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  1. Hi group, this involves a (APP) fraud, i deal with a company in India, they sent me good in Feb 2019 no problem. The problem arose when in April I received an invoice , but with fake bank details. I believed i was communicating with the supplier. I queried the payment details with the supplier, these had changed from the original payment details they had sent in the past, I had paid them 4/5 times over a 6 year period. I even sent over a copy of the international payment document filled out that i would be sending to check they were ok with how it was filled out, i was communicating with the con person who had intercepted the original payment details. I then went to Yorkshire bank 18th April with an already filled out international payment document, obviously I was unaware that the beneficiary was a fake . Now i normally use my same branch but this time i used a different branch . Payment details were to a bank in Spain my good were from India first flag not spotted. The bank clerk checked over the document amending Swift code of the beneficiary of which i initialled. Payment was slow I even went into another branch about 26th April and payment had still not been sent ,this was strange, so I believe Yorkshire bank had a few doubts. On the 16th April i realised i had been conned, i immediately went to Yorkshire bank and made a statement of the con and gave all details. Since then i have noticed that i had written the wrong account number in my details one digit was incorrect, this major point I believe may of saved me, Yorkshire bank still sent the money over 13K. I have highlighted their mistake and was told we knew it was my bank details anyway. My question is if my bank account details were incorrect surely the payment should not of gone thru and I should have been informed and asked to either change the digit and signature the change. Y orkshire bank after one day fraud investigation send me an e mail refusing to reimburse my monies, to be honest it looked like a template letter, I have now lodged a complaint to be told i am in a queue system. I have today sent a GDPR request. I am aware of new laws being passed on payments by the steering group, Yorkshire bank on their web site quote the following: My next options today will to do a letter before court action 7 day. Comments please thank you
  2. Nucky did you do claim on line please , i want to help other people with the minimum of cost ,we need to nail these people
  3. hi Nucky what has happened with this claim did you do money on line claim ?
  4. I agree with the statement above they can ask for id i normally send a utility bill, not worth going in court giving them a get out card.
  5. i agree i have sent out utility bills to identify myself
  6. Nucky will follow hope all goes well, please keep posting good luck excellent please update , step by step this is so interesting.
  7. I am not to sure but maybe get the enforcement notice of the ICO and then take to court , but this just my opinion
  8. Hi Andyorch Thank you very much , I will cancel payment and see what letters i get, i will keep the site posted, I hope to help people on here i have done a lot on SAR
  9. NO just the MBNA CCA above no signatures, but the debt has been passed on that many timesDEBT PASSED BETWEEN COMPANIES BELOW 8/6/2010 MBNA 2012 BRITANICA 8/2/2012 PARAGON PERSONAL FINANCE 15/11/2012 ARROW GLOBAL 15/11/2012 MOORCROFT GROUP 06/10/2015 ARROW GLOBAL GROUP MOORCROFT GROUP 6/10/2015 MOORCROFT 9/6/2016
  10. Hi dx100uk Please explain forgive my ignorance it has defaulted and now not showing on my credit file, show your saying the DCA can not pursue
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