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  1. Hi guys I need a bit of advice here, because I'm afraid my situation has become more of an issue that I thought it would be. If I explain the whole chain of events it might be of help. So, In March 2013 I moved into a property on a 6 month short hold tenency. I signed the contract and my then partner was credit checked like myself as she would be spending a lot of time at the property but not living there. I had no problems with this and all was fine. In the November of 2013 we were offered another property for better rent and closer to where we wanted to live, so I spoke to the landlord and explained the circumstances, he was more than understanding and we also agreed that because my finances were tight and that I was paying the rent, that using the bond as the final rent payment would not be a problem. Well unfortunately the move fell through, there was an issue with the mortgage people, I dont know the ins and outs but the short of it was the we couldnt move in. So, I went back to the landlord and asked him if we could stay in the property, he was happy with this and said he didnt really care aslong as the rent was paid, his only stipulations were he wanted another 6 month contract, no issue there. So myself and partner went to the letting agents and as we were signing the contract it came to light that the landlord wanted us both on the tenancy, well I didnt have an issue with this nor did my partner so we signed a 6 month short hold joint tenancy. The only question we were asked by the letting agent was, was there any rent owing? rightly we said no. A few days later, I had the landlord on my case about us now having no bond, I in a round-a-bout way said what would you like me to do about it? he seemed more annoyed that the letting agents had made a mistake, it pretty much was left there and didnt come up again. There were no more issues of any magnitude for a period of time now. Fast forward to September 2014 I was involved in a nasty car accident, I was off work for 6 months and had to undergo a lot of doctors, neurologist checks and tests and things, I had some short term memory issues and am now medicated on beta blockers indefinately, with proper medication for diagnosed migraines. I was off work for 6 months and because of my employers sickness policy I was as of November 2014 put on SSP. This really screwed with my income and my partner not being in work really hit us hard. However, as should be done I spoke to the Landlord about the situation and said I was going to claim Housing benefit and council tax reduction until my pay returned to normal, would he accept this? After some umming and arring he agreed to this, his only stipulation was to make sure he was paid by the 13th of the month still, again not a problem. I would use the benefit plus the SSP to pay the rent. I organised everything with the council via phone and letter to make sure it was all done properly. During this period I stayed with my parents for 2 weeks as I needed a break, well my partner had a few friends round and one of them managed to pull the shower screen from the wall by pushing it the wrong way, pulling 2 tiles off the wall with it, it was an accident and not made any easier by the fact it was actually upside down and kind of useless anyway, but it needed to be repaired nevertheless. Unfortunately the accident and the financial strain we were both under now, increased the pressure in our relationship 10 fold. To the point where my partner who has ADHD snapped and things became violent, especially with alcohol involved. I cant drink and dont drink anyway, and it really ruined everything for us. One instance in particular in early 2015 involved my partner totally trashing the house, and then being arrested for domestic violence. She had thrown a solid glass ashtray at one of the double glazing windows that make up part of the front door and shattered it, throwing my phone at several of the walls had made marks in the plaster, 2 of the 5 doors in the house had holes put in them and the airing cupboard doors took a beating, where the living room door and spare room door had been swung with force and the door hit the frame, the doors had fractured the full vertical length, she also kicked the living room door that hard it cracked the bottom panels of the door and pushed the frame of the door forward cracking the plaster on the wall. The neighbours not only called the police but also informed my landlord, who up until I told him it was just the front double glazing that was damaged wanted us out of the property. Which to be fair to him was not in my eyes unreasonable, but after I had spoken to him and told him I would sort the repairs out, he was ok with. I didn't dare say anything else about the house, I was so embarrassed, but I made arrangements to have it all fixed straight away. My partner decided that she was now done with our relationship and told me she was taking herself off the tenancy, she messaged me to say she had also messaged the landlord to get him to take her off the tenancy and he had said ok no problem. This was a relief as now I could just focus on getting all the repairs done, I had all the holes in the walls and doors filled and sanded, I invested in a tile cutter and had the times re-grouted to the wall, minus the shower screen, it wasnt damaged just needed 4 screws into the tile and plaster to put it back up the right way round. Over the next couple of months myself and partner tried to reconcile with each other, it didnt really work out and we spilt yet again, this time she decided it was time to move all her stuff out of the house, I