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  1. I thought that, that they could say they dont want the car then , return the money they have already paid, however, they already have the car, so i am thinking the dealer wont take the car back? Plus the dealer already has brought my grandparents old car off of them so they would be car-less.
  2. Thanks very much for replying to my call for help! I cant scan the agreement on here as i cant get the agreement off my grandparents as they dont live near me. They got the car and finance agreement from a car dealer where they live that sells Skoda cars. They brought a Skoda. The finance deal is with Skoda finance and not the car dealer they went to though. I was with them when they asked if the finance would be 0% and the car dealer said yes. Thats a good sign that because it says TBA it should be an unenforceable agreement. Can they say that they will give the car back and get the money they have already paid back or only pay 0%?
  3. Please can someone advise me. My grandparents have just brought a new car, the salesman said that they would reiceve 0% finance for two years. My grandparents agreed to this and gave half of the car's cost upfront, so the other half they believed was on 0%. However, they have been sent a letter today saying they have a HP agreement for 16.7% and have to pay a purchase fee as well. We have rung the garage the salesman just said sorry its a mistake and that the only thing they can do is pay the other half of the balance or pay it monthly on the 16.7%. When i looked at the agreement they signed the interest box just said TBA. Where do they stand legally, can they demand that they get it at 0% as that is what the salesman said they were getting?
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