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  1. Hi All Thought I ought to update this thread with the outcome... which was... nothing happened. They gave up and went away as you all said they would. Thanks for the advice and help!
  2. Hi Thanks but it all seems rather vague to just ignore. If they threaten court - wont they do it? And if so - what argument do I have? Do I have any case for appeal or is it way too late for that?
  3. Hi. In brief... I drove a car belonging to my wife and parked it in the free parking for customers car park at Vastern Ct in Reading. I left the site for literally 2 minutes then came back and bought a load of stuff at The Range, looked at some wines in Majestic (but didnt buy) and then bought some stuff in Aldi. When I got back, found ticket, was pretty cross, when I got home looked at the forums (which at the time were of the ignore until the NKD came through opinion). When the NKD did come through, we replied and told them that I was the driver at the time and not my wife. She then got a letter back from them saying her appeal had failed... and then came a slew of letters upping the ante at each stage, but all addressed to my wife. At the time, the relationship was somewhat rocky, so comms weren't great anyway. So I googled again ad came up with Parking Prankster who recommended an outfit called [removed] who for £16 would fight your case, or pay the fine guaranteed. I thought great! Paid up, thinking all dealt with, until many months later discovered that the company had collected the money, shut its doors and run... thanks! I had been done over And other expletives. the letters still came, the charge was now £160, and started coming from DRP now. Then there was a lull. After the big High Court case, and appeal, the letters started coming again, citing the High court appeals etc, which made my wife nervous. she wrote to DRP denying their claim ,and suggested they refer back to the first and only correspondence in the matter. She did not mention my name in that letter. Today, I received, in my name, a letter from DRP, demanding the £160. This has been going on for over a year - will have to dig the dates out - but it must be at least 14 / 15 months, and this is the first time they have written to the right person. Do I have any defence re time limits - given that they had my details all along? Any suggestions as to what route I should take? Many thanks
  4. Hi again Just dotting the i's and crossing the t's... The invoice issued was handwrittten and as I said had no itemised values on it. Looking at the http://www.gov.uk website it says this about valid vat invoices: Valid invoices You’ll use a full VAT invoice for most transactions. You can use: a modified invoice for retail supplies over £250 a simplified invoice for retails supplies under £250 - and for other supplies from 1 January 2013 Include the following on your invoice, depending on which type you use. Invoice information Full invoice Simplified invoice Modified invoice Unique invoice number that follows on from the last invoice Yes Yes Yes Your business name and address Yes Yes Yes Your VAT number Yes Yes Yes Date Yes No Yes The tax point (or ‘time of supply’) if this is different from the invoice date Yes Yes Yes Customer’s name or trading name, and address Yes No Yes Description of the goods or services Yes Yes Yes Total amount excluding VAT Yes No Yes Total amount of VAT Yes No Yes Price per item, excluding VAT Yes No Yes Quantity of each type of item Yes No Yes Rate of any discount per item Yes No Yes Rate of VAT charged per item - if an item is exempt or zero-rated make clear no VAT on these items Yes Yes (1) Yes Total amount including VAT No Yes (1) Yes As the above shows that the price per item ex vat was not listed on the invoice, can I assume that the invoice is invalid? Thanks
  5. Thanks for your advice. Hopefully it will buy me some time. Do you know how long it takes to reissue? Thanks
  6. And lastly.... the invoice (which really really annoyingly I have misplaced) was not itemised - it was written by hand and barely legible...
  7. One last thing... As I mentioned - their legal name is Xylophone Yankee Zebra Autos Ltd. She put on the summons invoice 123 for XYZ Autos Ltd. It actually happens that there is an XYZ Autos Ltd somewhere in the North of England - and trading. So there is NO reference to the true trading company that did the work on the vehicle on the summons....
