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  1. hi we paid of a lump sum so the eviction was stopped, was so nervous but sorted thank god
  2. hiya its a secured loan with reliance property services we havent made any payments for 12 months due to relationship breakdown and illness and owe 10k arrears theres approx 11 yrs left on the loan the monthly instalments are 550, we had a warrent suspended in october on the order that we pay a lump sum of 2700 which was being paid by my parents, however they live in spain and my mother is ill so havent been able to come forward with the money, we can afford to pay 200 extra a month as we are giving things another go and i have started a new job, my husband is having tests up the hospital tomo
  3. thanks for your message so worried dont know what to do
  4. hiya is there anybody who could give me some advice please as really worried
  5. hi we have had an eviction date for the 26th november iam going to the court to stop the bailiff and get a hearing with the judge, my question is if im unsucessful will the bailiff still come out at 12.30pm on the tuesday or will the judge give us time to move out?
  6. Im looking to take a loan out with them to clear all my debts but not sure what they are like as a company thanks for your reply
  7. hiya has anybody had an dealings with ocean finance or ocean money, i need advice pls if anybody can help, thank you
  8. hiya abi i hope things work out for u to especially with xmas nearly here and thats added stress in itself,i know its easy for me to say but chin up, take care x x
  9. hiya dizzy they just bully people they are a nightmare, i hope that things work out for you and i would definatly give the ccs a call they are fab but u may have to wait a couple of weeks to get an appointment but ring them when u can. Im one of the lucky ones and am free from them, but i still hate them with a passion, any way take care x x
  10. hiya dizzy, I can totaly understand your anxiety and what u are going through with this company, the stress i have indured over the past couple of years is unbelieveable, but thankfully i have been able to settle my account and am finally free from them. I had a loan paid double back what i owed and they still wanted over 4k back aswell, in the end i settled with 50percent rebate but it was hard work getting there. Have u tried the cccs they are a charity and can help you to arrange with welcome a payment of what u can afford and will hopefully freeze the interest because that is just inc
  11. hiya cardiff27, Try not to let them bully you ive been through a nightmare with these loan sharks and i can honestly say i nearly had a nervous breakdown, thankfully ive have just settled my account and am free of them at last. I found these forums so helpful and the advice you get is like you said better than an advice center. Hopefully now post is on to it for you then things will start going in your favour, take care
  12. yes i did i dont trust them so made sure i had letter confirming, just glad its finished, have been reading all the help you give people, well done u deserve a medal x x
  13. welcome accepted my offer of settlement paid it on monday cant believe im free from them at last, i have been reading the stories on these forums it made me realise i wasnt on my own.
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