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  1. Thanks, i have just e-mailed the council..i am worried though as not told my family and don't want them to know..it said in notice thy will call again early morning or late at night..would they call again in the same day do you think?
  2. Hi can someone please help..had bailiff at my door this morning, i did not answer, but she left a notice of intended seizure of your goods, and it says they can tak goods even if im no in..is this right??? I need help on what i should do now..i am a single mum and unsure of what to do..I was thinking of e-mailing the council and tryig to come to some sort of agreement and then let bristow and sutor know fireman 04
  3. Hi, can someone please advise me, ( sorry not sure how to do a new post) I have had bailiff at my door this morning..i did not answer but they did leave a notice of intended seizure of goods and it says they can sill take goods even if i am not in.is this right??? I am a single mum with 4yr old, i am not prepared to open the door and be intimidated..what should i do? please help fireman 04
  4. well orginally they wanted me to pay £295, then £300 each month which makes £895.I have 3 x £65 plus a token payment i made of £16 so i have paid £211 which leaves £684 but there is a facility on B&S website to see your outstanding amount which i just looked at and says i owe £724.50?????
  5. so i need to find out exactly how much i owed when the debt was first passed to them? then work out what i've paid etc..
  6. So can i write this despite the notification letter he left when visited last week did not having outstanding amount or what his fees were on there? I did not let him into the property and do not intend to.
  7. Oh also i have not yet written anything back to B&S should i do so? or await a reply from the council?
  8. HELP. I have e-mailed the council as advised and also e-mailed B&S to advise that i had done this and while awaiting a reply i would continue to pay them as had been doing. Just got a reply saying my offer is not acceptable.They suggest i wait for the bailiff to attend to sort.He has already called once. I wrote to council explainging situation asking if i could set payment up with them, that i was single mum with young child and not prepared to allow bailiff in my house to be intimidated, that i am not refusing to pay, i am showing willing. What should i do now?????
  9. ok great thanks.i have been in contact with B&S via email before, found them quite rude and they basically told me they did want to hear from on the matter again!
  10. Thanks for your advice, Should i get in contact with B&S do you think? i really don't want the bailiff to call again!
  11. Hi, wondering if someone could help.i have unpaid council tax of around £800 ish.it was passed to bristow and sutor.they sent me letter etc..informing me of this.at this time i was joining with debt management company B&E and they took this debt,i informed B&S of this via e-mail they were not willing to accept any agreement from them and they wanted £300 or so from straight away and then £200 something from me the following months,(just not possible, i'm single mum) i spoke to B&E and they were going to contact them etc.. and we agreed we could pay £65 to B&S a month.i paid £15 to them while i got set up with B&E and i have now paid 3 months of £65 to B&S and not heard word from them or B&E to tell there was a problem.i had B&S turn up on my doorstep last night.i did not let them in as been advised in the past.he left a notification of visit but with no costs on and left, he said they will still call and further cost will be added.|what do i do??? help!
  12. Can someone please help me and advise.I'm new on here and i'm not sure if doing this correctly?
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