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  1. Well it just goes to show that a little time spent sends these parasites back to whence they came, its just a shame that so many others will just pay the fine. For others that are reading my advice is follow the advice given on here but in reality the whole process is quite simple and appealing to POPLA is very simple especially so online. All in all it took half an hour of my time but worth 10x more in satisfaction of annoying these PE parasites and hopefully at the same time costing them instead. Think I need to park at the bank again !!!!!!!!!! Many thanks again to all the advice Cheers
  2. Update Success !!!!!!! Thank you for all the help and advice
  3. Hi all Having read numerous threads and sites on this matter I think it is best to appeal on as many options as possible so I thought the following may be of use, comments greatly appreciated 1. Contract with landowner 2. Prove loss and damages 3. Sign not visible to entrance of parking area, its put put on the shop wall so not really visible form the road 4. They have provided no proof of breach as they cant or have not provided evidence that I did not use the chippy Also when sending an appeal off top POPLA shall I send another letter to them stating the above or just not bother Cheers in advance
  4. Excellent and many thanks your advice an guidance are first class. I shall get something together and appeal and start costing them money blooming leeches the lot of em !!! Will keep you posted Many thanks again
  5. 35 days from when, if it is when I sent the appeal then I have no proof as the person who sent the letter for me did not get proof of purchase
  6. Looks legit enough from code checker generated on the 20/10/14
  7. Had a reply appeal rejected no surprise. They have sent a POPLA code , 10 digit number, but did not respond in the 30 days. However I was away when letter sent so no proof of postage was asked for so may be stuffed on this one oopps my error What should or how should I respond, have the general idea having read loads of posts but not sure if I need to tailor it a bit more. Any advice greatly appreciated
  8. Hello all just a quick follow up. No response from them as yet so 35 days are up almost shall I reply again or just leave it ?? Thanks in advance
  9. Done thanks for the advice its in the post short and sweet will see what they say on my return from hols. Thanks kindly
  10. Try again!!! Must emphasise no ticket placed on car but think the sign says it doesn't have to Cheers
  11. Oops apologies in my rush. Cant delete them though can a moderator just delete the post !!!! Will re post
  12. Received letter today attached. Mentions POPLA and Freedom of Protection Act Suggestions on best course of action. Am on holiday Sunday but can at least get the ball rolling !! Cheers in advance
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