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  1. Thanks for replying I thought that have told her to do what yous have said and to tell them not to send that agent back to their house. thanks again for the help.
  2. Ok my daughter in-law tried to make a payment to her door stop loan agent(provident) she has missed her for a couple of weeks told her to try to give her something even if its only a couple of pound a week till they can get back on track. She only had £3 she could give her today(She had received a letter from provident say she could make a token payment of a pound per week just now) agent refused said it would have to be £5 or nothing this agent has also been holding on to the payment book and has refused to had it over unless she can get a guarantee of £5 min a week. Now as far as I'm aware she can't hold on to the payment book or refuse a payment.
  3. Will get back to you later will find out who its from (he told me but I can't remember) i will have to wait till he gets in from his work. he freely admits the debt he just can't afford to pay it in full at this time they got into a lot of problems due to his wife getting hooked on on-line bingo (which she is getting help for).
  4. Sorry I'm in Scotland so south to me He's not contesting he knows he will get a ccj he is just trying to get a payment plan he can afford but the dca will not give him time to pay. He's worried that it will mean bailiffs coming to the house and taking stuff that belongs to the landlord.
  5. Hi I got a call from a friend down South(Liverpool area) He received a letter(Saturday) from a dca applying for a ccj against him for £285(showed Me it over face time looks like a real court letter) for an old mobile bill. He accepts the debt it was a phone his wife had he took it off her due to her playing bingo and getting the charges added to the phone bill(she was to pay the bill but didn't) but he forgot contract was in his name so he excepts he has to pay it. Told him to contact the dca and come to a payment play they refused and want full payment which he can't pay .So all I can think of is he ticks the part on the court letter asking for time to pay and incloses his income expenditure sheet will the court make the dca accept a payment plan from him.
  6. So for taking so long to reply was in hospital nothing searious. It was a buy to let it was Me who sold the house ex council had a bit of finance drop was self employed(got better) was getting threatened for repossession my then wife panicked got enough to clear the mortgage plus a small profit(wish I had found this site first would never have been force to have to sell) and they allowed my son and his wife to let it.He had a one year contract then it moved to a rolling one after that He has been renting the house for five year.Just found out his landlord own the letting agency as well.
  7. I'm not sure about this but can't they send PayPal a letter of dispute which would mean they cant pass it on to a D,C,A. or try to collect on it while it been disputed or add interest. I done this about a bill I didn't owe to a supplier and when I got a call from a collector told them it was in dispute they apologized(yes shock must have been a new girl) and they would sent it straight back to the client got that advice on here and it helped plus I proved i didn't owe the bill.
  8. So what is next the police pulling you over and fining you for driving while having a bad credit score:lol:
  9. Hi hope yous can help or point me in the right direction. My son just found this out by accident His wife when opening their mail yesterday by mistake open one addressed to the landlord she never noticed the name until after. It was from the bank to their landlord threatening repossessing due to arrears on his mortgage He's worried that they will be evicted asap as they only have a rolling agreement have told him to phone the rental company that acts on behave of their landlord first thing on Monday and too get the letter to them right away and let them deal with it. He thinks its his fault as he gets his most of his rent payed direct to the rental agency by the council which is always late and he does have some rent arrears of his own due to having to find the rest of his rent but I helped him sort out a payment plan with the rental company for these which I pay through my bank account every two weeks for him and have never missed(so as there is a payment record). Have been on the Shelter Scotland web site got some good advice from it but he keeps thinking due to the arrears they can use this to evict him right away.
  10. That's what I will do sorry just getting a bit paranoid .
  11. I do agree with you & BankFodder as I know of no reason why I would get this cheque(so it would be wrong to cash it) especially on an old account that I haven't used in about 4 years. That they said in their last letter I owed them money and they have been unable to contact me to agree to suitable repayment for the outstanding amount but they still send me my bank statements(I still say I don't owe them any money).So how could they not contact me.Taking a closer look at the cheque it printed out thou at first glance it looks as if it was writing by hand.Ok may be I am a bit paranoid as I have enough debtors after me that am trying to clear up I don't need anymore at the moment. If it turns out that it was a DCA just fishing to see if this was me and I stay here is it legal for them to do that to confirm an address.
  12. I think this is suspect as the phone number and po box on the letter has came up as a pest caller and is linked to a Triton Credit Services I think its a dummy cheque so as to get me to deposit it into my bank account so they can get my contact details wich I think is a bit dodgey.
  13. It Says Nottingham City Office * South Parade its crossed a/c payee Under the amount box its got Nottingham CLC Managers Suspense where the sig is it has what looks like a signature and isu and some numbers. is that right checked the sort code it belongs to an RBS bank in Nottingham so seems legit it just seem weird normally people are looking for large cheques from me not giving the to me. so will put it in the bank and see what happen
  14. Ok this ones a bit weird Bank sent Me a letter for an old account a couple of months ago saying I owed them money on it and were now sending it to a DCA to collect it for them. Today came home found a letter from bank with a cheque for over 3 times what they claimed I had originally owed them. the letter seams to be from the same dept of the RBS credit management services even has the same name at the bottom Sue B Letter says My name account number(same as the one they claim I owe money on) sort code Balance £*.***.** Fowlling balance reductions there remains a credit balance of £*.***.** which has been returned to you via the attached cheque. This just doesn't seem right my luck is never that good is this legit or has somebody got a hold of my old account and trying to pull a fast one on me. I did pay my old mortgage from this could it be some sort of PPI payment I had forgot all about.
  15. Ok sorry its taken so long to get back had no internet got them to take it back had to explain to the person on the phone that yes they can as they are the real owners of the debt etc so thread closed thanks to all for the help.
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