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  1. Hi This may waffle a bit but I am hoping it will make sense. Back in 2003 I had an personal loan from Household Bank. All was fine and I paid the monthly sum religiously up until about 18mths ago when my financial situation changed and I couldn't manage to meet the amount due. I then contacted Household Bank and agreed with them to make payments at a reduced rate. Unfortunately, I fell behind with these as well. I was sent a CCJ and paid a couple of month's on this but then once again fell behind. Restons then landed in the picture and attempted to place a 'charging order' o
  2. Just in case anyone else has had the same problem. I have been checking my Bank Statements and noticed that I had three payments that I haven't made. One in September, one at the beginning of October and one yesterday. On contacting my branch of Barclays they informed me that I needed to contact their Debit Card department and they would talk me through what to do. I phoned them and told them that these payments had NOT been made by me as I have been laid up with Bronchitis and flu and not been out to buy anything. The operative at the other end of the line was extremely helpf
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