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  1. About 5 years ago my ex husband and I took out a montage with Lloyds TSB. It had a gift with it of £5k and if we kept the mortgage for 5 years we can keep it A few years later are marriage fell apart and we split. I decided to move house I approached Lloyds about taking the mortgage with me they turned me down although I had been paying it on my own for about 2 years with no help from the ex. I didn’t want to increase the mortgage just take it to a new house because they said NO I had to pay back about £2500.00. So my question is can I now try and get this back or are they right in what they d
  2. I got my statements from Lloyds there are only two excess fees totalling £40.00, the rest of the charges are interest on my overdraft. I sent off the letter anyway asking for a refund off al these charges which total to £778.25. I got a letter back today saying these are normal charges they say they are fair for the work that is involved and I was told this in the guide… blar blar blar.. shall I bother to do the next letter? Isn’t just the £40.00 the issue and not the charges? Cheers Dee
  3. After recently getting my charges back from the HSBC, I did the same for my sis, we sent of the letter with the £10.00 asking for statements a few days later we got a letter saying they will send them soon as poss, they also returned the £10.00 cheque saying they WOULDN’T charge this fee!!! Shocked we were. Added up her charges totalling £1600.00 sent it off, within a week we got a reply they settled at £1520.00 absolutely bold over with delight. Denise on behalf of her sister Elaine:grin:
  4. :grin: Hi Everyone 2 weeks ago I wrote to the HSBC (first letter) asking for £733.69 bank charges back, as I had my bank statements for the 2 years I have had the account I just had to tot the amount of charges and interest to get a figure. Well this morning I got a letter from them that went on a bit then final offered me £660.00 as a final settlement. I’m chuffed to bits as I thought I would certainly have to write more letters and end up in court. Which to be honest I didn’t want to do, as a single parent with 4 children that would have been a nightmare. Denise
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