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  1. My husband was hit head on by a drunk driver who died on impact.He had 10 pts of cider in his system when he hit my husband, fortunatly my husband survived, though his injuries have got worse over the years .Unfortunatly the drunk driver wasn't insured and although we were paying virgin car insurance direct debits for 12months, virgin claimed we weren't insured either(seperate issue would take another thread to explain!!!)So therefore we have to take all this through the motor insurance board.I wondered if anyone would know how long this should take as it will be 4 years next April since the c
  2. Hi i'm new to this and will be posting 2 threads. First of all My husband took his mercedes vaneo to a MB specialist with a suspected oil leak.It has had various jobs done and they claimed the leak was sorted.The car was also making a creaking noise when turning which then turned to a squeaking noise.My husband asked if the tyres were right in which the mechanic had to look it up to see and discovered they weren't we could only afford the 2 front tyres at the time to be done which he said was fine. Meanwhile the leak continued,we would fill it up then within 24 hrs the dipstick would show
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