somehow managed to short the landlord by £250 in all the commotion, it was a pure accident, I admitted the mistake and said I would square it up with him, this moves us upto the 10th of June 2015. The financial strain on me at this point was unbearable I couldn't afford to live, so after speaking to my mother and father we all decided enough was enough and just pack my job in, cancel the benefits and get out. I messaged the landlord on the 11th of july, two days before the rent was due and bascially explained that my situation was untennable and I was giving notice that I would be out of the property by the 13th of July. I woulld also have the final months rent and the outstanding £250 squared up with him by this date, his reply was 'ok' After handing in my notice at work, they allowed me to leave a week earlier than planned so instead of finishing on the 3rd of July I actually finished on the 26th of June, so I spent the week cleaning the house top to bottom, I cleaned the ceilings, floors, sideboards, carpets, walls, mopped everything the works. I wanted the house to look as good as it did before I moved in, I wouldnt leave any propety in a mess, it is just pointless. I not only packed my stuff, but my partner had left a lot and I mean a lot of items in the house, cupboards, chests of drawers, countless numbers of bags full of clothes, so I packed these also. Obviously splitting it all. I made her aware of my intentions to be moved out by the 13th but she didnt have the space straight away to move everything so I agreed that she could come and sort everything out, find somewhere to put it all and have it out by the 13th. She also was able to sell some of the bigger items like the fridge and washing machine, and give other things like a desk and such to family members. A chance phonecall off my father meant rather than me try to arrange a removal company, he would come and pick me up on the 4th of July and we would get all my stuff out of the house. I informed my partner of this, and after some heated exchanges she agreed to come and get everything else out. Things quickly deteriorated here and rather than come and sort out her stuff, she did other things. So come the morning of the 4th July my mother and father arrived in the morning, we packed and left. All that remained for my partner was to collect her belongings and post the spare key. I would pay the landlord the rent plus the outstanding arreas and we would be done and dusted. Well things never being that easy, my partner decided that the house wasn't upto scratch to move out, even though I had my parents look at the job I had done and they said it was over and above what would have been expected, they rent out property too. So she took it upon herself to further clean the property, I kept saying to her just take your stuff as your not a tenant and post the keys. Well she was adamant I hadnt done as good a job as I thought and sent me regular pictures over the next few days of each of the rooms, all I can say was each room was spotless, top to bottom. Not neccessary for her to do anymore, but she did and there we were. As for handing the keys back she just kept saying she had until the 13th to get all her stuff out and she would organise having the keys sorted, she had the spare key. Coming to yesterday now, I was out with some friends and missed a call from the landlord and a message asking if I could meet him this week sometime, I was unable to reply as I had no phone service. Today however, he went to the property, and my partner who was just finishing off leaving answered the door. Apprently the landlord had been ringing me constantly for 2 days, I only recieved the one call. And my partner gave the landlord the address of where I had moved too, and both my mother and fathers phone numbers. He then in her words, went on about taking her to court for unpaid rent and such and that she was still on the tenancy, that weas news to me and she had told me she wasnt, why wouldnt I believe her, infact I was glad of it when she told me she had taken herself off. He then must have tried to call my parents several times, who both had no clue who's number was calling them, my dad didnt answer, but the landlord left a message without even introducing who he was, voicemail merely said, ' I am looking for a guy named Stevo7790, can you ring this number'. Imagine my delight at having to be quizzed by my parents as to why some bloke had rang their personal phones asking for me. Speaking more to my partner who I am either assuming was exaggerating the conversation with the landlord or he was doing it himself, claimed he had constantly rang my parents with no answer. Well they would, they didnt know the number or who he was. This morning before any of this, I paid an initial payment of £650 to the lanrdlord, I will have to pay the outstanding £150 by the 13th of July and I have no issues with this, because as per my communcation with him, I had said I would have everything paid by that date, which he agreed to. I have messaged him this evening to reassure him I have not done a runner or anything, I owe the money, I stayed there, I will pay it. This brings me to some questions and I need some help and advice here please: Because there is no bond, does this cause any issues? Now if there is any costs for anything that he determines as damage I will happily pay for them, but I didnt have an inventory when I first moved in either, so thats going to complicate things isnt it? Plus aside from the shower screen, which isnt damaged and I had the tiles repaired and replaced would just need fitting, so yes I will pay for the work to be done. Because my partner was