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  1. I have a fair idea what I want, and thankfully this time around I am in no particular hurry (unlike the last time when I had a car with a knackered head gasket and steering rack) - each month that passes as I am researching and choosing increases my equity position, and before long the current loan will be finished (14 months from memory); however, I have also accepted that the current car I have is something of a liability (as I have learned on owners forums) and with the increasing mileage, my risk of an expensive failure also increases. I have a decent salary, so have no problem paying £250-£280 a month, however for that kind of money I want something that is worth its money if you know what I mean? At the minute, I am caught in that no mans land - the current car is (roughly) worth the balance of its loan, but if it came asking for an expensive repair I would be up to my neck in the smelly brown stuff, as I have no savings to speak of. Equally, I have no equity in the car to push forward, so I would be likely to struggle a bit at the moment on the finance front as I would essentially be asking for a no deposit deal, and from what I can gather these seem to be the preserve of the car supermarkets? I have a VW dealer just round the corner from my work, so will take a wander round there at some point and have a chat with them, and then will see what other dealers I can find locally.
  2. After seeing what I have seen on Google, and on here, I won't be going near them - the shame is that now leaves me with a bit of a journey to find an alternative. Car Giant anyone?
  3. Valid point about the make/model/age/mileage etc, which is part of the reason that I am looking at the type of car that I am. Over the years, I've had cars from various marques and had good and bad - I've had a couple of good Ford's, but they lose money faster than a bad gambler, I've never had a reliable French car so won't even consider them now, and almost invariably VW group cars have given me (and others in my family) the least grief all round. However, all of the above is notwithstanding the fact that the very first response to this thread was warning me off of CarCraft - now there has surely got to be something wrong for a company to be perceived in such a negative way? There is a deal of luck involved in buying any car, and I am aware that firstly I am looking at used cars (so therefore they won't necessarily be pristine or without issues), and I am aware that I am not in a position to finance a car outright so will most likely need to obtain finance through the dealer - - however, what I am looking to do it minimise the amount of risk that I am taking by trying to get opinions on dealers/car supermarkets. Its just really unfortunate that my nearest one is CarCraft.
  4. I'm reasonably mechanically savvy, thankfully, and can generally spot the good ones and the bad ones, and even in some of the photos on the various car supermarket's websites you can see issues with some of them. I am also pretty resigned to the fact that I am almost certainly going to end up having to go with dealer finance again - my credit rating is better than it was, but still won't be fantastic (I believe it is in the mid to upper end of 'good' according to Credit Expert if that means anything); I am not looking at cheap cars - in fact I am looking at two to three year old Audi's, with preferably less than 65k on the clock - so, with a full service history the chances of getting a lemon should hopefully be slim. However, I don't really want to end up in a situation where I either have a warranty that isn't worth the paper its written on, or a finance agreement that has more catches in it than a trawler net. As I said, I started by looking at Car Shop, which is where we got our current car and had a decent experience - however, their stock seems to all have higher mileages than the CarCraft stock which led me to start researching them, and led me here. Back to the drawing board.
  5. So basically, they are all as bad as each other, and you are just as likely to get shafted at 'A. N. Other' car sales place as you are by the likes of Car Craft? Goodness knows what I'll end up with then.
  6. Thanks conniff, and of course you are correct that the dealer is merely selling on a vehicle that someone else has disposed of for varying reasons; I would imagine that many of the cars that we find in car supermarkets such as CarCraft etc are ex fleet cars, so you would expect that their disposal has been simply due to reaching the magic age? Whilst I understand that any vehicle can go wrong, and its entirely possible that the dealer had no way of knowing, surely there is something to be said for the way that they subsequently deal with things? CarCraft apparently have a very poor reputation (besides being drawn back to these forums by various threads with issues, other Google results were similarly horrifying), and that reputation must have been earned in some way? On the surface of it, it would appear that the motor industry as a whole has a pretty poor reputation (some threads on here alone put me right off looking at Ford's for a start!), and that the decent dealers are the rarity? Where that leaves the likes of me, I have no idea. Does anyone have any experience with Car Giant?
  7. Thanks renegadeimp - I must confess that I having seen a couple of cars on their site, I was on the verge of ringing them, however having been bitten before (Yes Car Credit) I decided to do a bit of research first - and boy am I glad I did! Carcraft are now well and truly out of the picture.
