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  1. Many many thanks to people who helped and gave advice. The said council took the debt back from us after getting in touch with the Local MP. As one problem goes another one arises. Can the council pursue me for the bailiffs fees? They are looking for £200. It doesn't state that's what it is for but me and my partner have worked it out and it works out to the pence the fees the bailiff was pursuing when first letter was posted.
  2. Thank you for your responses.It amazes me that its taken them so long to reply. How do I go about making a formal complaint? It also states that they have a recording of my partner trying to talk to them? I dont understand why they wouls put that into the ketter?
  3. Just a quick update..posted the hand delivered letter on the 16th january..Just heard back from Medway council. Basically saying I didny pay and that they passed the debt to bailliffs. It states that the bailiffs sent two letters which they did not. At the bottom it states that they will not ask the bailiff to return the liablity order. Even though im 37 weeks pregnant? Paid another £150 which takes the debt to £152. No idea what to do now
  4. Will I have to provide anything to the council to prove she is pregnant? Might be best if I sent letter if so
  5. So if she comes under the vunerable what can I do in regards to that? Im going to pay the whole sum £452.45 to the council. What do I do about the other fees
  6. Nope this is the first letter we have had. When I was paying the arreas via the council they said no more contact would be made if I didnt keep up repayments. Well my partner is 8 months pregnant and is usually indoors..
  7. All they left was a letter titled "Attendance notice the clearance of goods" and a "Notice of seizure of goods and inventory" Ok well I work long hours so they car wont be at home from 5 in morning till 8 at night.. Can they just turn up at 8 at night?
  8. No this is the first letter we have recieved... All my partner said was thier was two people they knocked and then posted the letter. Should I make any contact with them at all? Should I hide the car?
  9. Hopefully someone can advise me on the best course of action.. I recieved a letter today owing for Council tax for the some of £452.45 Also the fees as stated are Levy Fee £39.00 Attendance to attempt levy to distress £42.50 Attendance removal £120 So all in all I owe £654.15. It states on the letter that the debt is outstanding despite previous attempts for application of payment? Are they referring to them or the council? I called today with transportation to remove your goods. I shall be calling back in the next 2 working days with the police in attendance if
  10. I know if I went to the dealer and asked for him to investigate and for the repairs to be done via him he would not be helpfull one little bit. So rather than paying myself going to see if can gain anything from the warranty but thankyou for taking the time to reply. Will post tommorow
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