  8. Hi. Thanks for your help. Although I am the user of the vehicle, I am not actually the owner - but that has no real bearing on this case as I was the one who took it into the garage so the contract in that case falls with me. There are some intricacies in this case though - and a long story. I took the vehicle in to the garage, as the MOT was due the next day, and I knew there was a problem with the handbrake. They sent a chap underneath, who adjusted the cable and greased up the handbrake mechanism. I paid them £25 in cash, no receipt. The next day, the vehicle failed its MOT on a few parts - tyre tread, a suspension bush and.... the handbrake...! The cable had frayed and needed to be replaced. So I took it to the garage and asked them to sort it out and asked how much, and they said about £300 so said go ahead - but was very specific in that they should put the spare tyre on and not a new one. When I returned to get the vehicle the owner said it would be £480. I gulped and said ok - will go and get my chequebook. He said in that case, he'd have to give me a reciept and add VAT. I was stumped, so he said he'd raise the invoice and drop it through my door. When he did, the invoice was not for £480, but £500 plus vat, making it £600. I was annoyed to say the least. The noise coming from the wheel where they had worked was terrible - squeaking etc, but he is not a man to be confronted...He then started coming round to my house and harrassing my wife. One time - my 7 year old daughter and 12 year old son opened the door, the garage owner shouted, making my daughter cry. The next day he took one of his vans, parked it on my drive, with an invoice taped to the window saying 'I will remove the van on payment'. But he hadn't locked the side door, so I was able to push it out of my drive. I had however, paid him £250 by bank transfer. I wrote to him saying he was welcome to have the tyre back as I have many spares. So - eventually they issued a small claim - which comes to court tomorrow... I was going to repeat the above, unsatisfactory work, parts put on without permission causing breach of contract, i could even possibly resort to it being an illegal contract as he was not going to charge VAT - but that's hard to prove. It could get messy. But I was going to fight it whichever way. So in preparation I was looking at the claim when suddenly it dawned on me... Lets say the company is officially Xylophone Yankee Zebra Autos ltd. Its Website and trading name appear to be XYZ Autos, but the invoice was raised under XYZ Autos Ltd. So whatever - my contract is presumably with the limited company of one name or the other. I just realised that the claimant is "Mrs Jane Xylophone", and not XYZ Autos Ltd or Xylophone Yankee Zebra Autos Ltd. She may be a director, I don't know - I have never met her. The payment address is her home address. On the part where it says where to send payments it does refer to XYZ ltd invoice 123, but other than that the company name is not mentioned anywhere else on the claim. I know when you do MCOL you can register and claim as an individual, or the option on the right of the screen is for an organisation. I dont think they're the brightest of people, so can only assume she's chosen he wrong option. But to my mind - rather than go through all my defence as above, it would be simpler to plead that I have no contract with the claimant, and get it thrown out. But is that possible? I realise its last minute stuff - but I had only just cottoned on to the fact! Any pointers tips or help very very gratefully received! Thanks
  9. Hi. I had my car serviced by a company that a failed to provide a good service and b put on parts that I specifically did not ask for and charged me. I part paid the invoice, and they have taken me to court for the balance. The company was a ltd company, but the court summons does not mention the company, it is from a n individual (one of the directors). Is that still a valid claim? Thanks
  10. Seems I wasnt the only on having hassle (sic). This chap too: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?283933-Morgans-Cabot-proceeding-to-court-with-reconstituted-agreement-on-citi-cc-debt/page14
  11. Yes Victoria - but I dotn think there can be 2 companies any more - if you ring Morgans telephone number, Right Hassle will answer! And they dont seem to have a clue whats going on! I wonder where Morgan has gone!
  12. Yes they are going to write in 10 days. The name of the company that has taken over ALL Morgans files is Wright Hassall. I'm sure there's a pun somewhere...
  13. Hi. Just got onto Cabot and thankfully cheque cleared and all finished... but Morgans are no longer dealing with any cases - its a new company - that have taken over all the Morgan Files (and telephone number) - didnt catch the name - something like 'right mess' anyway - worth noting for anyone with any involvement with them...
  14. Hi. I phoned Morgans today as I sent them a cheque to clear my balance - but have received no paperwork. The woman who answered the phone was very shifty - and said that Morgans had been taken over. I'm worried my balance hasnt been cleared... even though they have had the money... Anybody know anything?
  15. Hi. The claim is for " The claimant is an assignee of a debt(s) from Egg Banking PLC Loan ref xxxxxxxx. Notice of assignment having been given to the defendant in writing. Despite demand for payment xxxx remains due. The claimant claims (xxxx plus a bit more) and interest under s69 County Courts Act 1984 and costs Signed Organ Solicitors. PLease help ! Thanks
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