either dishonest or the landlord lax, and she is still a tenant, does that mean that the landlord will go for her and not me for any other costs because I vacated and was still there? To be honest I'd rather just have it all over and done with. My parents arent pleased the landlord called them, is this something he is entitled to do? The landlord came to the propertly because allegedly he and persistently tried to get hold of me for 2 days, and that I wasnt answering his calls or messages, Well the reality is I had one missed call and a message I was unable to reply to, is just turning up at my doorstep without prior arrangement something he can do? Finally, have I done anything wrong in moving out when I did, before the 13th of July, even though I indicated this? There was no mention of an ad-hoc get together with the landlord before I left and I didnt expect one. The property is in lovely condition and personally I'd move in if I saw it. For all the landlord could know I might have been on holiday until the sunday, or any number of things, I had given the right period of noticed and advised the landlord in a way he deemed acceptable so I have shot myself in the foot in anyway? And ofcourse, either way I would have paid the final rent and outstanding arreas. The only reason I did it like this, was because in a previous property I did exactley the same thing where I left a little early, emptied the property, cleaned then on the due date paid the final rent and posted the keys, there was no issue there. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks Steve
  2. Hi all, Been a while since I posted, seems you forget so much if your not on here So today I get an alert from Equifax that there is a new account on my credit file, when I go to have a look at this new account I find its Motormile. I had no recollection of ever having anything from these or dealing with them, so I have done a little digging and oh dear I seem to have a bit of a problem on my hands. I had a payday loan with Pounds Till Payday probably over 6 years ago, I reckon it's most likely statute barred but anyway, Motormile have been emailing my old email address which only by fluke I looked at and the emails have been going into my spam folder. As for any mail, well I moved house over a year ago and even then I had no mail from Pounds Till Payday or Motormile, so no contact whatsoever. As much as I hate to admit it, I don't even think I ever made a payment to them either, this was a long time ago and my mindset is a lot different now to what it was then. I certainly don't advocate taking out any kind of loan without paying it back. Looking back through the emails I couldn't say how long I have been getting them for as my junk empties after so long and there is so much other rubbish in there if I hadn't recognised the name I'd have ignored them. There is a plethora of Legal threats, Door Step Visits, Ones asking me to set an appointment time etc What is the first step I should take here, I do reckon it's SB'd so should I fire off the SB letter? Looking at a few other threads its seems these guys don't respond to emails, so is there an address I can send the letter to? Cheers Steve
  3. Hi all, Need some advice and guidance please, am in unknown waters here and not sure what to do. Im march of this year I moved into a 3 bedroom property with a lad I knew, we were friends but not really mates I guess you could say. The house was available for rent through a local Letting Agent, all above board no problems yet. Agreed rent was £600pcm and that alongside Council tax and utility bills was more than manageable. My Employer kindly lent me £1200 as a long term loan to cover the £600 bond and £600 1st months rent. My housemate paid back me back the rent over 3 months and this was fine. In June my housemate split from his long term girlfriend and started behaving oddly, so much so he was threatening to leave his job as he didnt like it. Luckily this didn't happen but this is where things began to go sour. One day in June his ex came over and demanded a sum of money from him, I dont know the amount but it was something that arose from their breakup, this meant he couldn't pay his half on June's rent straight away. I paid it in full and the bills and between then and the end of June he paid me back but had a little outstanding from the bills. In July he began talking about moving jobs, my opinion was that aslong as he paid his rent and bills then it was none of my business. July 15th I went on Holiday to Ibiza, 10 days later when I returned the house was trashed. He had punched the upstairs light switch and cracked it, punched through both the dining room and kitchen doors, his dog had pretty much run right through the greenhouse smashing some of the panels, the downstairs toilet handle was broken making it hard to use, the towel rail in the kitchen was snapped off and too make things just that little bit worse, had taken my sports car out, even though he had no insurance or license ( not even a provisional ) and crashed it!! causing upwards £2000 of damage Rumour was he was drunk but I couldn't prove it. He promised he would have it all fixed asap, that was until he told me he had resigned from his job and the job he was hoping to move into had collapsed. I paid the rent and all bills for July and August on the understanding he was looking for work, this never happened. On the 19th of August I left the house to go to work and found my housemate had pulled the beam clean off from the small porch outside the front of the house, apparently from doing pull-ups again drunk. I stopped talking to him at this point and decided I needed to get out of the