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  1. Hi guys I need a bit of advice here, because I'm afraid my situation has become more of an issue that I thought it would be. If I explain the whole chain of events it might be of help. So, In March 2013 I moved into a property on a 6 month short hold tenency. I signed the contract and my then partner was credit checked like myself as she would be spending a lot of time at the property but not living there. I had no problems with this and all was fine. In the November of 2013 we were offered another property for better rent and closer to where we wanted to live, so I spoke
  2. Hi all, Been a while since I posted, seems you forget so much if your not on here So today I get an alert from Equifax that there is a new account on my credit file, when I go to have a look at this new account I find its Motormile. I had no recollection of ever having anything from these or dealing with them, so I have done a little digging and oh dear I seem to have a bit of a problem on my hands. I had a payday loan with Pounds Till Payday probably over 6 years ago, I reckon it's most likely statute barred but anyway, Motormile have been emailing my old email address w
  3. Hi all, Need some advice and guidance please, am in unknown waters here and not sure what to do. Im march of this year I moved into a 3 bedroom property with a lad I knew, we were friends but not really mates I guess you could say. The house was available for rent through a local Letting Agent, all above board no problems yet. Agreed rent was £600pcm and that alongside Council tax and utility bills was more than manageable. My Employer kindly lent me £1200 as a long term loan to cover the £600 bond and £600 1st months rent. My housemate paid back me back the rent over 3 mont
  4. Employee, I think from what your saying, you broke/bent some rules and were punished. You have only been there around 6 months, (were you still in a probationary period?) so a tribunal is not going to happen. It doesn't really matter what happened to the other employees, it is about what happened to you. I work in retail and fraud/theft etc are the most scrutinized security areas of the business. Also with regards to personal possessions we have the same sort of policy, everything goes in your locker if your on the shop floor. You haven't said you didnt get these points on
  5. Hello Caydenrhys, I'm sorry I can't offer you much in the way of advice for your situation, but as a father of a 5yr old who was critically ill for the 1st year of his life all I can offer is support and glad he had a great Christmas
  6. I agree with Feebee, it sounds like the store has lost them or misplaced them after they were handed in.
  7. Hi Shelley, I'll have another go at this OK, you you have a PCI expansion card!!!! I assume your installing the card into this? can you post up a pic of how it look when you have installed the card please?
  8. Hi Shelley, If you look at the metal part of the wifi card, the bit that looks very similar to the blanking plate you removed, one side is bent in with a groove at the top - this is where the screw fixes the bracket to the case... on the other side it will be keyed. If you look where the card is meant to go into the motherboard, you will notice the pci slots are positioned close to the edge of the motherboard, look closely just passed where the end of the board is and you should see some indentations where the keyed part of the pci wifi card will slot into? You will know the
  9. Peter, I had a creditor chase me, I cant remember who it was, but I spoke with my IP and she sent them a letter and basically told them to behave themselves. There is nothing they can do once they agreed the terms of your agreement. Aslong as you make your payment every month then that is the end of it. I must have started typing my 1st reply as you were editing your OP Pete, sorry about that However none of your creditors should be contacting you now.
  10. Hi Peter, I have been in an IVA and came out of it for my own reasons. An IVA as I am sure you are aware in a form of Insolvency, not much different from Bankruptcy in terms of what it does to your ability to obtain future credit. You need to look at your personal circumstances, if your not a home owner, have items of very little value, no flash cars then Bankruptcy might be an option as that would stop any form of recovery as far as I am aware. With the IVA normally 15 k plus debts, in my experience a company will take note of all your creditors whom you have any type of
  11. Yeh, as soon as I saw Dosh Loans I thought of little Andrew Hart operating from his Bedroom... OP you need to get this CCJ set aside firstly.
  12. Wannabe, Did you accept the apology from the Police in he end or are you going to follow up with a case for them assisting a Bailiff?
  13. Wannabe, This is it, the final hurdle I had a re-read of the whole thread last week, took me 4 hours on and off lol! What a slog! This is usually the first thread I come to look at when on here, I wish you all the best and well done for sticking with your morals. Steve
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