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  1. Back in February we bought a fridge freezer from our local John Lewis store. We noticed around June that there was an excessive build up of ice on the back of the fridge. We called out the engineer and he said it was normal. He also showed me where the ice goes when it melted. We then noticed in July that the ice was melting and the water was landing/dripping onto food on the shelves beneath it. I sent another email to JL and they arranged for the engineer to return - his response was that because of all the fridge magnets on the front of the fridge door had caused the door to become misalign
  2. Hi everyone A couple of years ago I looked into trying to reclaim PPI that was brokered by Norton Finance as part of a secured loan I took out in October 2004 to consolidate some debts. I borrowed £ 40000 repayable over 25 years and the broker insisted I have the PPI which was to cover loan repayments for accident, redundancy and sickness for the first 5 years of the term of the loan. they added £ 9790 for the PPI. In October 2006 I decided to remortgage and so the secured loan was repaid after just two years. Now, when I enquired to First Plus about the mis-
  3. I took out a secured loan with Welcome Finance in 2005 and ran into difficulties paying in 2008-9 when made redundant. However, they had transferred/sold the debt to a debt collection agency as I remortgaged in 2006 with GMAC-RFC who got them to sign a deed of postponement. So, the debt appeared to have become no longer secured or atleast the priority was changed. neither the debt collection firm nor Welcome Finance have ever pursued the debt despite my attempts to contact them to make an offer of repayment. However, it still means they have a legal charge as shown by the land
  4. its all sorted now thanks. Arrangement has been set up and is now in place. Got there eventually.
  5. Thank you but I have had a lot of problems getting through to the appropriate department, believe me. I either can not get through at all or i do get transferred then placed on hold. Personally, I am not keen to waste my time this way so have formally written to Eon to state my proposals for clearing the debt. I would be grateful if you can at least confirm receipt of my letter which was also sent with my income/expenditure details. Dean
  6. thanks for this. I got a response from them today: 'To get this sorted, please call the specialist team you need directly on 0345 302 3759 Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm and Saturday: 8am-4pm. They will be able to sort things for you straight away and get a payment arrangement set up. There’s only certain teams that are authorised to do this I’m afraid and we were just passing you to the correct team. Please do give them a call directly to set up a payment arrangement.' Admittedly I got the email after they closed - however my main issue is I have tried ringing these people o
  7. Both Inside - gas meter in the garage and electricity in a little cupboard under the stairs which we have recently had to remove the door to the cupbaord its in, to make it more accessible for the dear meter reader who has a habit of tripping over phone wires and internet cables as my wifes PC workstation is next to it ! Eon wanted £500 to move it so it was outside and more accessible so funnily enough I left it !
  8. I also have been having problems with Eon. I have a rather large debt which has gradually accrued over a period of two years. Not wanting to make excuses but I suffer from depression and dealing with this has been a slow process. However, I received a letter the other week from an agent calling to collect the outstanding balance - which of course I couldnt pay. I rang them up and explained the situation and that I had already paid £200 in August and could afford to continue to pay £200 a month to cover usage and repay the arrears. I also said tha
  9. I had a loan with Future Mortgages (which are handled by Citi Financial) but think if there was any PPI it was well before the date when finance became regulated by the FSA ?
  10. Hi everyone, I took out a secured loan for £40,000 on 28 October 2004 with First Plus, which was arranged by Norton Finance. Apparently they also added PPI to the loan, amounting to £ 9790. It was my understanding at the time that I had to have the PPI - indeed, the loan was to consolidate previous debt and I was desperate to get this sorted. A couple of years later, I was advised by another broker (who has since gone bust) to remortgage and so I did and as part of the remortgage the above loan was redeemed on 19 October 2006 (original term was ten years). Now, I have been told Norton Fi
  11. Having banked with Natwest, any salary payment by BACS due to clear monday will show as available on the previous saturday. This is also true for Barclays as I discovered in April and am hoping will be repeated this week end . Lloyds TSB you will be waiting until Monday although I remember when I was made redundant, my redundancy pay was due to be paid on monday but showed cleared by 6pm sunday the previous day.
  12. interesting you say that, i have a Welcome loan hat was apparently secured but I got a copy of the title deeds from the Land Registry and no mention of Welcome or Trading name as having an interest in the property. \they made me pay a mortgage indemnity fee but if the loan was not secured, then they had no right to demand that fee ???
  13. Hi everyone, I am trying to get some advice on a secured loan that was taken out with Welcome Finance in March 2005 that was repayable over 10 years. Due to redundancies back in 2008 and 2011, I fell behind with repayments and I think it was November 2010 when the account was officially defaulted. When I took this loan out, it was secured on my home. However, a while back I managed to get a copy of my title deeds from the Land Registry and I discovered something quite interesting - under the section listing financial organisations having an interest in the property (e.g.
