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  1. Prior to my court date 21st December,Cardiff County Court, I received and excepted (signed and returned) an offer from my bank of £900.50(charges) + £80 costs. I did not relise, I should of also claimed the daily 8% intrest, which would of amounted to £300, which was on the N1 claim form. Does anyone know, do I still have the right to claim this, of have I screwed it?? Damn gutted about this little extra, pLeAsE HeLp!!
  2. Im thinking a payout before christmas, but then again, they may default, which equals payout after christmas??? P.S. you dont have to do anything. Submit documents if you want to say your piece, but cant be there..
  3. Just a Quick Thought! I know its not upto any of us to tell the courts what to do!, BUT Why cant the courts issue 1 court date (of the same date)to everyone, to have one hearing for the whole lot of us in one go. This way saving court man hours. The be all and end all! Either the banks pay us all, or face the big test case. Is anyone in a position to sugguest this to the courts. OR EVEN, could one person bring on a case on behalf of all of us? i.e. submit court papers on behalf of BAG? Im sure we would all prefer this, rather than go it alone which would be my nightmar
  4. Thanks, and execellent work PURP. I am following your thread with massive interest! Thanks for keeping us informed. TOP MAN! :)
  5. Thanks, and execellent work PURP. I am following your thread with massive interest! Thanks for keeping us informed. TOP MAN!
  6. Hey PURP72, that is an amazing reply, and although this is getting way over my head, I am considering taking the same action as yourself, or possibly using the N244 application to the court. Thanks absolutely loads form all your replies. Any suggestions are gratefully received. Many Many Thanks, SolidStan.
  7. Thanks PURP for your reply, my thread seems to be ignored! I would like to send Bankfodders letter to the court. BUT, what conserns me is, everybody else is "stayed pending another case". BUT, I am "stayed pending further order from the court". WILL I BE JUMPING THE GUN SENDING THIS LETTER NOW???? Please reply, I badly need help here! P.S. TELCLARKE I too found the intrest part confusing, so did not claim it.(it was'nt much for me anyway) Just use the spreadsheet to work out the the 8% at the court stages. note they refer to 2 different intrests(one they have c
  8. ALSO, where can I find this sample list? :- Attached to this application is a sample list of 223 cases complete with county court reference numbers (Annexe 2)- of which the claimant is aware and which have been started since February of 2006.
  9. But everyone else I read are stayed pending the decision of the London Mercatile Court in ELLIS-V-LLOYDS TSB . ect. But mine is stayed "pending further order from the court" Is this the same, can I find out a pending case that is holding me up? Im sure the ELLIOT case is sorted now??? ANYTHING I CAN DO??? can I go and sort it in my local court?? please help!
  10. URGENT HELP NEEDED! 10th July - I filled a claim with MCOL. In between these dates recived and sent other bits of paper.(general, AQ ect.) 14th September - recived a NOTICE OF TRANSFER PROCEEDINGS saying " This claim has been transferred to the Cardiff County Court for allocation". 20th September - recived a GENERAL FORM OF JUDGMENT ORDER saying It is orderd that "1.Case is stayed pending further order of the court." PLEASE HELP! - What does this mean????
  11. Can I just add the£30 court cost i've paid, to my request for payment of charges???
  12. After requesting 6 years of statments, I recived only the year 2000 statments. So I have filled a claim under the data protection act, for non disclousure. On the day I recived there defince from DLA PIPER I also recived the remaining statments. However I have paid a £30 court fee here, and was claiming £50 damage and distress. So what do I do now??? Do I cancel the claim? or request they pay the £30+£50. What action should I take next? Will I loose my £30 :? :? :? Please Help!
  13. Why not post the account number here, and see if it belongs to any of us??? The we could kick a stink!
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