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  1. Hi, I have not sent the DCA's any CCA requests from what I can remember. MY memory is pretty bad so will need to check my records at home. I dont think they ever added any charges to the amount as they where all in payment plans with each Credit card company first then went to DCA's and the amount has never changed up or down.
  2. Hi All, Looking for some advice. I signed up to this site nearly 6 years ago so its getting to the point where I have paid off many debts and that the ones that are left I am looking for some advice on. I settled many of the accounts for decent figures after using advice to get over 6k in PPI back I am down from 30k of debt to just over 8. The problem I have is two of them still refuse to accept decent settlement offer's of around 25% let along less. Each lender is due just over 4k each and neither will accept the offer I made of 1500 and want £2200 each
  3. Does anyone have a template letter I can send to them with all the legalities pointed out about I bought it with good title and here is all the sellers info but should you wish to take back the car a court order is require under scottish law etc? If not im thinking I better visit a solicitor this week
  4. Who exactly would I go to if they do decide to "steal" the car without a court order? I intend to phone them when they are open tomorrow and let them know that I am in the owner I bought it and in Scotland have good title and that if they want to claim it back I will be happy to go to court while they fight for a possession order.
  5. Thanks, I was also under the impression as HP is not guaranteed on the car like a logbook loan and that when you buy a car in Scotland its good title as long as market value and your not working with the seller. I also looked up online and it said about having to get a court order for them to come and randomly steal it from me. Just worried about it and not sure if I should ignore it in case its auto generated like yours or call this company who have a very bad reputation.
  6. Hi All, This seems to be a bit of a complex one to me but hoping you guys can clear up what steps to take next if any. Purchased a BMW from a private seller 2 months ago also in Scotland for market value at £5600 and paid cash. The ad was on auto trader and as such I did a mobile car check to make sure it was not stolen or writen off etc. The seller had owned the car for over 3 years after purchasing it from someone down south in England near Carlisle in I believe 2011 from documentation. It was owned by that person in Carlile for what appears to be just under 2 years.
  7. Hi Can anyone help me im trying not to freak out now. I have quite allot of debt that I thought was finally in a stable monthly payment plan with them all but Bank of Scotland have gone and thrown a spanner in the works. I will break down what I owe for the hole picture. its allot I have a credit card with bank of scotland £4952 to pay a loan with them with £7700 to pay Virgin credit card £4287 Now I have been on a payment plan to pay £25 to each debt for bank of scotland loan and credit card.the loan is for a year arrangement from july and the credit card was arranged 6
  8. No problem I will be going for a lila within the next month so were in the same boat wish you luck
  9. You should be fine as lila shows Low income means gross weekly income of no more than the standard national minimum wage for a forty hour working week. This is equivalent to £229.20 a week. So even if your on contribution based it will be less than that. You need to be careful if you get a large redundency possibly look at not holding it in an account where it can had. Also I assume you dont have any assets worth more than a £1000 As per your bank account I think the best bet is to just see if they allow you to keep it after lila. If its a basic cardcash with no overdraft I do
  10. Sent the harrasment letter off recorded aswell a request to freeze interest etc, had no response in writing but keep recieving phone calls still from rma, and letters saying I still owe them money. Starting to annoy me now any idea if I should just keep ignoring rma completly as I have been doing? Thanks
  11. Thanks very much I have just had 2 calls again from RMA, Rejected it on my mobile then 1 minute later they phoned my house which I clearly told Virgin was not a number they could call. will print letters just now and send them all off. Thanks very much I have a few addresses for mbna from letters any idea where to send them to please
  12. Hi all. Lost my job and as such have no money. Only recently happend. I missed last months mbna virgin credit card payment and as such got a few calls from them being rude and asking for payment. Told them to stop phoning me at 8am in the morning and put it in a letter. fast forward 1 month and my next payment is due soon. However they have passed over last months to a company called RMA. Talk about not giving you much time if your struggling. I made a token payment of £20 to virgin a few days ago. This letter from RMA has also been accompanied by a few texts and a few calls telling
  13. I have a loan from Bank of scotland from 2008 has about 9k on it, They wont be getting any payments as I cleared out my account. I cant see anyway of cancelling the loan repayments as it doesnt appear as a standing order or direct debit. Is there no to cancel it? Should I just leave my account on 0 balance and when they try take money from it they will just send me a charge. any advice appreciated.
  14. Thanks that website is very handy, and will give them a call tomorrow for advice. As for the student loans and finance etc that was going to be my next question So thanks for clearing that up. After checking my car documents its actually a loan from suzuki and is not secured on the car so thats great news. Will keep this updated Thank again.
  15. Thanks for the quick reply, will most likely be looking into JSA and rent as I private let I will hopefully get help with that. Also writing to my cards etc, about paying a smaller amount sounds great paying that little. And would certainly help. I tried to find out what CCAing them would mean sorry, its a big site. Is this a template letter to them asking for the original credit agreement to make sure its correct?
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