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  1. ok a ressurection from the dead.... after putting my account in dispute with them they have handed it to marlin financial so i asked for the same info and heard nothing (that was months ago) now have recieved some printed paperwork, no signature and a copy of a contract (just the usual blurb that they send), i have rang marlin and asked them when this account was put in default and they say april 2009 yet my credit report shows i actually defaulted a while before that, ive still said that im not acknowledging the debt as i am sure this should be statute barred, however, barclaycard are showing the amount as satisfied and now marlin is on my credit record showing as delinquent and they are trying to say i defaulted in july 14.... i have never acknowledged this debt nor agreed to any signing of it or any new contract, so how can barclaycard show as satisfied but marlin the full amount?? any ideas? thanks in advance
  2. well had my interview, no idea how it went, the person who phoned up has basically said that im making an income from selling drugs (not true), amazingly the phone call they recieved comes a week after a massive facebook think with an ex (not my starting) which resulted in her new boyfriend coming on my doorstep threatening to 'gut me like a fish'........... he didnt even check my bank statements but did keep the list of items id sold since august, he asked if my bank balance had ever gone over 6k which it hasnt and i showed him my paypal account and all the gambling with which he was satisfied that i wasnt running a business........ he did say that he didnt know what the outcome would be and that he has to send it off for chippenham to make the decision but he hopes that will be the last of it.
  3. yeah i failed my atos because i wasnt rocking backwards and forwards in my chair talking to myself....... and the fact i can go in a shop and buy food.... (when in fact its become a part of my routine where i will go there after the school run then after the school run and walk around in circles..) well im still worried although doing research on the net, complaince team is kind of the lowest level so i can gather, i just hope they believe me with the info i give them as its down to the person whether they see you as guilty or not, so if they had a bad morning then im in for a rough ride
  4. but how many bank statements must i provide as it doesnt say on the letter, im thinking 3 months??
  5. Thanks tomtom, I did ring and he said someone had phoned up stating that I have 'money coming in', well I won't from now on as I've sold most of my kit... I am able.to supply companies and people who have bought the items from me so that's no issue.... As for the difference between cont an income based I never thought it would be an issue if its my own personal belongings, guess I'll find out on Thurs..... :-/
  6. I'm.now on income based... Was.contribution for the year then it changed... Would that make a difference in me.selling my own personal items?
  7. anyone?? is this under caution? would it state it is under caution on the letter?
  8. from the one claim i was referring to i got back roughly 3.6k back in april 12... i had another 2 k a few months before that from halifax but that was through a company, i was working full time as well back then, coming out of work briefly in june then again in sept and getting signed off! on my bank statements its clear i have a gambling problem as that is most of what my transactions are and it states the companies
  9. hi there peeps, been a long time since i have posted on CAG!! well to put a long story short, ive been on esa for a year now due to depression and i am awaiting my tribunal for a rejected ATOS interview..... a lot has gone on over the years and its why im in the state im in now! Over the past year, and shortly before I got signed off with depression I started to gamble online, at first it wasnt much and i made back so at least i broke even..... but it got worse, the amounts stayed the same, the frequency however got more and more and to cover my losses and make sure i didnt fall behind with rent etc. etc. i started to sell off my DJ and Studio equipment, a lot of high valued items, the money i had been putting back into my bank which to top up my account to where it was before and so i could cover my bills/rent etc.. etc... basically someone has phoned the dwp saying i have a source of income and ive been called in for a compliance interview and asked for my bank statements, they have not said how many to take. thing is i have sold to acquantances ive met in the circle of music i have been a part of and been given cash, i also save up my rent cheques until the last week of the month to make sure i dont gamble them away (i am recieving help for the gambling now) and i am finding it hard to differentiate what i have sold with my rent cheques....... also back in april 2012 i won back some ppi insurance from my bank, i was working at the time and took out 2k and gave it to a relative to put safely aside and towards a rather big holiday for my son (who has been through hell and essentially lost contact with his mother - hes only7) to try and make good of his childhood after all the grief he has been through. To make sure i did not take this money and gamble it down the tubes i decided to make the holiday this year, i paid half and my dad has paid half, this went into my bank ac and straight out again... can i get in trouble for not saying i had this money set aside for this holiday. im at my wits end, im even thinking of coming off esa and back onto jobseekers as im doing myself no good just vegetating during the school hours and once lil man is in bed and hence the gambling came in...... any help would be appreciated
  10. Ive had a few ppi claims that i claimed myself and done very favourably out of, im now getting the phone calls every day! I accidently answered one and the 'information service' lady put me over to a specialist who tried telling me that it is now illegal to claim PPI yourself..... MMMMMM smell a rat there, allegedly it was on the bbc and everything and i still have thousands owed to me, although they cant tell me who owes me.... So it seems that these companies are getting desperate, especially now people know they can do it themselves and keep all the money. Dirty trick really isnt it! Jamie
  11. Hi guys and girls, hope you are well!!Well Im in a very difficult situation.In short.....I work full time, 60 miles away from home. I have a big unsecured debt with Natwest, standing at just under 8k and im paying £245 pm......I also have loads of dca's etc. etc. and one county court judgement.Basically im in a position where i have had to take custody of my 5 year old son for the forseeable future.Whilst arrangements are fine at the moment, i need to get back home as getting home at 7pm every night is not good and if there were to be an emergency with my son, i am a good hour and a half away.....So.... I cannot get my work transfered closer to home as there is no vacancies, this also means that im going to find it incredibly difficult to find another job due to if i get an interview, i need to take the whole day or half a day off work which isnt easy....Ive accepted the fact that i am going to have to quit my job and sign on for the first time in 17 years to enable me to find a local job, but that in turn will make my problems with my debt worse... any ideas?? as im feeling pretty lost at the moment!James
  12. thanks lee, yeah ill do that, i accidently got sucked into thinking data was cheap and used the internet for a month on my phone, when my bill came, data charges were £5 something, then at the end of month 2 of my internet bazarr, i had a whopping bill for 272, then the third month of 300 odd, then the excessively high disconnection fee as i had no hope in hell of paying.ill do my best with the info that i can remember, bearing in mind ive moved a few times since.
  13. Hi guys, been a long time ago since i posted re acs;bore..... but i kind of have a situation i need advice on now!I had been getting letters from Arrow Global for a while but buried my head in the sand and ignored them (not the right thing to do).About a week ago i got a courts summons from Northampton (The Bulk Centre).They want the sum of £1426.92, i cant remember what this debt is for but i suspect vodafone when i ran up some huge data bills due to the unclear charging at the time and subsequent disconnection.The summons was dated 29/7/11, so what steps do i need to do and what forms do i need to come back at them as i cannot afford the amount they are wanting nor am i clear what its actually for!Thanks in advanceJamie
  14. there is a helluva lot of info on that file, im downloading it now from a well known torrent site, its 365mb ffs. and some of the comments from what has been found in there is funny as anything, personal emails from him to his ex wife etc... replies, names etc... some real breach of data protection there, so.... if my fathers file is in amongst that lot, can i sue him under data protection?? regards wonkyfunk303
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