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  1. Hi Honeybee13 Whilst waiting for the property management agreement to come through I have found out that William H Brown are members of the following bodies; Sequence, Property Ombudsman, Arla protected, T,D.S. and Safe Agent. I trust this helps. bests Boomer
  2. Hi Stu007. thanks for your reply, and in answer; the Letting Agents are W H Brown and the arrears stand at approx £7000.00. to date. The Tennat has been in property since Sept. 2018. WHB have tried numerous times to contact the Tennant without success. (letters, phone calls ,messages all unanswered) They issued a section 21 notice which expired Sept. 5th The Tennant is now squatting. WHB did make contact after the Sept 5th deadline and talked to the Tennant briefly and told her that she could be evicted if dosn't pay, and should not be staying at the premises. I believe that the Tennant is receiving housing benefit and maybe other benefits and is probably paying all the utility bills, but not the rent. WHB are not entering the property because they only send one person around and through the entry phone system they hear other voices and fear for their safety they say. I now have contacted WHB and asked for a copy of the property management agreement in place, as I do not have it. Apologies for the long storey, and I just considered that the Letting Agents would handle everything. Any further comments on this situation would be gratefully accepted, Bests Boomer
  3. Hello all I have a one off flat that has been let through a Letting Agent for many years. The Tennant has built up arrears over the last year and looks like doing a 'moonlight' from the flat. The letting agent suggesting I get legal advice, but my take on it is that The Agent is my rent collector and they should be pursuing any arrears, through their legal channels. Any advice gratefully accepted, bests
  4. Yes DX that was after a period of un-employment and I cleared up all outstanding arrears from that particular time, and got on track with the overpayments, but as explained I have no arrears currently, and am thinking this just a request to the new mortgage people is a reasonable ask.
  5. Hello Team, I have reached my 'end of term' mortgage and have no resourses to pay of the interest outstanding on the loan. I have been communicating with the mortgage company for quite a long time trying to get an 'extension' of 5 years when I will be in a better position to sell the property and settle outstanding. They have been saying (NRAM) that they are not 'Lenders' any cannot help. Then suddenly they have passed my account on to Heliodor Mortgages. I thought that they might be more favourable to granting an extension, but without good reason they also are refusing an extension. At this point may I add that I am not in arrears, in fact I actually pay approx £250 per month over the top of my contractual payments. The property is worth approx £475000. and the outstanding mortgage is £252000 . I did have a county court possession hearing for 20th April 2020 but have now been informed that due to COVID-19 the matter has been 'adjourned generally with liberty to restore' Obviously, there is equity in the property albeit the downturn in the market due to present circumstances, but my wife and I, who have lived in the house for over 30 years are reluctant to move at this time. OK now to the point after quite a long statement, have I any grounds to request an extension to the loan, ie keep paying the monthly amount for say, 5 more years. I look forward to any expert opinion, or suggestions. P.S. I have submitted the defence form to the court.
  6. Hello to all, I was caught using my mobile phone whilst driving (bluetooth had not operated and answered a call) went through all the relevant questions and got a Fixed Penalty Notice, and a 'produce' ticket. I mislaid my Paper Licence, and went to local police Station, with other papers, and told them i had mislaid paper licence. Desk Sargent said don't do anything you will get a court date, The court date finally arrived, and i did not contest the Offence, just my explanation, to why i was using at that time. I didnt hear from the Court until a demand notice came demanding 197.00 ( the fine was 3 points and 86.00 pounds. I made an appeal, saying that i wasn't given the opportunity to pay the Fixed Penalty as was advised against it because paper licence was mislaid. Now the case has gone to High Court Appeal, and i am worried that i might incur more court charges, if they do not accept my explanation of events. can anyone suggest a course of action , or a letter to write in to the court? any help or comments would be appreciated, regards
  7. OK Here we go re this case, As yet I have not received a reply from Islington BC. I did receive a 5 page e-mail from JBW Audit and Complience Director, outlining fully all aspects of the case so far, and with copies of The Warrant of Execution ( unstamped, and unsigned) and JBW's breakdown of fees, including a copy of the Statutory Provisions for fees and charges. JBW did claim that a previous visit was made which i am contesting as the charge for that apparent visit was £233.00, and I did not receive any hand delivered letter. I have posted a formal complaint to Islington BC on this matter. The Director also made reference to the visit on 30th Aug (OP) and confirmed that the standards of professionalism were below those required by a JBW bailiff, so all fees applied were removed (even though there was no levy!) The Director also put the case on hold for 10 days, for replies from Islington BC to be obtained. I am still maintaining that I did not receive final correspondence from Islington BC, and that letters from JBW dated 14/07/2012 never arrived, the letter sent on 23/08/2012 from JBW arrived the afternoon of the bailiff visit! (30/08/2012) which i find very odd. I can post the letter in full if others are interested. regards dave
  8. Hello all, I have sent a letter of complaint off to Islington BC regarding this situation, and lack of communication, to say the least. I have also e-mailed 'Official Company Spokesman' at JBW and await any reply. I did point out that this is the second e-mail i have sent His company. the first has so far had no response, so we will see. I will keep everyone concerned informed of outcome regards
  9. Brassnecked, and Lookingforinfo thank you for your replies and i will follow up Of course all i'm worried about is a return visit from these scallywags , so i think i will e-mail JBW for all the instruction details, and breakdown of charges. thanks again
