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    My latest venture is to retrieve my Abbey charges... However, with the new OFT test case starting today am I to assume my case, which has not yet been submitted to court, can be postponed for the duration, which could be up to one year!! It seems a hell of a long time to decide on the legalities of bank charges. The delaying tactics have seemed to have turned in the banks favour. Really disappointed.
  2. Electric Lemon is right, contractual every time! The banks will pay out, it may take slightly longer (it may not!) but the banks always pay eventually - delaying only adds to your daily interest rate.
  3. In general, but not always, most banks will pay up quicker when the claim is under £1000. (not just Barclaycard). This has proven true with everybody I have known claiming back their cash including myself. I have claimed back from 2 banks - Abbey & Barclays and 3 credit cards (Capital One, Barclaycard, Egg). Barclaycard is still pending. All have paid in full. The only one to drag their feet, 2 days before I was due in court was Barclays. My claim for barclays was £1750. All others paid up long before - their claims varied between £250 & £550. it seems the bank can't be bo
  4. I used the MINDZAIS spreadsheet. It is supposedly only to be used in conjunction with bank charges and not credit cards, but hey ho - they can sue me.. it was the best I could find. As far as I am concerned and from what I have read, its the strength of the argument and not the workings out. Bank charge interest is still all slightly arbitrary, but, I doubt, the bank (or credit card company) will not make an issue of it; well no one has as yet!
  5. I must have a slightly differing card to you, the rate on my card was only 19.9%. Barclaycard do about 7 different kinds of credit card you can get the interest rate from each from http://www.barclaycard.co.uk I went for compounded contractual interest. Its seems better that way, you get more back! Until Barclaycard go to court, it seems you can add on what you want (up to a limit) as they never contest it!! The argument against disproportionate charges is so strong its not good business for Barclays to pay for court costs plus risk losing anyway. To my mind, they will always settle.
  6. Electric Lemon... Similar thing happened to me... Barclaycard, firstly withdrew my cash facility, for the same reasons they gave you - review of excess use of cash withdrawals to my account. They then credited my account £175.00 (the amount difference between £12.00 and £20.00 charges). They then reduced my limit by £100.00! ...Then, once I had refused the offer (acceptance only in part payment), Barclaycard withdrew the credited cash and charged me for being overdrawn!! After moaning onto Barclaycard about their punitive measures, my account limit was restore
  7. Can anyone help... Barclays have still refused to pay me the cash and the small claims court is pending. In order not to balls up my claim, I would really like to clarify what I have to send to both court and defence (14 days before the due date) I have been scanning around the site and their seems to be a lot of paperwork! 1. Downloaded the court bundle - printed out. 2.a Bank Statements. Do I need to supply all 6 years or just the pages with the charges? Must I photocopy all 3 times (over 100 pages) b List of charges + interest incurred 3a. Case summary b. Di
  8. Thanks Glenn I'm in no hurry. Best to get it right then to screw it up! I'll look into it to clarify what I am doing and how i'm going to do it. cheers, Jon
  9. After looking through the forums it seems this is what I want to claim: 1. The original penalty charges; 2. The interest we have been charged on those penalty charges; 3. The interest that we are NOW charging the bank for taking those penalty charges from us: 4. The interest that we are NOW charging the bank for taking interest on those penalty charges from us. The excel contractual interest spreadsheet works this all out for you, (I think - I aint looked yet) but I believe this is to be used in conjunction with bank charges not credit card charges. Can anyone clarify?
  10. Okay, so the contractual interest is the credit cards % interest rate (present day) Debit charges (statutory interest?) is the amount of charges you have been levied through going overdrawn - which will probably be at a higher rate due to being unauthorised? - ie, over your agreed limit. Downloaded Mindzais -wil hopefully clarify. Ta!
  11. Thanks Glenn However the Barclaycard site whilst informing you on todays rate does not inform you of the previous rates. I'm sure the rate has changed over the last 6 years! If I contact Barclaycard do you think they would breakdown the contractual rates for all the charges I have obtained (at the times of the charges) They haven't been very helpful so far! Can I just claim todays rate for charges that have applied 6 years ago?
  12. I will complain, for all the good it will do me! I think now, as my dislike to barclaycard is quite high, I may as well go and add on the contractual interest rate as opposed the 8%... However from reading on the forums there seems a lot of confusion over the contractual rate - mainly because it changes year to year. Where exactly can I find the contractual rate - is it attached with the statements? Is there an easy way to work it out? can anyone help?
  13. Has anybody else had the same problem... Barclaycard offered me payment of £170 as a full and final settlement figure. They credited my account the £170.00 and then reduced my credit limit accordingly. (I am maxed out on Barclaycard). I turned this down the £170.00 accepting it as a part payment. (I am due £500) Barclaycard refused this as part payment and removed the credit from my account - leaving me £170.00 overdrawn on my credit card!! Can they do this? Has this happened to anyone else? As what to do next: I will fill out the court forms (moneyclaim) but will I be furt
  14. Barclaycard have offered me £175.00 of a £535.00 request for return of charges. Before I had time to turn down the offer, they added it onto my Barclaycard account and then, cleverly, reduced my limit accordingly. I have not accepted this offer, but will in part payment. My question is how do I go about working out my 8% penalties on the amount now it has been reduced. Can I make the offered cash be the last £175 of my bank charges, hereby gaining me more interest in the earlier charges, or is there a set procedure I must follow in this event.
  15. Thanks, Ill stick them on. I just thought the bank would contest the additional cash due to the time issue... They probably will, but its not as if Barclays ever bother going to court anyway!
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