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  1. Well guys, I've decided to give this another try after reading how many complaints are being upheld after initial rejection from Barclays. I have the same claim in, I have contacted Barclaycard and have filled out their online form for PPI claims. Waiting the standard time for my case to be acknowledged and rejected by Barclaycard so I can take the complaint to the ombudsman. The particulars of the case are the same, an online application and previous rejection was that I should have 'read the small-print'. I believe that (in 2011 at least) all online Barclaycard applications for PP
  2. Hi Guys, quick update : SCS have agreed to cancel the order, however they are asking for some 25% of the value - Nearly 1k by they're calculations. The small print in the contract says UP TO 20% could be liable in the event of cancellation, for items of 'customised' furnature. Now, as far as I can tell, the only items which are customised are the 2 sofas - Should I be able to only pay for these as the order included a table and lamp table which, in theory, could have been returned without issue once delivered. Should I refuse to pay 25% and argue them down to 20% ? Total order
  3. Just to update : Chatted to the manager of the store where I made the purchase on the telephone this morning and explained the situation to him. He said that he needs to speak to a regional manager about the cancellation and whether it is possible. I have drafted a letter at his request and will post it off tomorrow recorded delivery and will update the thread as things progress (IF things progress!) Side note - The manager was quite pleasant and the call wasn't as awful as I imagined. Still, there is a long way to go Thanks again for the advise, Jordan
  4. Thanks Conniff - I will give that a shot. I have somewhere in the region of 5 weeks before any sort of delivery. Have others had any success with this approach ? From reading through various threads it seems they simply are able to say they aren't willing to stop delivery regardless of anything you say.
  5. Thanks for the reply Conniff Only £100, on my CC. The agreement is for £3600 and was for 3+2 recliner and a coffee/tamp table. Can really feel my stress levels rising with this !!
  6. Hello, I fear I know I am in for a tough time in undertaking the following but I thought I would ask for any help/information anyone can give with regards to the cancellation of an as yet undelivered SCS order. Approx 6 weeks ago myself and partner signed an agreement in-store to take delivery of a sofa and coffee table. Since then the house we were in the midst of purchasing has fallen through and we simply can't take delivery of these items - I am due to phone the store tomorrow, however I feel pretty apprehensive after reading through other peoples experiences with SCS I really
  7. Blue Danny - Will you pursue any further avenues (eg. FOS) or will you leave things as they are ? I'm more of the 'nothing ventured' mindset and will be reviewing my options and will at the very least try the FOC route, if this fails I feel another small claim coming on.
  8. Thank you Slick and Ims, I really appreciate the time you have both taken to respond to my thread. I believe the case is worth pursuing via the FOS at the very least, as you say - I am quite sure as a default at the time the option for PPI was checked, I am not a financial or legal 'eagle' and the fact that the terms were available wasn't an indication of whether I understood the policy completely or not. I will do a little more research in to the exclusions and see if any of them stand me on slightly better footing with regards to making my claim. I will admit I sent a rather hasty le
  9. I believe the application for the CC was made online - I can't remember in all honesty as it was several years ago .. I've had the card for ages :/ I'm in the process of looking at the Ombudsman website at the moment. I'll see if I can get Slick to take a look. Thanks for your help DX, I do appreciate it
  10. A rollover .. If only ! It seems like some people are getting a pass ... I was hoping to be one of them ! They said I could cancel the policy I have for PPI as it is still active on the CC, there reasoning for rejection was as follows (from their letter) : " My understanding of your complaint is that you feel you were mis-sold the PPI policy element of your Barclaycard because you were lead to believe that the application for credit would be rejected without the insurance. Also, the policy exclusions were not explained to you. We have identified that your application for PPI
  11. Unfortunately I've had a rejection letter through the post this morning stating that Barclays will not pay out on the claim that I had with them regarding PPI. Pretty annoyed as I've been waiting for over 3 months for this. Can anyone please advise what steps I can take next ? Thank you very much, Jordan
  12. Thanks IMS, I will get that off to them today then.
  13. Hello everyone. I've had a letter containing something Barclays are calling an 'FOS Questionnaire' along with notification that they would like me to complete this and return to them. The letter states that if I don't fill this out and send it back to them they will ' .. continue my investigation with the evidence they have'. Is this standard practice for Barclays ? Should I fill this out and return it or leave them to 'investigate' with only my initial template letter ? Thanks very much
  14. Here we go again. Back in 2006 this wonderful website enabled me to claim back over £1600 in unfair overdraft charges from HSBC. Following the media storm over PPI I decided again this was the place to get my information ! I've kicked things off with a initial letter using the template from the Which? website, this was sent on the 26/04/2011 and I'm yet to receive any sort of from them. The PPI insurance was taken out in September 2004 and is on an active card. Should I expect any sort of acknowledgement from them or will they just reject my 'claim' in approx. 8 weeks ? Thanks
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