  14. I did have a debt collecter called Opos ring my employer and that did get a tad embarrassing as they man was really rude to the lady, who insisted that the company has a 'no names' policy. So, I did own up but they were very understanding - however, what they do is illegal and I got the guy removed from the case (if not, his office !!)
  15. Hi Mumsurfer, its a scaremongering tactic they use, just to get you to pay up. They are not allowed to use intimidation, threatening phone calls or anything like this - it is against section 40 of the Administration of Justice Act, 1972 (I think thats the year !). If they are found guilty, the managering director can go to jail !!! I had a pdl company do the same to me. Remind them of this particular law - you are within your rights to lodge a complaint to them. Send them a letter to this effect and that should stop them intimidating you any further. hope that helps.
  16. I had a letter yesterday from Blackhorse inviting me to apply for a PPI claim on one loan dated 25 Jan 2005 which was then topped up by a loan on 29 July 2005. I guess if they are inviting people to claim back PPI that must mean I have a good chance of getting compensation. The questionnaire wasnt that detailed and only wanted to know if I had ever had to use the PPI and what other insurance I had at the time, which I am hardly likely to recall ?! I hope I have more success here than my claim for a mis-sold mortgage with GMAC-RFC, which the solicitors are now sitting on becau
  17. It is somewhat mysterious - could Minicredit do something like this? I know how these people work so it is not suprising that they are stooping to new tactics!
  18. Very worryimg then as the call is even logged on my mobile but when I asked them they said it was a call to an empty voicemail Which accounts for why it went on so long. Can viruses do this - time to update my BB's antivirus software :/
  19. I have a mobile phone monthly contract with Talk Talk; I noticed a charge of £ 4.61 to an 0870 number which after a brief search turned out to be to Minicredit. Now I am a fairly sentient individual who does not go off in trances making phone calls, even if I have defaulted on a loan with them. The point is, there is a charge now for £ 4.61 made on 31 jan 2013 on my bill because I apparently rang this number and was on the phone for 13 minutes !!!! I beg to differ ! I was at work at the time and would remember if I had rang them yet alone go to all the trouble of finding it!!! Beware, they hav
  20. I was thinking of using payplan after an unsuccessful period with the Debt Support Company - only because I was paying £100.40 a month and they were taking £35 of this for their own monthly charges. I wanted to find a Debt management firm who didnt make such gruelling charges and payplan popped up. However, reading these posts, i am not sure and maybe a DIY debt management plan would be better ???? I owe about £17K in unsecured debt and my affordable monthly amount could be £150-£200. The largest debt (and I have quite a few creditors !) is about £4000 so think this would be an option - its j
  21. Yes thats him. He never answers emails despite the fact that he keeps sending me emails saying I can now apply for upto £750 from CFO and be automatically accepted ! In view of the hardship we have encountered, I am seriously thinking of taking CFO to court. If the Ombudsman cant persuade him, I will try elsewhere
  22. Hi I have to give them 8 weeks to rectify the matter, according to the ombudsman though I would like to get my money refunded much sooner. Once you cancel your debit card they cant debit the account.......though what I think they do is they probably have some software that allows them to monitor your account. Once money is aid in, the debit card transaction is immediately authorised by your own bank so you cant do anything about it. i have now left Natwest and gone with Lloyds TSB. I am still going to pursue the refund although admittedly the will to fight is waning.......I just dont
  23. I have made a formal complaint in writing today. I also managed to get the financial ombudsman to write too. At least they are sympathetic to the issues I have raised with CFO.
  24. If they have your debit card details and you want to try and negotiate, DON't. Ring your bank first thing in the morning and CANCEL your debit card - even tell them if they want to know why. I had defaulted on a £500 loan recently and wasn't able to repay the £500 +£150 interest due to a change in circumstances. CFO wont listen - even if you scream at them. So at the week end they used my debit card details to siphon nearly £900 out of my bank account due to late charges (they slapped on another £ 150 charge for interest too.). They are the most callous people imaginable and I will be doing my
  25. I had the same threat from a pay day lender, V Gates, operating under the title, 4Cashnow. They said that it was normal policy to visit one's work place after issuing a default on a loan. I explained my situation and also stressed that according to debt collection guidelines set by the OFT, that such a visit would be against such guidelines, as well as be considered a breach of section 40 of the administration of justice act 1970 (i.e harrassment). they seemed a bit more reasonable afterwards.
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