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  1. LOL Shame I can't go back as far as 1986 - ended up takingout an £800 loan out to clear my overdraft which when I added all the charges added up to over £800.....................
  2. thxs DX Another question that has probably been answer somewhere else... If you have a defaulted CC with say MBNA that has been sold on - who doyou go after for the charges?
  3. Hi I am in the process of gathering together the charges that I have received on various Credit cards. How far back can I goback 6 years or more????
  4. Cheekypomme,I have alerted the site team to your plight.
  5. You need to geta defence in.You can do this using the moneyclaim's website. Hopefully someone with a bit more experience will be along to further help. I know Cabots/Morgans they probably have not got all the paperwork they need but they will try for a County Court judgement anyway. Morgans are approacheable(best via a 3rd party) and you may be able to come to a mutually agreeable settlement figure, that you can pay off, interest free, over say ten years. I did, it saved me a CCJ, CO,interest and a whole load of stress and also saved me 6k. But I was only able to do that as I am no
  6. Hi all, a year on. I have had one letter in Feb offering a deal. Nothing since. How do I go for a strike out?
  7. Hi all, This is just a quick update and request for a quick bit of help. New job is going well. Mortgages and overdrafts are under control - arrears will be cleared in six months. Overdrafts are being serviced and reduced. Now the problem I now have is an AQ to file by Friday - I didn't actually receive it until Wednesday last week. I know I should have been more proactive(not sure if thats the right word!) Anyway I am fairly sure how to complete most of it. I have received some docs from claimant but I have not had time to scan/post etc and do not believe they are compl
  8. Thks Dotty that is very helpful, I will read later after some sleep. I think I need to get it in today (reasons above). Ta ta for now
  9. FEI the reason why we got where we are is because 9 years ago I decided to spend more time with my family and in particular my son who suffers from ADHD and Aspergers, although neither of these conditions are severe it made everyday life challenging to say the least. My son is now nearly 19 studying computing science having achieved 3 As and a B at six form. Oh and he is now able to live on campus fending for himself. Due to taking time out from the IT industry for my family I effectively damaged my own career I have now managed to find a new contract which will hopefully get my own
  10. Thanks for every ones input on this I am going to file the above defense as it seems the right thing to do when a claimant puts in such a pathetic POC. It will buy me time until money from my new contract starts coming and I can reassess my IT developers career. Also this claim is from a company that hike up the interest rate to 39% when they knew we were having problems and I would say that over 50% of this debt was from when we first asked(they ignored) them for help!
  11. Caro, Ths but I think you missed the 'I start a new contract in a weeks time.' Done all the budget sheets etc etc and believe you we could not live more cheaply! God bless Iceland, home grown veg, pheasants and pedal power! Keeps you fit as well and good for the environment!
  12. As you say I need to take control. I have, I start a new contract in a weeks time. IVAs etc only work if you have disposable income - after your primary bills or is thats debts or both not sure but when your sinking by a grand a month just on your mortgage it becomes a little irrelevant. Bankruptcy was an option that I looked at but at that time we seriously did not have the money to even do that! Well until next week we didn't and unfortunately I am the director of my company.................... I think I will take a leaf out of your book and start a blog off, clouding threa
  13. caro, I am one of the ones that did similar to yourself and then things went very very pear shaped:sad: All I am seeking now is to keep them off my back until I am in a position to come to an agreement. Until a week ago it look highly likely that we would lose our house as we could not even afford the mortgages. Even if I fight and lose they will not get anything as we have nothing to give, a pound a month or a charging order is all they can get. In a couple of years we will be in a better position to negotiate for a settlement.
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