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  1. I have a secured loan. I have paid back £17,000. The original loan amount was £17,000. After 7 years of paying monthly I still owe £17,000!! I have noticed template letters on the internet to request debt write off. Does anybody know if this has ever worked for a secured loan? The loan is with Welcome Finance. Many Thanks
  2. I wonder if anybody could give me some advice. Some years ago I had a secured loan for £17,000 with Welcome Finance. I have been paying this for 7 years now (I defaulted for a few months a couple of years ago) On my latest statement I still owe £17,000 after 7 years of paying. As they have actually had the money back that I originally borrowed is there anything I can do about this now? I presume I have spent the last 7 years just paying interest and interest on arrears. If they were to attempt to re-possess would the court take into consideration the amount I have already paid back? They are phoning me all the time just recently asking me to remortgage to pay them off, unfortunately due to my poor credit rating this option isnt available to me. Many thanks
  3. I took out a secured loan with Welcome Finance in 2003. Even though on the agreement form it states the PPI is optional, I was told they wouldnt give me the loan if I didn't take it. They charged me £2291 for the PPI and the APR is 26%. So this was 8 years ago and I still have 2 years left. Any help would be very much appreciated. Many Thanks
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