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  1. Earlier this year I was getting a lot of letters from some solicitors, claiming that I owed American Express money. Unsure why, I phoned them up to inform them that I had never had any dealings with them, no credit cards or anything else. After that I presumed the matter resolved. Anyway, in February I received a letter to say that it had been taken to court. I submitted a defence online via MCOL stating that I had never had any dealings with American Express, never had a credit card in my life, that there had been nothing submitted to show that I owed anyone money (e.g. credit agreement) and I refused to pay it. It said the defence was submitted so I left it at that. Lo and behold exactly one month later, I got a letter saying that a default judgement had been made against me as I had apparently not replied to the claim form. I logged on to MCOL and it shows the date I submitted my defence and also the date judgement was made. Nothing else. Sorry for the long post but could anyone tell me what action I can take, I'm obviously not happy and have no idea of what's going on. Can I appeal this at all? Thanks for reading
  2. I bought a USB charger for something about four months ago from an online retailer. It's stopped working so I emailed asking for an exchange or replacement as at £6 I didn't think a repair was economical. The seller has got back to me saying the warranty was only 28 days, end of story, if I threaten to take it any further I will be banned from the site! I mentioned SOGA and was told that apparently 4 months is reasonable for such a thing. I'm not really happy, what should I do to get it sorted? I know it's only a couple of quid but its the principle now and I don't see why I should have to fork out for a new charger every few months! Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply, I have still not had any joy and have contacted Consumer Direct who have suggested that they may be in breach of contract and I should write to them. Is it enough to write an email or do I have to send a recorded letter? I would have thought they served the same purpose. Thanks again
  4. I purchased some goods over the internet in September, the retailer said that returns would be accepted within 30 days and collected at their expense. Three weeks later, I sent an email saying I wanted to return some of my order to be told that this was ok and they would let me know in the next few weeks when someone would be able to collect it. I enquired two weeks later to find out what was happening just to be told the same thing, so I waited another two weeks before phoning them up. Anyway after a lot of hassle they are now telling me that the order had been supplied by a 3rd party who is not willing to accept the return as it has been so long! Am I still within my rights to pursue this? I know about cancelling within 7 days, etc but by placing an order in which their T&Cs state that returns are accepted within 30 days, I believe I have formed a contract with them and they are breaching this. Can I take it further or am I wasting my time? Thanks for reading
  5. I received it about three weeks ago. It wasn't anything personalised, but it would cost me a lot more to return it myself than lose 25% so I will just have to put it down to experience! Thanks
  6. Thanks for the replies, I noticed the above too the other day. I have tried emailing but have had no response so will take this further!
  7. Say a company has a returns period of 30 days and will collect an item at their own expense. However they charge a 25% restocking fee. If something is returned after the first seven working days, but within the 30 days, are they allowed to charge the restocking fee? Thanks
  8. Hi, I bought some building supplies from an online merchant last month on a Friday, due for delivery on the following Monday. Over the weekend I decided I no longer needed them and rather than sign for them, I refused delivery. I emailed them after the weekend to let them know I was cancelling the order, and wanted a refund. Now they have turned around and said they will charge £80 as I refused to accept delivery. This was quite surprising as the original cost of delivery was only £35 anyway! Can they do that? I never signed for anything, gave written notice of my intent to cancel within seven working days and they have acknowledged that they have received the returned goods. The only thing in their terms and conditions says that if they have to arrange collection, they will charge £80, but the courier just sent them back as undelivered. Even then, compared to the original delivery cost, that seems rather excessive. Thanks in advance
  9. My friend has a current account with Barclays, and has had a long standing overdraft which she always managed to exceed slightly, resulting in lots of charges. Dealing with her finances is not her strong point and she is going through a tough time at the minute. All her wages, tax credits etc get paid into this account but today she tells me that Barclays have closed her account I think because of the overdraft, and she is distraught as she is unable to get at her wages which were in the account (still in the overdraft though). She is experiencing a lot of financial hardship as a result of this, is there anything she can do? And quite urgently? Thanks for helping
  10. Hello all, I've been with Virgin Media for years from since they were Telewest, and have never had any issues till now. I called them up earlier this year and said I wanted to move to BT because I felt I was paying too much, and the chap on the other end said that he would gladly match their price to keep me with them. No more was said and I left happy. Recently I've decided I want to move anyway, so I phoned up again only to be told that I had entered into a new contract! Now nothing like that was mentioned to me when I spoke to them before, verbal or written, and I've told them this. The man I spoke to this time said the other fellow was probably in the wrong for not mentioning it and that I could write a complaint if I wanted to. He also said I could leave, but only if I paid a £38 early disconnection charge!! This charge couldn't be waived either, even though I had said I never agreed to any contract. I was never in a contract before with them (it had long expired) and would have left for BT long ago if I knew going cheaper would mean entering another. I feel like I'm a bit hard done by, so any advice on where I stand now? I still want to leave Virgin Media, but refuse to pay any charges out of principle as I feel that I shouldn't have to - this isn't my fault. Sorry if this seems a bit long winded and thank you for any help!
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