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  1. The question was “Any convictions or penalties within the last 5 years” The speeding points were 4 years ago so I guess that’s another plus for them. I can remember her saying it includes expired points . But even so I think I’ve been charged too much
  2. Many thanks for your replies. To answer your questions it did specify in the small print that you needed to have no convictions or points on your licence for the policy. I answered incorrectly no for my father in law as he said he didn’t have any. I didn’t look and took his word for it. The lady I spoke to said that even though they are expired they still count. looking through their terms and conditions it looks like they have charged me for multiple things such as giving false information added charge for it being on 14 days, admin charge and a charge to get the money back from the
  3. Can anyone offer me a little bit of advice please, I am not sure whether I have a leg to stand on but I really do not think they have treated me fairly. I arranged an online policy with Quoteline Direct, 15/01/20, which had a named driver on it (My husband's Dad) He told me he didn't have any points or convictions on his licence. I provided them with our DVLA licence details 3 days later. I didn't hear anything from them until a month later saying they were cancelling the policy. When I rang them (And eventually got through) they said it was because
  4. Please help!!!! This is a long story so please bear with me. My sister hired a car last year to move home. She was on the hire agreement with my Dad as a free driver also. My Dad was caught by a speed camera while moving her stuff to her new house in the hire car. My sister put her current address on the hire agreement The address she was moving from NOT to as she stayed there until two days afterwards. She did not pay for mail forwarding but asked landlord to forward any mail. A NIP was sent a few days afterwards to old address as this was provided by Enter
  5. Hi! Thanks for taking the time to reply! Yes paid by debit card not credit card unfortunately Thanks Sarah
  6. Hi all, I have a problem with the UK Training Institute. I booked a course with them and it stated when booking that you had to provide them with a preferred date that you wished to attend and they would contact you regarding when your course will be and a time,venue and date by email. It stated at the time of booking that you may not get the date you want. The course was for my other half as he is self employed and requires some training for health and safety reasons. we didn't hear anything and £75 was taken from our account. We waited a few weeks and as we had st
  7. Thanks for that, I'm going to try and sort this out today. Just to think I would just usually take this sort of thing on the chin and pay , I won't be in the future !
  8. I have just written my letter and before posting it I have checked my partners phone for the proof of payment to double check. I have now realised why he has been charged. He used his mobile app for parking eye to pay and it is pre populated with his vans number plate and not my cars! Obviously he paid for the full time as he can prove but he paid for the wrong car. I'm guessing they can check CCTV that his van was not in the car park that day and it's just a genuine mistake ?
  9. Ok so the advice is to write and say I wasn't the driver and leave it there? Sorry if I'm being stupid here it's just I read it as that if it specifically asks for details (which it does) then I have to provide them. Thanks for your time x
  10. It does ask for his details and says that if I don't provide them they will pursue me for the money. It says " As we do not know the drivers name or current postal address, if you were not the driver at that time you should tell us the name and current postal address of the driver and pass this notice to them" So shall I write to them and give them my partners details? Thank you for your reply by the way!
  11. Please help My partner borrowed my car and a parking fine has come addressed to me (incorrectly as a Mr not Miss ) charging me £60 for an over stay in their car park that goes up to £100 if not paid within 14 days. Now my partner did pay, he returned and put some more money on paying with his phone as he was at work and hadn't finished. Now he didn't realise it was a max stay of so many hours and he was not allowed to park for the 7 hours 33 mins that he parked for. It doesn't specify in the letter how long you were supposed to stay for and my partner had missed the po
  12. Hi guys, Please can someone give us some advice, my partner has just finished working for a company who he has worked for for many years, he worked his notice and was expecting to get his final payment last week. When nothing was paid into our account he contacted his employer to ask why he hadn't been paid and was told that his boss had taken the whole amount back due to a course that he had recently attended costing over £180 and £250 insurance excess for a bump in the company van ( which he was not at fault). From what I have read I'm sure he can't just take this money without warning or
  13. REALLY MAD WITH MYSELF!!! I have got a Sony handycam HDR-SL10 currently displaying an error message of E:31:00 format error Has anyone any knowledge of what this means and whether I have lost hours of footage of the kids which I stupidly havent backed up? I have got a week warrently left and when I rang Sony today they said that it was not in their interest to save my data, they will just wipe the built in hard drive if indeed I get it to them in time...... Has anyone come across this problem and are Sony good at honouring their warrenties? Thanks for you time
  14. Hi thanks for reply, only just been able to reply due to loss of connection when switched to talk talk lol ! never mind that will teach me to shop around!!!
  15. See this is the problem, I live two villages away fom the exchange and have had problems with Tiscali before BT, but it was only whn they replaced the wiring from the exchange did I get my signal back, so am thinking i need an ADSL broadband or maybe thats BT putting false ideas in my head, might try o2? OOOHHH i'm confused!!!
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