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  1. Hi, after sending of the bemused letter to FTC i received the letter below today. They say they are contacting cap1 on my behalf and will get back to me. http://debtpdfs.tripod.com/ftc2.pdf
  2. Thanks PGH7447, I think i will send a bemused letter then ignore them.
  3. Many thanks DD, I will find a bemused letter and send it off first thing tuesday. I realy like the doorstep visit part too, lets see what they come back with.
  4. bump,, could someone please comment on the letter from FTC http://debtpdfs.tripod.com/ftc.pdf as they are saying i need to reply before 31st of march. thanks
  5. Hi peeps, I have been disputing Studio's alleged agreement for the past 5 months and have now received a Notice of Default from Debt Collection & Security on behalf of Studio(below in pdf). What should i do? do i send a bemuzed letter or ignore them. http://debtpdfs.tripod.com/stucol.pdf
  6. hi peeps, got the letter below(pdf) from F.T.C they want payment but the account is in dispute which has now been unlawfully rescinded by cap1(if an enforceable agreement ever existed, which i'm disputing). Any thoughts what my next move should be would be appreciated as i'm tempted to accept the repudiation but i think that would have me agreeing that an enforceable agreement existed. http://debtpdfs.tripod.com/ftc.pdf
  7. Many thanks DT, I'm tempted to send a letter to accept the repudiation of the alleged agreement but after reading through the posts you kindly listed, im having second thoughts as it seems 28 days would cover cap1 time wise. On the other hand the account was in dispute as to whether or not the alleged agreement was enforceable or not. In which case as Pinky69 says they have no right to enforce or claim for moneys relating to the alleged agreement which surely makes the DN faulty.
  8. Thank's DT, I looked at Pinky69's and others regarding invalid DN but i now doubt i can go that route as they gave 28 days and then issued the termination. I do think it was invalid because of the maybees contained in it, but how do i counter that?. I think also because the account was in dispute when terminated, maybe a way to counter but again i have no idea how to reply.
  9. Hi, i got a statement of default yesterday and now today i'm receiving calls from a firm called F.T.C what that stands for i have no idea. The guy wanted me to confirm my details to pass security and got all shirty when i refused. Why are these guys calling me?, the account is in dispute.
  10. Hi, cap1 have now issued a statement of default(in pdf below) it came in a 1st class envelope. What reply if any should i give. http://debtpdfs.tripod.com/capdef.pdf
  11. Hi, the default notice is below. Sorry i never posted it earlier but my scanner is playing up. cdfr.pdf
  12. Update; Received a notice of default under section 87(1) today, it's giving me 28 days to pay off the overdue amount. I would appreciate your thoughts on what i need to do now.
  13. Thanks for the advice KB, I will search for the letter you refer to and get it sent of. I will also be complaining to the FSO as cap1's blatent disregard to play by the rules makes me mad:mad:. They called yesterday wanting payment, after i told the lady the account was in dispute she said i would need to write to cap1, 3 hours later they called again wanting payment.
  14. No problem KB, I have just recieved a letter from cap1 saying my card is now blocked and that i have incurred 2 late payment charges. They also say if i dont pay they will notify the credit bureau, default the account then pass it on for debt recovery.
  15. Thanks keefyboy, What do you think my responce to the alleged consumer agreement should be. Do i still dispute as this is not an agreement or do i dispute it because it has no prescribed terms, i am at a loss as to what to write in responce.
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