and there is a reference number. It also states he is re-attending when, to my knowledge, he has never been here before. This is the first time I have been aware of this since I moved here almost 4 years ago. And no letters have ever been left or posted to me here. Regards Signaller I live in a different borough now than where I lived 7 years ago, and I have moved three times since I lived at the address to where the CT applies to.
  6. I'm not sure this is in the right place. I hope so. If not, will someone kindly direct me to the correct page. I have today had a visit from a 'Bailiff' from Phoenix. Apparently it is due to unpaid Council Tax, and a CCJ was unpaid from 2008. I was not aware of a CCJ, and I have moved a few times since I lost my house in 2006. I shamelessly lied to the guy to buy a little time before he no doubt will return. He left a form headed 'Enforcement Notice' and on it it states 'Goods viewed for potential Removal' and has my neighbours car registration number. If I do indeed owe this money then I must pay it, but I am looking for advice from you wonderful people out there. Can anyone kindly advise me please. Thank You. Regards Signaller
  7. Hi Ford, and thanks for replying. I haven't been on for a few days as had some personal issues to deal with. I haven't send a s159 notice yet, as I was waiting for a reply from Experian to my last e mail. They will not remove the default or leave the NoC on because Sigma say the information is correct!!! They go on to say, and I quote " We cannot remove it as the information belongs to Sigma". Their words not mine. Signaller
  8. andyorch and Ford, thank you for your comments.Experian did put a NoC on my file, but say they will remove it because Sigma say the data is correct. IF (and it's a big if) the data was correct then Sigma surely would have taken the matter further rather than discontinue.Sigma have passed my case (!!!) to OPOS to collect on their (Sigmas) behalf. I have copied the Notice of Discontinuance, and the letter from HL Legal, and sent it to OPOS. Hopefully that will be the last I hear from OPOS.There are 7 defaults on my file, and 5 of them are due to drop off within the next 17 months. I haven't been inconvenienced that much really. My bank did refuse me a loan but they did upgrade my account and allow me an overdraft and I haven't applied for any other forms of credit.Signaller
  9. Thank [email protected] andy and Ford. I am aware that mobile contracts are not covered by the CCA. But if you remember (andy) I never had any business/dealings with T Mobile ever, and that formed the basis of my defence after which Sigma discontinued.Signaller Sigma have now passed the matter to Opos Collections (Glasgow) so am I to go through all this again?
  10. Thank you Ford, for taking time to reply. Will send that to Experian and update if/when I get a reply.RegardsSignaller
  11. Since my last post I have checked my e mails.Had a reply from Experian saying that Sigma insist the default entry is correct and they (Sigma) will not ammend/remove it.Experian did put a notice of correction on my credit file and they say this (the NoC) will be removed in 28 days!!!!!To save anyone reading back through my thread, I never had a contract with T Mobile and this formed the basis of my defence. Sigma discontinued, and filed a Notice of Discontinuance with CCBC Northampton. Any advice and opinion, as always, appreciated.RegardsSignaller
  12. Thank you @ dx. It is only through the help and advice I've previously received from the good people here, that I was able to stand up to them. My next step is to try and get theses defaults removed. As stated earlier, I will update you when/if I get a reply. RegardsSignaller
  13. Thank you Brig. As always, your opinions and advice are welcone and respected. I will forward another letter to BCW and update as/when/if I get a reply. Regards Signaller
  14. Hi to anyone reading. Received three letters today from BCW.All say the same "We write with regard to recent communication concerning the above account and can confirm that this account has been closed at this office". I have looked at my credit file and the three defaults are still there in BCW name. Signaller
  15. Sorry to have to bring this up again. Experian advised me to give Sigma a little more time to reply. Received a letter today from Opos Limited, advising me that "due to non payment the full outstanding balance is payable immediately".!!! Has anyone heard of Opos? Their address is Ingram Street - Glasgow. Signaller
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