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  1. Yes Margaret I was and thank you for your reponse. G
  2. It mentions PIP applying up to age 64, I am 70 year old on DLA when will this change for me please.
  3. POC Reads By an agreement in writing between HSBC Bank PLC and the defendant dated 1/10/1974 . HSBC agreed to issue the defendant with a credit card upon the terms and conditions set out therein. In breach of the agreement the defendant failed to make payments of not lees than the minimum shown on the monthly statements. HSBC served a default notice on the defendant stating the amount due and requiring the defendant to pay same. The defendant failed to pay and the agreement was terminated. The agreement was assigned to the claimant on the 15/2/2013 The claimant has complied with sections 111 and 1V of practice direction pre action conduct. The claimant therefore claims 1. £xxxx 2. Interest pursuant to section 69 of the county courts act 1984 namely £xxxx and continuing until judgement or sooner payment at the rate of x.xx
  4. Thanks CB that is what is creating my dilema in that S78 request relates to CCA 1974 which did not become law until 1978 so if the CCA does not apply Does the faulty DN? G
  5. Not sure who I have upset but I will make one more attempt for some assistance!! Or have I posted in the wrong foruM? They have agreed an extension for the defence and I have requested copies of the agreement mentioned in the POC which they say is dated 1974. I believe HSBC may not have existed then. How long should I allow them to respond to my CPR request and what action is open to me should they not respond? G
  6. I have received a claim from Northampton CCBC regarding a credit card debt with HSBC. Supposedly now purchased by Marlin Europe 1 and using Mortimer Clarke solicitors to bring the claim. Having made a formal request to HSBC in March 2009 Pursuant to s.77/78 Consumer Credit act 1974 they repeatedly declined to respond unless I supplied another request to include my signature. As there is no requirement under the act for me to supply my signature a nd they had been writing to me at the same address with confidential information for 20 years I declined. As a result of this my request has never been complied with and I am given to understand this in itself is a defence for said claim. They also sent what I believe to be a faulty as it did not allow 14 days for me to remedy the alleged breach. I have acknowledged the claim and notified my intention to defend in full. I am about to send a request for all documents mentioned in the P.O.C under CPR 31.14 and also requesting a further 28 day extension to my defence date. Any advice will be much appreciated G
  7. It appears valid to me as it has none of the usual faults. G
  8. The claim is for over £10,000 but I cannot make public the nature of my application at this stage. G
  9. Thanks Andy I have informed them that I intend to make an application to the court and it was then they asked for my costs to date. G
  10. No but I did tell them they would be liable for the costs of changing my defence as they had failed to supply any documents at all to support their claim. G
  11. I have put in my AQ and they have still failed to supply any documents. They have however asked me to specify my costs to date. G
  12. If your wife is not party to the debt her interest is inherently protected. They cannot force a sale when the ownership is in joint names. G
  13. As you home is jointly owned they cannot force a sale. The charging order only entitles them to be notified if ever the house is sold. Should you advise them of this after any proceeds have been disbursed that's hard cheese for them. G
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