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  1. Hi there I was recently declared bankrupt and it wasnt half as scary as I thought it would be, most of my debts were usual credit cards or loans etc, although I have an ongoing debt to HMRC for an overpayment of tax credits,about £3000, they have been reducing my 4 weekly payments by £90 which as a single parent is causing me to struggle. The solicitors dealing with my bankruptcy have advised that these payments should stop but that it is notoriously difficult to get them to do it!! I have also heard that they will contiue to chase me for this overpayment after Im discharged so is there any point in getting it stopped? :| Just wondered if anyone has had any experinec of this Thanks
  2. Hi there Try not to worry too much, if you have nothing to hide then you will be fine. It may well be that it is down to your sons business being registered at your address and you can easily rectify this by calling and telling them this. I think they have been checking equifax and if anyone else has applied for credit etc at your address they are looking into it. Let us know how you get on, Im sure it will all be fine xx
  3. The CIS system shows any benefits claimed i.e. income support dla etc and tax credits, it willl show amounts paid and when from but does not show any details of tax paid or earnings. Hope this helps
  4. Try your best not to worry about it hun, if all theyve got suggesting your co habitting is his car insurance then they dont have a lot to go on. everything else proves you live seperately so hopefully it should be a clear cut case - no action outcome. It may take a while for them to process this tho so again try not to worry xx
  5. Firstly you have to ask them how they came to this calculation. If you supplied all income form the start and nothing has changed since then there is a good chance you can get it written off as it is their error. if they uphold the decision they will come to a reasonable arrangement for repayment. Good luck
  6. Hi there I have no real advice at such other than to stand your ground, you know youve done nothing wrong and its their job to prove you have. i wouldnt think they will be putting survellance on you as its costly, they usually save that for the big cases!! Just out of interest, how do you know she accessed your bf facebook? did she tell you?
  7. I too have received one of these letters, just wondering if it is a random check or a full complience check if so, what is involved? I have nothing to hide and definitely dont have a partner onlything I can think of is that my child care costs are on average less monthly than I claim for however, at ceratin times of the year my kids are in for full days instead of half days when gran is on holiday and this was used when I worked out my average. Do I need to call them or just let them do there checks? Thanks
  8. Thanks Ida. I really didnt beleive it could be so easy. With regards to the new thing coming in in oct for homeowners, think its called a certificate of sequestration. Once my ex has negotiated a figuire with the AIB would that mean my name would then be removed from the mortgage?
  9. Thanks to everyone for your advice. Thing may hopefully getting somewhere very soon. My ex has been in contact with a financial adviser who has contacted our mortgage lender requesting that my name be removed as it is having a negative effect on my ex's credit rating and as we are no longer together, he considers this unfair. Is this true? I am now attending a joint interview at the bank with my ex next week regarding this, should I say I am expected to be made bankrupt? Also as one of my creditors has got their decree against me so Im now worried they will put an inhibition order on my old house therefore meaning even tho I dont live there I cant sell it (even at a loss). Do they have to apply to court again for this and would I be notified? Where the hell would I go from there? As I understand it this means if I do sell the house any equity received must pay my debt to them, but my debt to them is more than I could dream of getting from the house and as it stands it will be nothing as its worth what is owed?? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi there. You are defo entitled to wtc whilst on maternity leave. I am currently on maternity leave with my second child. Whats more, you should tell them this is the case as they will disregard £100 per week for every week you are on mat leave. However, if you choose to have more than the 39 weeks off then thats when they wouldnt pay your wtc. From 40 weeks onwards. Dont know if this is whats happened to your friend. Hope this helps
  11. Thanks so much Joe So would the "certificate of sequestration" mean I can apply myself even tho I jointly own a house? And what difference would this be to being aparently insolvent? There is still little or no equity in the house and my ex is still having trouble buying me out even tho he has saved for a deposit. Things can be strained between us as he thinks the accountant in bankruptcy will try and do him out of money by maybe saying the house is worth more than it is therefore meaning he will have to give them more money which will ultimately mean less for me and my kids as he said he will be taking it out of my maintenance. Do you know how the AIB works out the value of a property in these cases? Much appreciated x
  12. Thanks Joe With regards to my citation, do I do nothing? And in doing so, will my creditor get their decree. Is it a normal process for a charge for payment to follow a decree?? Thanks
  13. Hi all. Looking for some more advice, re visiting this as I have been patiently waiting on one of my creditors taking action against me. Well today I have received a citation for one of my debts, just wondering if this means I can now apply for my own bankruptcy as aparently insolvant or do I still need to wait for further action? Thanks x
  14. Thanks joe and goldielocks I am trying not to worry about it but its so hard. I was always such a good payer and was proud of my good credit score, hence the reason I ended up with so much debt. Being 38 weeks pregnant doesnt help either lol!! I am hoping one of them does take court action against me so i can get the ball rolling with the bankruptcy, the sooner it starts the sooner its over eh? It looks like at least 2 of them have past the details ointo DCAs, will they then take legal action too?? Joe , Im defo going to get onto my mobile phone company re changing ym number as its not going to go away and the DCAs are more aggresove than the original companies. Also, can any of them arrest my bank account without court action, just terrified I will be left with nothing. And lastly, should one of them take court action, what should I do? Who do I contact to be made apparently insolvent?? Your advice in invaluable in helping me sleep better at night
  15. Thank you very much for your replys. So it is just a waiting game then?? In the meantime my mobile phone goes constantly but if I dont know the number, I dont answer!! I am now getting messages from a DCA quite often, not quite sure which one of my creditors have passed my details over. If anyone comes to my door, should I just tell them to go away?
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