house. On the 22nd of August I wrote a letter and took 15 photographs explaining pretty much what I have written above and also letting the Estate Agent know I was vacating the property on the 2nd of September, leaving my housemate there as he had no intention of leaving. Also that as the 6 month tennancy was up on the 11th of September I did not wish to renew. Upon hand delivering the letter, I was met by the manager of the Agents who read my letter and agreed it sounded a mess and had no issue I was moving. Within 30 minutes of leaving the Agents I had a call from them asking me for permission to do a visit, I agreed and so did my housemate. Roughly an hour later I got a call from the bloke who did the visit trying to quiz me about the damage, I explained it was all in the letter and he surely had seen it, he said he had and then stopped, finally he asked me if he could have somebody else come out on the 2nd of September to do a hand over.Which I agreed. On Wednesday 31st August I had to call the Agents as I received a letter requesting a time of 5:30 to do the handover, due to work commitments I requested to change the time to 6pm and also that I hadn't finished moving a few bits out of the house, this was agreed and I was somewhat pleased. The 2nd of September arrived and as of 5:30 I received a constant stream of phone calls from the owner of the Agents, I was driving at the time and could not answer, as I arrived at the property at 5:50 he called again, I answered only to be asked why I wasn't there at 5:30 and if he could be available then, why couldn't I, I explained I had called his office and arranged it, his response was 'oh, ok then' he wanted to come back to property there and then, I agreed. When I got in the house, my housemate was packing, strange I thought as that morning it seemed like he was intent on staying until the tennancy expired. Turns out he was sent a letter aswell asking him to hand over keys on the 2nd, but assumed it only applied to myself. I was upstairs when then owner of the Agents arrived, I didn't hear him knock but he shouted up the stairs and promptly came into my room where I was packing. His first question was ' Why has July's rent not been paid?' I showed him on my online banking it had been paid on the 1st of August and he apologised. He then told me it was unfair to place blame for all the damage on my housemate and I should pay for it. At this point I asked that my housemate should be present for this, however, he declined and said ' He doesn't seem the talkative type' he then said he wasn't happy with the damage and I agreed. This moved him onto the rent for August to which I said I need my housemate to give me what he owes, since your here why don't you ask him?, again this was refused. I informed him that my housemate was intent on staying in the property until atleast the following weekend, at this point he told me he had already spoken to my housemate and agreed to let him stay until the friday of that week. I told him I would be out of the property be 8pm I was met with no response. When asked about the outstanding bills, I explained I had them all upto date and that the Water and council tax were paid up until the 2nd and were now in my housemates name. He was happy with this. However, he said he couldnt do the hand over because of the mess, and asked me as I was working and getting a wage if I would pay it, as it was the responsible thing to do, I laughed and said no chance, I'm gone tonight mate, you know this. With that he said he would return on the friday and expect the house to be empty, odd I thought but nevermind. I had moved out of the house by 8pm, a friend told me my housemate had between the Tuesday and Friday repaired all the damage and had tried to claim the bond, but he was told no as the last months rent had not been paid. This morning I have had an email from the letting agent asking for the last months rent to be paid, I don't mean to sound like I am trying to get out of anything but I am so angry its beyond beleif, I was of the opinion that since I had left and my housemate remained there, it would now be his responsibility to square things up. But also that the bond which I can prove I provided would in any case cover the outstanding rent? The Letting agents are now panicking as they didnt ask me for a forwarding address, but I have covered all the bills so I'm not worried about them. What can I do? should I respond to the email asking about the rent and tell them to use the bond or... should I say it's my ex-housemates responsibility as he remained in the property after I had left? I hate to sound like im avoiding responsibility but I am not and I thought I had done the right thing by going to the letting agents with the photos and letter I wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. Employee, I think from what your saying, you broke/bent some rules and were punished. You have only been there around 6 months, (were you still in a probationary period?) so a tribunal is not going to happen. It doesn't really matter what happened to the other employees, it is about what happened to you. I work in retail and fraud/theft etc are the most scrutinized security areas of the business. Also with regards to personal possessions we have the same sort of policy, everything goes in your locker if your on the shop floor. You haven't said you didnt get these points on the card, but it does sound like they have targeted you on these specific things and ultimately faced the consequences of doing so. One other thing if you don't mind, could you please add in a few paragraphs, I struggled to read that. I dont mean any offense by that.
