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  1. ok sorry yeah will do. I have trouble retaining info. Thanks again.
  2. Sorry for being a bit stupid, so do I send SAR to HSBC not capquest? Thanks x
  3. Ok thanks, that makes me feel a little better I have just had a thought, anything I send to them (going to post out letters recorded on Friday) if I sign them, I can sign them in my maiden name as I have changed names and send them a copy of my marriage cert, decree absolute and birth cert to verify me, do you think this is ok. Many thanks
  4. Yes I will do, can I just say it is a care of address, what I don't want is if I was to get a CCJ for it to be linked to their address. thanks
  5. With parents sadly as a temp measure, don't want any "bad debt" moving there with me though It is only temporary though. I will be redirecting my post, so maybe just leave it as where i am?
  6. possibly merged, how would i know as I have never heard from them? yes now a capquest account.
  7. Also, sorry to be a pain, but I will be moving from my current address soon, can I provide them with a care of address?
  8. HSBC wrote to me on 02/05/17 to say they have sold it on - when i have read the letter from capquest, it says that they took over from 28/04/17. hmmm
  9. Ok just got the letter out from HSBC and it is telling me that the account has been sold on to Capquest. So the SAR goes to them or do I wait for them to be in touch as they haven't yet. Scratch that yes they have, they wrote out the same day as HSBC did!
  10. Thank you for this, much appreciated. I have done MCOL. I am now printing off the CCA and CPR 31.14 to send.
  11. Thanks for that dx. I knew I had asked here about it at the time and did start action. but got nowhere with them.
  12. Just realise I said Shop Direct and it is JD Williams, I thought it was shop direct.
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