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  1. Hi everyone, I needed some help on how to get rid of an electricity debt I have with EDF. I am pregnant and currently on income support so when they sent the first bill (which was absolutely ridiculous as I am never in the house!) I immediately contacted them to say I was unable to pay it! The bill was £153. That was put in writing. I also called to arrange a payment plan. The adviser was trying to tell me that the 'system' was unable to accept anything but £25 a fortnight. I asked how the hell I was supposed to survive on just £80 with a baby coming!? But she said that I could pay at least
  2. yes my payments are up to date. i sent a letter in September to remove the optional cover but they ignored my letter! they claimed that they were under new management and the letter had got 'lost'.
  3. thank you very much Blondemusic. I purchsed the fridge in April this year so i guess thats why they are behaving this way.
  4. yes i sent a letter to them last week Saturday via first class mail. They have yet to reply. The gentleman who came was trying to bully me to come into my house even though he had called the office...who confirmed that I'd paid the bill. This guy was hell bent on trying to come in! When he realised he was getting no where he said 'Yes well you're loan is up to date. But I will be waiting here in future.'
  5. the building operates on an electronic door system. You need to press a buzzer to get in. He was standing in front my door with his finger on the bell. I have no idea how he got in.
  6. I am 34 weeks pregnant with my first child and I know it's irrevelant but i suppose it might help you understand the story better. My so called partner just left me to deal with a new baby on my own so I have been trying to deal with this emotionally AND financially. I have a frost free fridge freezer from Bright House which I suspect uses a lot of energy! My electric bills have been very high since I got it! But anyway I missed three payments of £6.38, that eventually added up to roughly £23 (including late payment charges). Last weekend I was going to go down to pay them but before I cou
  7. well as no employer will give me a job at this stage in my pregnancy, my best option was IS. then i would be happy doing my 16 hours of work after the baby is born. i have phoned and even written a letter to stop my ESA claim. but they keep telling me that they havent received the letter. i had to send a second one so i am awaitng their reply. and i have appealed to the Social Fund department. but whether i like it or not, despite the presence of my boyfriend, i WILL be deemed a lone parent because we do not live together as yet. so i am an unfortunate statistic
  8. I am 30 weeks pregnant and I recently applied for the Sure Start Maternity grant. The trouble is I was on Employment Support Allowance but my payments were stopped because they were supposedly waiting for another sick note. Personally I was fed up of the continual trips to the doctor (as was she!). So I was advised to apply for Income Support which I did. The Social Fund immediately rejected my application for the Maternity grant, claiming that I wasn't on any benefits! And the annoying part is that the ESA department are all but ignoring my requests to close my claim so that the income
  9. Hi everyone. Im a bit stuck here. I am currently receiving Employment Support Allowance. Last week I received a letter from the DWP stating that I needed to get another sick note as the last one was expired. My GP doesn't want to issue another as she believes I have improved (even though I am still suffering every night with crippling pains in my legs). I am now 30 weeks pregnant. I am not sure if there is any point in obtaining a sick note anymore as I am so far into my pregnancy...obviously not fit to work for anyone!:-? I am not even entitled to Maternity Allowance. What should I do?????
  10. finally i have got a phone call from them saying they'll pay me in the next few days but didnt say how much result!
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