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  1. A few years ago my wife signed up to contract with vodaphone, got new phone as well. On getting home she had no signal, so next day she brought phone and sim back to shop and cancelled contract. Today she got a letter from lowell demanding £103 for vodaphone. Does she just ignore it?
  2. Think you cant if paypal balance is negative.
  3. Any cards linked to paypal account should be reported to your bank as lost or stolen. This stops paypal taking money from them.
  4. Sold item on ebay, posted item to buyer after receiving payment. Buyer claims non receipt, ive now received 2 letters from westcot demanding £103.i know i should have sent the item recorded delivery, but wife was in hospital so i forgot to send it this way.will westcot take me to court? Am on low income and cant afford to pay this.
  5. Any money owed to hmrc and they would contact you themselves. I think past due are trying to fleece you.
  6. I was with virgin media in 2013 when they put up their prices i gave them notice that i was cancelling without penalty. I have since moved house. Today i received a letter from past due credit solutions demanding £119.16 OWED APPARENTLY TO VIRGIN MEDIA! there is no proof of the debt. Do i ignore them or ask for proof of the debt? Frank
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