  5. Hello Caydenrhys, I'm sorry I can't offer you much in the way of advice for your situation, but as a father of a 5yr old who was critically ill for the 1st year of his life all I can offer is support and glad he had a great Christmas
  6. I agree with Feebee, it sounds like the store has lost them or misplaced them after they were handed in.
  7. Hi Shelley, I'll have another go at this OK, you you have a PCI expansion card!!!! I assume your installing the card into this? can you post up a pic of how it look when you have installed the card please?
  8. Hi Shelley, If you look at the metal part of the wifi card, the bit that looks very similar to the blanking plate you removed, one side is bent in with a groove at the top - this is where the screw fixes the bracket to the case... on the other side it will be keyed. If you look where the card is meant to go into the motherboard, you will notice the pci slots are positioned close to the edge of the motherboard, look closely just passed where the end of the board is and you should see some indentations where the keyed part of the pci wifi card will slot into? You will know the card is installed properly as it will not push in any further. The reason your pc isn't turning on is most likely because the card isn't installed properly. No need to panic there
  9. Peter, I had a creditor chase me, I cant remember who it was, but I spoke with my IP and she sent them a letter and basically told them to behave themselves. There is nothing they can do once they agreed the terms of your agreement. Aslong as you make your payment every month then that is the end of it. I must have started typing my 1st reply as you were editing your OP Pete, sorry about that However none of your creditors should be contacting you now.
  10. Hi Peter, I have been in an IVA and came out of it for my own reasons. An IVA as I am sure you are aware in a form of Insolvency, not much different from Bankruptcy in terms of what it does to your ability to obtain future credit. You need to look at your personal circumstances, if your not a home owner, have items of very little value, no flash cars then Bankruptcy might be an option as that would stop any form of recovery as far as I am aware. With the IVA normally 15 k plus debts, in my experience a company will take note of all your creditors whom you have any type of credit with ie cards, loans, phone bills and they convene a creditors vote. This means that your creditors vote on the basis they will get a monthly amount from you over a period of around 6 years, some can pay it off sooner. It then goes to court and becomes official. You MUST keep up with the payments or ask your IP ( Insolvency Practitioner ) to convene another meeting to drop your payments, however if this was repeated they can stop the IVA and your creditors will start contacting you again. Again, it is very much down to you, have a look at your expenditure, and think about the future and any plans you might have as this decision could still be affecting you financially 4 years down the line. Steve
  11. Yeh, as soon as I saw Dosh Loans I thought of little Andrew Hart operating from his Bedroom... OP you need to get this CCJ set aside firstly.
  12. Wannabe, Did you accept the apology from the Police in he end or are you going to follow up with a case for them assisting a Bailiff?
  13. Wannabe, This is it, the final hurdle I had a re-read of the whole thread last week, took me 4 hours on and off lol! What a slog! This is usually the first thread I come to look at when on here, I wish you all the best and well done for sticking with your morals. Steve
  14. Hiya, You can get his name and address details that he registered on ebay, by requesting them through ebay. The only stipulation is that he get yours too i think. Then serve him at that address. I had to do something similar when I bought an engine for a land rover, had it couriered and fitted only to find it had a head gasket failure. Also it might be an idea to get someone who repairs/serves boats to inspect it and give you a report on the damage, issues and this will give you further ammunition to use.