  8. Hi all, Been a long time since I was around these forums, however searching Google this morning drew me here and I am glad it did to be honest. I have a car on finance (just over a year left on a four year agreement), and at some point over the coming months I would like to trade up to something newer, and something more practical (I currently have a Passat saloon that has done just over 100k, and could really do with a hatch or an estate). We bought the current car from The Car Shop in Swindon, and to be fair our experience wasn't bad - bit of a hike from where we are, and there was a bit of too-ing and fro-ing with documents etc for the finance (which wasn't The Car Shop's fault, but rather due to us recently having moved house and waiting for my driving licence to come back from the DVLA); The current finance agreement is in good order (no defaults etc), and my credit rating is considerably better than it was in times gone past. I started by looking back at The Car Shop, but to be honest the distance from their showrooms, coupled with the fact that the vast majority of their stock seems to have mileages in the region of 80k miles and more, really put me off. So, I had a look at CarCraft's website, and have even seen a couple of cars on there within budget that I like - however, a bit of searching Google has led me to the conclusion that I would be mental to go anywhere near them! Therefore, can anyone assist with a recommendation for a car dealer or supermarket that are actually worth a light, somewhere around South West London/Staines?
  9. I got a phone call today asking if I wanted to up my payments to pay it off faster, or get a discount if I cleared the loan all together - 20% off without too much pushing. Worth hanging out to see if that discount rises any?
  10. That is very good news, because I am certain that it has been more than 6 years since I have either acknowledged the remaining few debts, or received any CCJ (or any attempt to collect a CCJ). Hopefully that will mean that once my current loan ends in 16 months time (no defaults, and one payment two days late thanks to a cock up at my bank), then I can perhaps start to rebuild something of a credit rating. Not that I will ever want to have much credit in the future, but it would be nice to be able to buy a car without paying over the odds for interest, or perhaps even look toward getting a mortgage before I am too old. Thanks again for the help
  11. When (if) the plug is pulled on Cattles, what is that likely to mean for those of us that have accounts with them (be they in dispute or not)? Is there a risk that our accounts will be sold off to DCA's or to other finance companies (could they in turn hike APR's?) And as Cattles loan books are basically seen as toxic, will other lenders see us as a worse risk as a result of our involvement with Welcome/Cattles, no matter how our accounts were conducted?
  12. Thanks for the info:) - oddly enough, I don't think that I have ever had a CCJ in relation to this particular debt, but I will have to get myself sorted with a credit report to find out for sure (thanks for the link kurvaface). Just to clarify, do the CCJ's also drop off the credit file after six years, or will they stay on there forever until they are satisfied or set aside?
  13. Somewhat embarrassingly, no I don't - but as a rough recollection it must be around 7 or 8 years since I last was issued one (don't think I settled any of them to be honest) - do they live longer than a debt on its own?
  14. I'll try and keep this as short as possible, in the hope that it won't send anyone to sleep! From the age of 18, I had various forms of credit, without any problems, and as the years went on I ended up with a couple of credit cards, a store card, car finance etc etc. Anyway, about 11 years ago, it all went horribly wrong, and following the collapse of my business and two quickly consecutive bereavements, I had a nervous breakdown. Despite intervention from those that were caring for me at the time (including copies of medical certificates as proof), none of the PPI that I had been paying covered me, as I was suffering from "mental illness" and that was not covered. This essentially meant that I now had a pack of wolves baying for their money back, and lobbing CCJ's my way whenever they could. As my health improved, I decided that a complete fresh start was in order, and headed south to London (I originate in Scotland) - however, for a considerable amount of time, I basically ignored a lot of the debt. One or two of the lenders treated me with a tad more respect than others, which led me to settle those debts first, and the bulk of what I owed was paid back a few years ago. One debt in particular, I hadn't heard much of, until a couple of years ago when I got a letter from a collection company - and since then I have had the odd letter from a couple of different companies (the last one being Aktiv Capita), none of which I have acknowledged. At the end of last week, I received a letter from yet another different collection company, stating that they were sending a collection agent to my door within the next ten days. I am not too fussed to be honest, as more often than not I am out at work - I'm sure the dog will deter them from doing anything silly - however, I was wondering if the debt (which is for about £3700 for a storecard/fuel card) would be statute barred by now? I know for sure that I have not acknowledged the debt for at least eight years. Assuming that it is statute barred, will them sending me letters still be battering my credit rating (all agreements since my illness have been conducted without default, albeit with the likes of Welcome Finance)? Thanks in advance.
  15. welcomestaff - I notice in one of your early posts that there is a minimum of 35% discount to be had for those that are in a position to pay off their agreements; Does this only apply to agreements that have been passed to Collections? My reason for asking is that I have a fully up to date account, that has 18 months left to run - if I could get a decent settlement deal, I might be in a position to pay the lot of in January.
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