  10. hello all, since my posting re Bailiff attendance, a letter has arrived from their office NOTICE OF REMOVAL amount outstanding £501.04 so i imagine that the Bailiff's bill for £785.44 extra amount is for their visit. there is a section in their letter that says "we would prefer you to be at home , this will enable us to leave you with the notices, removal forms, and details of how to pay' However the Bailiff could not produce any forms. He did take an e-mail address and mobile number. Would i be wise to contact them now i have a letter (e-mail them) any help on this matter, regards dave
  11. Hello all, I have an outstanding fine for a box junction offence, which i challenged at the time, and the local authority said they would take further.(Islington BC) I cant recollect any correspondence on this matter for 6 months. This morning JBW turned up with van, and wanted to serve a levy. I had no vehicle outside house, and did not let them have access, but they were demanding £785.44. They could produce no paperwork, but he only had details on a smart phone. I told them that i had no money, (unemployed) and that i had not received any recent letters, for their visit. They told me that a colleague had called two weeks ago and posted a letter. I insisted that they should produce paperwork, and breakdown of fees etc. and should leave me details of their company so i could take it up with them. They left me a clamp form with a phone number and reference number on it, for me to contact their head office. All the time he was saying that an electronic warrent is all he needs, and he can return with a locksmith to levy goods. Sorry this is long winded and i am sure that there are some more questions that i can answer. What should my next move be? can i make some sort of offer to them? I am on pension credit, with small part time income. Any help or comments will be appreciated regards Dave
  12. Hi to all, We ordered some free samples from Revitalize Health & Beauty and they asked for postage of £2.95 only. The samples arrived, then we noticed that three unauthorised payments have come out of the account, £51.00, £79.99, and £74.95 respectively. I called the Bank to stop any further payments, and to get their comments, and they say that they know of this Company and the terms and conditions state that they can take further payments from the account. I did not remember and T & C's when ordering. The Bank can stop any further payments, but can we get any re-dress from this [problem]? Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated
  13. Hi DX, thanking you for your reply and advice. I have sent off a SAR request, with £10 PO, and recorded del. I will await the reply, and then do a PPI Claim. regards Dave
  14. Hello all, I parked on a bay and phoned in quoting the parking point number. I was already registered with Westminster Parking, and got the text back saying that payment had been made. On returning to vehicle i had a ticket. On investigation, i found out that the registered number plate was one digit out, so that was why the ticket was issued. Now this I can accept. But my point with Westminster Parking is, I have been charged on this and other occasions, the parking charges for a number plate that was wrong! So should i be entitled to a refund? They say they are not responsible for refunds, if they havn't made the error. Any comments or thoughts would be greatly appreciated, or should i cough up the £80 they are asking? regards Dave.
  15. Hello all, I made an unemployment claim on a PPI policy that i had for a number of years with Barclays Insurance Dublin. This paid out a monthly fee for one year as the policy stated. After the claim was finished the policy was not cancelled and i have been paying the premiums for approximately one further year. Obviously the policy was null and void after the claim, and no further claims could have been made. I did not know that i was still paying the monthly premiums, and contacted Barclays for a refund, on the payments to a void policy. They refused on the grounds that I should have cancelled the policy, not them. My question here is, does anyone think that I can get back my payments? should i go to the Ombudsman? or should i just accept that it was only me that should have cancelled the policy and not Barclays advising me to? any thoughts would be much appreciated on this matter. regards Dave
  16. Hi Elzerbeth, Im so glad everything went well as it did with my case. Without proper advice and guidance from the Forum, im sure youll agree, We both could have had different results. Best of luck, kindest regards
  17. Hi Elzerbeth, Im so glad everything went well as it did with my case. Without proper advice and guidance from the Forum, im sure youll agree, We both could have had different results. Best of luck, kindest regards
  18. Hi All, Attended court today, and first off got there early. Met with resident CAB Sol, and went over my proposal, He put me right on a few points and then introduced me to the Claimant's Paralegal. I showed him my budget sheet and statement ( which was based on Ell-Enn's templates) He asked me to wait and he would call his clients to see if they agreed to a suspended possession. He called me and said that they had agreed, and the appearance with the judge would now be a formality, which it was. my thanks to all on this forum for their kind advice, couldnt have done it without you regards
  19. Hi I have prepared a budget sheet and a statement for hearing tomorrow. Can anyone advise me of a timescale when they have to be submitted to the court/. Sols? should i go to the court today and hand papers in? regards
  20. hi ell-enn I received a letter today from NR which stated: Based on the income and expenditure details provided, we have exhausted all of our hardship options. No mention of the request for a breakdown of charges, or any confirmation of my conversation with them re the hearing on 25th. Are they playing a game do you think? regards
  21. Hi I called NR to clarify the position, and to chase up a reply to my letter asking for braekdown of charges. They said a letter was on its way, and i should have it by hearing date . i also asked the litigation dept about agreeing to the full payments, and they informed me that they would accept full payments plus some off the arrears monthly, even if it was a small amount as long as i could afford it. In the meantime they would go for a suspended possession, and confirm back to the court once an agreement with myself is in place. I am guessing this is the best i can hope for regards
  22. ell-enn only a minimum amount, say £50 pm but this wan't mentioned in the last conversation i had with them (NR) regards
  23. hi ell-enn i am also thinking that i should phone NR tomorrow and ask them why they havn't replied or even got their Sols to reply.( i have the names of the relevant Managers dealing with the case. regards
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