  15. Just so you know, The woman in the video is a certified insolvency practitioner... hence she was a quick to start banging on about other debts, probably because she wants you to get an IVA with her company hmm.... i dont trust her or her company.
  16. I agree with Donkey, that smells like a phantom payment... you want to find out who made it and by what means. Ask your wife to get her bank statements relating to when this alleged payment was taken and see if it left the account.
  17. I thought you only had to report it if there were injuries or damage to say road furniture etc... Ive been in a few prangs in my time and never reported it to the police? Its just gone through the insurance if it needed to be declared.
  18. Hello Jamie, First thing I'd do would be to check your credit file and just check if there is a CCJ on it, if not then you will find the Bailiffs aren't Bailiffs and can be told to foxtrot oscar or the police will be called as they are trespassing. It is common for some DCA's ( debt collection agencies ) to post letters to an old address regardless if you have updated them with a new one. It sounds like you also need to send some letters off, firstly to Moorcrap telling them not to call you ( the telephone harassment letter ) and another telling them they are not welcome to call round your dads house. They have to make a prior appointment, you never agreed to it. I would then send a SAR ( subject access request ) will cost you a tenner to Nationwide as asking them to disclose anything they have for you on file, so you should get your account information, which as you said should show a £0 balance and the account closed with nothing outstanding. You could also go into a Natoionwide branch and see if they can give you a closing statement, send this to Moorcroft and tell them to swivel. Going back to your credit file, you might also want to check it incase there are defaults, or they have trashed it too. They are the steps I would take, others on here might do it somewhat differently, so have a look at the range and make a decision based on that, but I highly suggest you get the harassment letter off asap, it can be found in the library link.
  19. Hiya HP Mum, A long time ago when I lived in Manchester, I was self employed and had a decent house all to myself near the City Center. I could manage the bills and mortgage but it isn't always nice being on your own. So I advertised for a lodger, since you get lots of students in Manchester and I was fresh out of Uni myself but self employed and doing alright for myself... well you would think it couldn't be too bad? a bit like yourself, it was absolutely horrendous, 3am returns, phone calls asking for a lift, mess left around the house... I'd come home and find other people in the house or say for example I'd go in the fridge and my stuff would have gone. It lasted 2 months before I told the student he had to go, I've lived in Student accommodation but never treated it like a doss house, so didn't want my house treating like that either, although when he left he filled the path to the side of the house with rubbish from his room, took 7 bin bags to get shot of it all. I think he keyed my car too but I was just glad it was over. So I feel your pain too, you try to do a good turn and it comes back to bite sometimes.
  20. stevo7790

    Vehicle SORN?

    Hello Loshin, I would have thought nothing if it isn't due until the end of June, there isn't a lot you can do. It could be that your current disc only has a month and a half left before it expires, thats why it is showing that message? If your in doubt, ring the DVLA just to check, no harm done then
  21. Hang on, I'm confused and it takes a lot to confuse me this much. The whole crux of this matter is that Lowell are taking you t court for a debt. A debt that is not yours. From what I can gather you can prove that debt is not yours, even though Lowell are adamant it is. I have heard of similar. What I am struggling to understand is that the costs whilst astronomical for the apparent amount ( from what the op has mentioned ) the fact still remains that the debt is not yours. It wouldn't in my eyes matter if the barrister was no1 in the world, surely if it isn't yours then it isn't yours? I don't see how it can be not found in your favour? It seems clear cut to me? Anyone care to fill me in? Steve
  22. An idea for you, Purchase some heavy duty traffic cones and place one in each bay, smack bang in the middle, you know the ones with the heavy rubber/plastic base's? Then drill a decent hole towards the top through each side and chain them together, just place them out in the morning and remove at night, that should prevent anyone parking there by accident. They would have to physically hulk it out of the way and the other cones that are chained up, they would have to be absolutely desperate to park, and it would take them a while to move the cones. just an idea
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