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  1. Dear All I have been now for nearly over a year trying to claim back PPI against my Halifax One Credit Card. eventually the Financial Ombudsman Services, have upheld my claim against HBOS, and I am waiting for them to produce a settlement figure. From what I can remember reading sometime ago, that as the PPI was part of the Credit Card Agreement and now that they have admitted that I have been miss-sold PPI that the whole Credit Card Agreement is in valid. The Question is what is my next steps, do I need to request a copy of my CCA or is there something else that I need to do. Any pointer would be help full Thanks Delwyn Vincent
  2. All Today my wife received a letter Lloyds TSB this morning asking for payment within two days of receipt of this letter all the outstanding unplanned overdraft on her Cheque Account. The history behind the reasons for the unplanned overdraft is complex, and a brief summary follows Since March 2009 my wife has been signed off work due ill health for a number of reasons, up until Sept 2009 we have been managing on my salary and her sick pay from work, after this date she was only receiving reduced payments. We have a Lloyds TBS loan which allows for payment holidays. but when we applied for a payment holiday, because the lloyds account (The one which now has the unplanned overdraft) where the regular payments were being made from was nearly every month going overdrawn they refused. Now that even the my wife's reduced salary had stopped. the loan payment has been taken, which has caused this unplanned overdraft. We were unable to delete the direct payment between the loan and the account. thus stopping the account going overdrawn. Is they any assistance that any one could give in how to tackle this letter. We have tried to explain the situation to Lloyds but they do not want to take any notice. Is it acceptable to ask for two days to repay the unplanned overdraft, even if the major reason the account went into the unplanned overdraft was because of them. Is there any mileage in trying to put forward an Hardship case . Any help would be appreciated.
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